5 Fashion Must-Haves If You Like Simple Style

Whether you've recently found yourself on "beige girl" TikTok or are obsessed with gender-neutral color schemes, having a simple style can often be misconstrued as colorless and dull. However, those that love clean, minimalistic, and more muted tones can still pull off some fantastic fashion looks. Often, if you have a specific aesthetic that you gravitate towards, it will show up in many different areas from your home furnishings to your accessories and outfit choices.

Fashion is subjective, and while simple style is frequently deemed basic or "vanilla" when compared to other extremes, there is a power and confidence that comes from knowing what you like and embracing it as your overall aesthetic. There's nothing wrong with a simple style; in fact, there are many perks that come from having a less is more mentality. Finding sustainable fashion brands that are actually affordable is one route that many shoppers feel good about.

Simple doesn't mean boring; it just allows you to focus your attention on fewer statement pieces. According to Who What Wear, filling your closet with "elevated basics" will allow you to mix and match various eye-catching items in order to create multiple looks. The key is finding a handful of go-to pieces that have that adaptability.

Consider adding an LBD to your wardrobe staples

One of the easiest ways to appear effortlessly put together each day is to rotate your regular wardrobe items in order to create new looks. One staple piece that might be unfamiliar or intimidating at first is a short but flowy black dress. While it may seem like a dress that is relatively tiny would be a bit too much for your simple style, this is an extremely versatile item that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

Plus, you can easily experiment with different accessories like tights, scarves, and jackets to help you create whichever look you're going for. Black is also a very neutral color within a wardrobe and because this dress is not skin-tight but on the looser side, it's super comfortable to wear. You could even pair a graphic tee with this dress and wear Converse for a more casual punkier look. It also matches perfectly with a sweater and some boots.

As Vogue points out, black dresses are an outfit in themselves and provide the versatility that your simple wardrobe needs because they are truly always in style. An LBD is also a valuable item because you can tailor it to the season you're in. While most dresses are geared more toward the summer months, a little black dress is accessible year-round because it can act as a blank canvas for jewelry or other clothing items.

Find yourself the perfect distressed jacket

Another wardrobe staple is a distressed jacket. It can be a leather jacket, a jean jacket, or any unique thrift store find that jumps out at you. The mindset behind this fashion must-have is to own the perfect item for those occasions where you want to dress up your simple look somewhat but a fancy blazer would look way too professional and a cardigan is too casual.

A unique jacket is a statement piece in itself and it allows you to look put together while also acting like you didn't try that hard either. Further, these jackets look good with a variety of bottoms from tight mini skirts to jeans or shorts. While it may seem like a single jacket would be limiting in a wardrobe by monopolizing every look, it's actually quite the opposite.

So Heather notes that the distressed appearance of leather and denim jackets gives them some edge, which not only elevates your simple style but also complements more neutral pieces. Additionally, jackets are a great area to push the boundaries of your style since they are more of an individualized piece. Finding a jacket that encapsulates a look you've liked but never attempted to pull off can be the perfect sign to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons.

Don't be afraid to wear statement jewelry pieces

Statement jewelry is the key to every minimalist's wardrobe. The secret to elevating otherwise simple style is by pairing more neutral-colored clothes with jewelry that makes the outfit pop. For example, a plain T-shirt can take on a whole new look if you add a choker necklace. Alternatively, stacking longer pendants and shorter chain necklaces provides a simple sophistication that is not only unique but versatile.

Similarly, you can easily dress up a neutral blouse with gold earrings. Reaching for hoops or more unique designs can perfectly accent those pieces that are more common with a simple style. Plus nature-based colors like whites, greens, browns, and black look amazing with gold because the jewelry is eye-catching without being overpowering. Jewelry is a great way to add more of your personal flare because the pieces can be dainty and minimalistic or chunkier designs that embrace a more maximalist approach to fashion. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, even large dome rings are loved by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Lawrence. Likewise, pinky rings are making a major comeback as the ultimate fashion power move. Plus, adding pieces like stackable rings, bracelets, and necklaces to your go-to earrings will give you an incredible jewelry collection to pull from.

A go-to pair of chic black pants

Black skinny jeans are one of the most underrated items in most wardrobes because they are so unbelievably versatile. You can pair black pants with just about any top but they go especially well with solid colors, pastels, or even floral blouses and graphic tees. They are also great all year round because they can be worn with boots when it's colder or sandals in the spring and summertime.

Black pants don't have to be denim either. There are various materials that look more professional and you can play around with how wide the legs go at the bottom too. You could even consider the stretchy pants fashion hack that will expand your layering options. On top of that, adding a belt to high-waisted black pants can completely upgrade the look. This also gives you the option to tuck in your shirt or grab a shorter crop top depending on the vibe you're going for.

The key to owning a simple wardrobe is having the ability to rotate your current items in order to create new outfits with the same few pieces of clothing. However, Your Everyday Style warns that the simpler your fashion must-haves are, the better the quality needs to be. This is why investing in plain pants and shirts can still look amazing even when your outfit is simple. Luckily, the "quiet luxury" fashion trend isn't necessarily expensive.

Ankle boots are a must

Ankle boots are arguably one of the most comfortable and versatile shoes on the market. They come in an array of colors and can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to dresses and even slacks. Specifically, neutral creams, dark browns, or black boots are must-haves because they complement a more simple, pared-down style so effortlessly. Who What Wear even deemed ankle boots the "queen of wardrobe staples." 

They are a great closed-toed option if you're looking for something quick to throw on that's also comfortable to wear throughout the day. Ankle boots come in a variety of styles, including flat or wedge heels, which can give you that classy and elevated high-heel look when you're wearing skinny jeans, leggings, or wide-legged pants. Moreover, ankle boots look just as beautiful paired with skirts, sundresses, and even overalls. 

Simply put, they're a staple shoe for those who love having a minimalistic wardrobe. Ultimately, it's important to understand that a simple style is anything but boring. There are plenty of ways to dress up a basic wardrobe with the right items. It's always worth remembering that adding a jacket, the right jewelry, and a nice pair of shoes can make all the difference.