GH: We're No Longer Fooled By Curtis And Portia's Hypocrisy (And You Shouldn't Be Either)

Very few secrets remain permanently hidden in soap operas, and most of the time to keep one concealed, several lies must be told. On "General Hospital," Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) famously hates dishonesty, so much so that he ended up divorcing police commissioner Jordan Ashford (first Vinessa Antoine, then Briana Nicole Henry, now Tanisha Harper) because he couldn't take her lies anymore. But being in charge of the police department, Jordan's very job requires her to keep secrets.

Curtis was beside himself when he learned she'd hidden her involvement in faking Marcus Taggert's (Réal Andrews) death in 2020. Of course, Jordan had help and Curtis felt left out. Having worked in law enforcement himself, he should have understood that many details of ongoing investigations are on a need-to-know basis only. But that didn't stop him from divorcing her. He then turned around and married Dr. Portia Robinson (Brook Kerr), with whom he previously had an affair 20 years prior. 

Curtis subsequently left her when he learned Portia was married. What he didn't know was that after he exited, she discovered she was pregnant. Portia was married to Taggert at the time and wasn't sure who the father was, so she simply didn't say anything. However, the truth came out recently, and Curtis took some time away from Portia to figure out his feelings. Curtis himself is not above reproach, however, holding some secrets of his own.

Portia's taking her anger a bit too far

When Curtis and Portia were taking a break, he found himself opening up to Jordan. One thing led to another, and they kissed. Curtis didn't tell Portia about it, but her brother, Zeke Robinson (Gavin Houston), blabbed after Jordan confessed to him when she didn't know he was related to Portia. Portia was upset and angry that Curtis didn't tell her. A levelheaded person would have rationalized it by saying that she and Curtis were even. Each had a secret, and both are out in the open now. 

Even Jordan knew about Portia's secret but she didn't divulge it, claiming it wasn't her tale to tell. Soap Spoiler theorized that Portia is trying to minimize her own secret's damage to their family by being exorbitantly angry about the kiss. Portia even slept at the hospital, rather than going home because she couldn't take it. The hypocrisy is staggering. Meanwhile, Curtis has allowed mobster Selina Wu (Lydia Look) to operate illegal poker games in the back room of his club, the Savoy. 

He's also been offered a job by the World Security Bureau but hasn't told Portia about it yet. Curtis sits atop his high horse, simply keeping information hidden when it suits him. Portia rationalized the scandal surrounding her daughter's paternity by arguing that Curtis was out of the picture at the time, and she didn't want to hurt her then-husband.  

The hypocrisy is completely absurd

To be frank, the hypocritical back and forth is getting preposterous. Many times on soaps, characters can't keep a secret because they keep blurting it out in places where they can be easily overheard — or in Jordan's case, she told Zeke who was a complete stranger at the time. If these characters would just learn to keep their mouths shut, their secrets would remain secret. Now that everything is out in the open, Portia and Curtis will find their way back to each other, right? 

Wrong. She'll probably forgive him, but he's got the illegal poker games and a WSB offer hanging in the background. If they're revealed, Portia's going to find herself where Curtis was in his previous marriage. They should just admit that each other has difficulty with the truth, accept it, and move on. The one good thing to come out is that Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) is Curtis' daughter, and while she's not happy that he may have hurt her mother, the two will most likely bond. 

However, across Twitter, fans are calling out Curtis and Portia for their rampant hypocrisy. Many are even arguing that Curtis' lie of several days pales in comparison to Portia's 20-year-long deception. Whichever way you slice it, both characters, while still beloved among the fans are complete hypocrites and it's starting to become hard to watch.