The Best Guest Stars On HGTV's Celebrity IOU

If you love feel-good shows with a celebrity cast, "Celebrity IOU" may be just the show for you. It premiered on HGTV in 2020 and since then, it has given viewers a more personal look into some of their favorite celebrities as they gift home renovations to loved ones. You see Drew and Jonathan Scott on HGTV almost every time you put the channel on, but something you may not know about The Property Brothers is that they also host "Celebrity IOU." In the series, they help the stars provide a gorgeous space for everyone from their longtime housekeepers to their trainers and close friends.

In each episode, we not only see the Scott brothers working to create nurseries, dream backyards, or lavish living spaces, we also see the celebrities getting their hands dirty. Plus, we get a little sneak peek into a very personal part of each celeb's life, honing in on their relationships and the people they hold close to their hearts. Each episode features a famous name, but there are a few stars that have stood out above the rest.

Brad Pitt

"Celebrity IOU" started off strong with arguably one of the show's most famous actors, Brad Pitt. The very first episode of the first season featured Pitt, who wanted to surprise his longtime makeup artist turned friend with something she had always dreamed of: A renovation on her detached garage. Jean Black, who has been doing Pitt's makeup for over 30 years, owned a beautiful bungalow in Santa Monica, California, but her garage was anything but pretty. After mentioning about her plans to redo it a few times, Pitt enlisted Jonathan and Drew Scott to help.

To successfully create the surprise, Pitt planned the renovation while Black was out of town on a movie shoot. That gave Pitt and The Property Brothers about three weeks to turn the garage into something Black would love. Immediately, Pitt dove in and began knocking down walls and picking the design. Once the garage was complete, it was transformed from a place Black stored her makeup into a fully-functioning guest house complete with a minibar.

Gwyneth Paltrow

When Gwyneth Paltrow's assistant and friend of over a decade had issues with a home he bought, Paltrow enlisted the help of the Scott brothers to not only speed up the process, but to create something even better than he imagined. Kevin, Paltrow's assistant who she says is more like a brother to her, had been searching and saving for a home for quite some time. In fact, he enlisted the help of his celebrity BFF to find his dream space, and together, they settled on his condo.

Unfortunately, his dream home came with a whole heap of problems. Mold was found in the walls and the floors, and other elements of the home were outdated and in need of fixing. Paltrow stood beside the Scott brothers, helping with demolition and revealing a clean, beautiful space that fit Kevin's needs. Together, they renovated every inch of the condo, creating a new kitchen, living space, and even adding a bar area where a closet used to be. "I've spent more time with Kevin in aggregate than any other people in my entire life," Paltrow said during the episode. "I am so excited to be able to do something for him."

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum proves she isn't just good in front of the camera during her episode of "Celebrity IOU." In the third season of the series, Klum asks Jonathan and Drew Scott for help for her housekeeper of almost two decades. Her housekeeper, Lucia, has a very busy household, sharing it with not only her husband and children, but her four grandchildren as well. Lucia and her family had plans to renovate their home for a while, but unfortunate events meant they had to put any dreams of updating on hold.

Klum was not afraid to put on her working boots and pitch in, all for the sake of Lucia. "Lucia is the American dream story. She came here from Mexico, worked and worked and worked and was able to buy her own house," Klum said during the episode. "She's always had my back, and it feels good that now I can have hers, too." In the end, Klum and the Scott brothers created an open-concept living and kitchen space, added tons of storage for the kids, and transformed their laundry room, taking it indoors.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is well-known for her model physique, something she can credit her trainer, Sara, with. Sara and her husband had a few hardships in life that prevented them from becoming homeowners earlier on. Eventually, the couple did buy a home, but a lot of much-needed renovations came with it. Crawford was quick to jump in and help, knowing that anything she did for Sara would be fully appreciated.

Crawford and the Scott brothers had about six weeks to surprise Sara with the ultimate renovation before they officially moved into the home, which included her kitchen, her entryway, and her family room. The end result left Sara and her husband with a gorgeous, clean space, a brand new half bath right off the main hallway, and a kitchen with a modern banquette perfect for entertaining. "I can't imagine all the fun things [Sara and Rick] will be able to experience in their first home," Cindy said during the episode. "It was my plan to get in here before they moved in, and I'm excited to design it with them in mind."

Drew Barrymore

When Drew Barrymore's longtime friend and makeup artist, Deb, went through a divorce, she was there for her in more ways than just companionship. After Deb struggled to keep the shared family home during divorce proceedings, Barrymore knew that the house needed a makeover to make it feel like new. When explaining why she wanted to help Deb, Barrymore said, "we were 20-something-year-old girls when we met, and now we're women. This home is something she fought for [in the divorce]. She needs a fresh start and a place where she and her son can focus on the next chapter."

Barrymore put on a white suit and picked up a drill and, alongside the Scott brothers, went to work on renovating Deb's home. The heart of the home, the kitchen, was lacking in more ways than one, so they transformed it, adding an island and more storage. They also revamped the main living room and updated the deck, creating a whole new space for Deb and her son to spend time together.

Halle Berry

While many stars have helped their friends and current employees, Halle Berry decided to take things a bit further back and help her former fifth-grade teacher. Berry had a special bond with Yvonne, and after learning that she has impacted not only her life but many other students as well, Berry knew she had to give back. When the opportunity to appear on "Celebrity IOU" came about, Berry rolled up her sleeves and helped the Scott brothers renovate Yvonne's dated home without getting rid of the charm.

Problems arose, like water damage in the flooring, but Berry and the brothers prevailed. The finished result was a gorgeous new kitchen perfect for Yvonne's love of entertaining, a bright and airy study for her and her husband to relax after a long day, and an updated dining room. "I used to think I was the only one who had this relationship with this great teacher, but I've come to realize there are lots of people who feel the way I feel about her," Berry told The Property Brothers during the episode. "She taught me and so many others about our Black culture. She was like a second mother in many ways. There's no one more selfless."