Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Mark An End To Their Frogmore Cottage Eviction Saga

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as working royals and moved to the United States, they lived in Frogmore Cottage, a home let to them by the monarch at the time of their marriage, Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. And while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were officially asked to move the last of their things out of the cottage several months ago, the couple has used the house as a home base during visits to London over the past couple of years. Most recently, Harry stayed at the home during a brief visit to the U.K. in early June (via Express). 

At the time of Harry's last visit to the home, it was expected that it would indeed be the last visit either Harry or Meghan would make to their former house, as the couple planned to be fully moved out of the property by sometime in the summer. Now, that time has officially come. Buckingham Palace has officially confirmed that Harry and Meghan have completed their move and are no longer residing at Frogmore Cottage in any capacity, even in the form of brief visits (via Sky News). 

Who will move into Frogmore?

King Charles' request that his younger brother, the disgraced Prince Andrew, move out of his longtime home, The Royal Lodge, has been making headlines for several weeks now (via The Mirror). Prince Andrew has shared the 30-room mansion with his former wife Sarah Ferguson for over twenty years, and while Charles has requested that they move out, it has come to light that Andrew is doing his best to hold onto his home and, according to The Telegraph, "has no plans to move house."

That said, rumors have been circulating that Andrew will be asked to move into Frogmore Cottage now that Harry and Meghan have fully vacated the property. Buckingham Palace has not commented on whether or not these rumors are true, so it is likely only time will tell who will move into the cottage that Meghan and Harry renovated back in 2019 when it was given to them by the late Queen Elizabeth II.