Try These Manageable Haircuts If You Prefer Sleeping In Over Styling

While we love the look of a fresh blow-out or newly tousled curls, we don't love all the time and effort it takes to achieve that effortlessly styled look each morning. If you, too, find yourself wanting to hit the snooze button in lieu of morning mane maintenance, then it's time to consider a manageable haircut that doesn't require a lot of styling.

How manageable a cut is will depend on your hair type, as different styles are more naturally suited to some textures than others. For example, if you have curly hair, it will require a lot more styling time to achieve a slicked-back Kim K look compared to someone with naturally straight locks.

In this way, it's important to consider the thickness and texture of your hair when considering what will be the most low-maintenance for you on a day-to-day basis. With this in mind, check out these manageable haircuts that are perfect for those ready to extend their morning snoozefests.

Close-cut buzz

Buzz cuts have become an iconic hairstyle for celebrities like Amber Rose and Willow Smith, doubling as both a standout look and a low-maintenance hairdo. This cut definitely requires more salon visits or at-home razor touch-ups than other styles, as it's more obvious when it begins to grow out, but in terms of daily styling, this definitely won't require much morning-of maintenance.

As an example of a buzzed haircut, take a look at this Instagram post from @sky_eyes_, whose light blonde locks really make the style stand out.

Shaggy pixie cut

A pixie cut is another example of a hairstyle that has easy day-to-day maintenance while requiring more overall upkeep in terms of salon visits and touch-ups. Seen on celebs like Rowan Blanchard and Audrey Tautou, this loosely-layered hairstyle is particularly recommended for those looking for an easy way to infuse their locks with some built-in volume.

While the exact style and layering of a pixie cut should really be tailored to your hair type and face shape, a shaggy, intentionally messy look is a more manageable option for those who like to just wash and go.

Choppy bob

If you're not afraid of a tousled look, then experts also recommend a choppy, layered bob as a manageable hairstyle. "A chin-touching bob with choppy layers is a great look that is easy to maintain if you're blessed with thick locks," hairstylist Gina Rivera tells Byrdie. "The cut removes bulk, making it easier to manage."

When it comes to styling, this type of choppy bob goes hand-in-hand with the purposefully nonchalant bedhead look. As an example of how to rock this hairdo, check out the thick, tousled cut shown off by @vafa.vivian.

Side-parted box braids

Box braids are perfect for those looking for something manageable, stylish, and protective. Just like all braided hairstyles, there is some maintenance that comes with this look, but it's definitely one of the more manageable styles of protective braids.

While you can certainly wear these braids long, taking inspiration from celebrities like Zendaya and Keke Palmer, opting for a shorter style is preferable if you're looking for less length to care for. Specifically, we're big fans of the side-parted bob featured in the Instagram post from @cherishmehairtools, which is both cute and easy to care for.

Textured lob haircut

A lob is a slightly longer version of the bob that works with many hair types and is relatively manageable. As NYC hairstylist Ryan Trygstad shares with Glamour, "Lobs are great for low-maintenance girls...They're low-commitment because they grow out to a long hairstyle pretty easily."

If you're interested in trying out this style for yourself, you can take inspiration from celebrities like Jenna Ortega, or check out the Instagram post from @kaylyn.rarity. Not only are we big fans of the tousled, loose waves featured in the photo, but we also love the subtle highlights.

Messy shag cut

Not only has the shag haircut been super trendy lately, but it's also great for those looking for something low-maintenance and manageable. If you're unfamiliar, the shag is a '70s-inspired haircut that features lots of feathered layers on the sides and around the crown of the head.

Because it utilizes the natural texture of the hair to create shape and volume, being an ideal cut for curly hair, the shag is a very tousle-and-go hairstyle. The cut featured by @taylorbeasleyhair is a great example of this edgy, manageable look.

Curly-haired layers

For the curly or coily-haired girls out there, a rounded, layered cut is a great option for a more manageable style. While curl-defining products are still recommended for keeping your locks looking healthy and defined, high layers will give your tresses a natural volume and movement that translates well into a ready-to-go look.

The face-framing layers featured in the Instagram post from @thacurlqueen are a great example of how you can really tailor this style to suit hair texture and face shape.

Haircut with curtain bangs

As a disclosure, bangs are generally high-maintenance, requiring additional styling and frequent upkeep. However, if you've got your heart set on fringe but are still looking for something on the more manageable side, then we suggest opting for the trendy curtain bangs.

As celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons explains to Who What Wear, this style of cut is preferred because it "can easily be grown out into face-framing layers, [is] perfect for any face shape, and suits every hair type." Joining the ranks of celebrities like Selena Gomez, you're also guaranteed to look super stylish with curtain bangs.

Straight hair blunt cut

Blunt cuts won't be a manageable style for everyone, but if you're looking for a hairdo that will complement your pin-straight hair, then this is definitely a look worth considering. Essentially, blunt cuts are one-length hairstyles that are trimmed straight across, giving a blunt, decisive edge to the hair. When paired with straight hair, this creates a really sophisticated, sleek vibe.

For those with naturally straight locks, this hairdo will also be easy to maintain in the long term, as you won't have to contend with any complex layering when going in for a trim. As an example of a mid-length cut in the style, check out the super cute look from @newdaynewhairaz.

Voluminous long layers

Last on our list of manageable haircuts is long, voluminous layers. While a longer length can be more time-consuming to style if you're blow drying or straightening, it can also be more versatile than shorter cuts, as you can throw it up in a ponytail or create a last-minute braid.

This cut itself also adds lots of natural volume and shape to the hair, easily adapted to individual face shapes and looks. If you're looking for some inspiration, we recommend taking a look at the beautiful cut shown off by @hairbyrosadeloera.