25 Hairstyles To Complement Super Straight Hair

Haircut trends are constantly changing and evolving, with things like bottleneck bangs and the modern shag being recently popular. While it can be fun to change our own personal style to keep up with fads, sometimes it's easier to cater to our natural features instead.

Luckily, catering to hair types doesn't necessarily mean throwing out everything that's in style, as many current haircuts can accentuate our natural locks. Even if you have pin-straight hair, which might feel one-dimensional if you've been styling it all your life, some trendy hairstyles will work with your natural hair type and give you a renewed look.

With straight hair, achieving texture and volume might be challenging, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding what hairstyle to sport next, per Madison Reed. You might be tempted to go for something like the Farrah Fawcett flip or a '90s-style blowout, which are definitely in style, but plenty of haircuts that will compliment your natural hair type, as suggested by The Zoe Report.

Close cropped pixie

If you're looking for a hairstyle that will work with your naturally straight hair, consider opting for a close-cropped pixie cut inspired by Zoe Kravitz circa 2020 or Mia Farrow's cut made famous by her classic film "Rosemary's Baby," per Elle. As explained by Mane Addicts, the cut of a short pixie creates lots of texture, which can be otherwise hard to achieve on straight hair.

While this is definitely a stylish look, The Zoe Report mentions that it's not as low maintenance as it might first appear. So be prepared for frequent cuts and plenty of everyday styling time if you're taking on this style.

Side-swept pixie

Similar to the close-cropped pixie, the side-swept pixie is another short hairstyle that can add some texture to naturally straight hair. As PureWow explains, side-swept bangs can provide a distinct lift to the face, adding dimension to any haircut.

Seen on stars like Halle Berry and Carey Mulligan, the combination of side-swept bangs and the pixie cut results in a style that has both texture and depth. If you're considering this look, keep in mind the fact that your bangs will likely require some styling.

Undercut pixie

For an edgier take on this short hairstyle, try going for an undercut pixie. Just as the side-swept pixie combines two different cuts, this look similarly brings together the classic pixie with a partially shaved twist (per Latest Hairstyles). While the undercut will require its own kind of maintenance, especially if you find that your hair grows out quickly, we think it really modernizes this hairstyle.

If you need any more encouragement, just check out how cool social media user @lenna_kf looks with their half-shaved pixie.

Mixie hairstyle

The mixie haircut is another variation of the mullet that works really well on straight hair. Mentioned in the TikTok from @coiffeurstory, the mixie, or mod pixie, largely takes inspiration from retro baby mullets, featuring the short-long dynamic of the mullet on a version of the short pixie haircut.

With mullets making a strong comeback, this haircut is not only in style but also super edgy and low maintenance (per PopSugar). It's a style that can work with any hair type, so styling it naturally with straight hair is a great option, but you can also use a texturizing product to achieve the classic messy mixie.

Chin-length blunt cut

A chin-length blunt cut is another great hairstyle for those with naturally straight hair. Besides simply being a super cute look, as seen in the TikTok from @pamibabyy, the cutting technique of this style is also really good for those with thinner, straight hair. As explained by YouTuber Aly Art, thin hair benefits from blunt cuts that don't further thin out the ends of the hair.

While this hairstyle looks really sleek with naturally straight (or straightened) hair, you can also style it in more than one way. Just check out this video from Chloe Brown if you need some inspiration.

Razored bob

If you want a little more texture for your straight hair, you might opt for a razored bob. Because this cutting technique results in wispier-looking ends, this won't be the best option for those worried about their hair looking thin, but it's still a great look otherwise (per Hair).

The invisible layers present in this look from @jenny_balding1 similarly add some additional texture and depth to the cut. Overall, the razored bob is a modern take on a classic look that is sure to make your straight hair stand out.

Asymmetrical bob

An asymmetrical bob is a great option for those with straight hair who are looking for something a little more interesting than a simple blunt cut. Seen on celebs like Juju Casteneda and Selena Gomez (via Good Housekeeping), this approach to the bob takes what's great about blunt cuts while providing a more interesting, dynamic look through its asymmetrical angle.

If you're wanting a style that is a look all on its own, then this is definitely a fantastic option.

Bob with bangs

Besides playing around with angles, adding straight bangs to the classic bob is another way to customize the haircut. As mentioned on L'Oréal Paris USA, straight bangs are especially suited to straight hair types since that's how the style of bang is typically worn.

For some bob-and-bang inspiration, check out Zendaya's look from the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Awards or the hairstyle sported by Maisie Williams at the 2019 Emmy Awards (per Byrdie). Otherwise, we think this Instagram photo from @stephthehairartist demonstrates how to rock the classic bob.

Long bob haircut

The long bob, nicknamed the "lob," takes everything that is great about the bob and makes it just a little longer. Falling anywhere between the chin and the shoulders, this haircut is just as versatile as its long-loved sister (per You Probably Need a Haircut). Additionally, PureWow mentions that its blunt cut is especially good for thin to medium-textured hair, as it can get a little puffy with thicker or coarse hair types. Otherwise, this haircut is perfect for those with naturally straight hair.

Lob with bangs

As with any hairstyle, you can also consider adding bangs to the lob cut to further customize the look. While bangs require regular maintenance and often necessitate styling time, they can really be cut to accentuate natural features like face shape and forehead (per Latest Hairstyles). In this way, bangs can really make your lob work for you. 

There are many styles of bangs to choose from, ranging from baby to bottleneck, but we particularly love how this lob from the Instagram account @ceremonyportland looks with straight bangs. 

Blunt cut with underlights

We've already mentioned how well-suited the blunt cut is to straight hair, but if you're wanting to add some pizzazz to the hairstyle you have a few options. For one, playing around with hair color is a great way to add dimension. Underlights, which is hair coloring on the underside of your hair as opposed to the traditional top layer, is a great way to add depth and design to the blunt cut (per The Zoe Report).

While many people opt for naturally-colored under-lights, we love how this pink color looks on the straight cut from @rayvensboutiquewigs.

Face-framing fringe

Using soft, face-framing fringe is another way to make your short haircut work for you. While this long bob from @saltymanestudio takes on the straighter edge of the blunt cut, it's combination with face-framing fringe gives the hairstyle a softer feel. This is particularly good for those who want to maintain the illusion of fullness that straight cuts provide while preferring something a little more feathery.

Plus, we love how this look uses the trendy toasted coconut blonde hair color to really make the haircut stand out.

Wispy bangs

Adding wispy bangs is a great way to contrast the straight edge of a blunt cut. As explained on Byrdie, wispy bangs are a softer, feathery version of the classic straight bangs that are used to break up the density of thick hair or add shape to thinner hair. These bangs have been in style recently, worn by celebs like Hailey Bieber and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

Those with wavy or curly hair typically have to straighten this style of bang, which makes it perfectly suited to those with naturally straight hair.

Trendy mullet

The mullet is another retro-inspired hairstyle that has come into recent popularity. When you think of a mullet, your first thought might be of the country star Billy Ray Cyrus, or even music legends David Bowie and Lionel Richie, but the style has seen a modernized resurgence on stars like Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish (per Byrdie and Haircut Inspiration).

While this hairstyle is often worn on wavy or curly hair, it can also work on naturally straight hair. The customizability of the cut and the dimension and depth it brings can really add something new to your straight hair. If you don't believe us, just check out the look from @olivethehairapist.

Edgy wolf cut

Similar to the mullet is the wolf cut, another laid-back and edgy hairstyle that has seen major popularity in recent years. As explained by celebrity hairstylist Neil Moodie, "A wolf haircut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back" (per Stylist).

Generally, this haircut is seen as more wearable than the mullet, so it's especially good if you like the choppy layers and texture of the mullet but prefer something a little softer. We think this look especially shines in the example from Instagram user @suitepeche, but many celebrities have also rocked the wolf cut.

Shag haircut

Speaking of the shag, this is another haircut to try out on your naturally straight hair. As explained by Behind the Chair, the shag is a feathery cut that features full-looking layers around the crown with thinner layering on the sides and ends.

In a TikTok, @skipdoeshair explains how this cut works really well on those with thinner hair, as it adds a lot of volume and texture with its many layers. So, if you have thin and naturally straight hair, this is a great look to consider.

Modern hime cut

The hime hairstyle, which originates from Japanese culture, features long, straight hair paired with blunt bangs and dramatic face-framing pieces. Translated to "princess," the hime cut is noted as being popular during the Heian period in Japan, particularly among noblewomen of the Imperial court (per Allure). Nowadays, the look has been popularized among K-Pop group members, such as Lisa from Blackpink, and on fashion runways.

Because this hairstyle is cut to be worn straight, this is a great option for those looking to accentuate their naturally-straight hair. Plus, its standout front-facing lengths make it a truly interesting look.

Curtain bangs

Another trendy style to consider is the curtain bang, which has gained popularity with stars like Gabrielle Union, Camilla Cabello, and Selena Gomez (per Stylist). This face-framing style of bangs is generally considered easier to maintain than other styles, as their grown-out look doesn't necessitate regular trims (per Oprah Daily).

While curtain bangs can be worn straight, they're typically styled to have a swoopy look, which pairs really well with straight hair. If you're wondering how you'd style this retro-inspired look on naturally-straight hair, check out the TikTok from @anieladiazz.

Bowl cut bangs

Bowl cuts are one vintage-inspired haircut that we did not expect to come back into fashion, but modernized versions of this hairstyle have been seen on celebrities like Zendaya, Rhianna, and Ruby Rose (per British Vogue).

If you don't want to go for the full-out bowl cut, we recommend going with a bangs version of the look, as seen in the example from @brennenstyle. Since this style is worn straight, it is a great option for those with naturally straight hair and can truly look super chic and very edgy.

Long blunt cut with highlights

We've already espoused the many benefits of wearing a blunt cut with straight, short hair, but this versatile style is also great if you want something longer. Adding highlights to this style embraces the straight texture of the hair while providing some interesting dimension. This can be seen in the Instagram photo from @suleymandervissoglu, which features super subtle red and light brown highlights.

As mentioned on Allure, straight hair typically looks best with thinner highlights, because the coloring will really stand out against this hair texture. Whereas you can get away with more when coloring wavy or curly hair, thicker highlights can look stripey or chunky on stick-straight hair.

Face framing layers

In contrast to blunt cuts, face-framing layers are another great option for those with straight, long hair. Often paired with curtain bangs, face-framing layers add great shape and movement to the hair and can be used to accentuate certain facial features.

As mentioned on Her Styler, this haircut is particularly recommended for those with thick hair, but longer layers can also work if you're afraid of losing volume up top (per Allure). While we love how this cut looks on straight hair, it can truly be styled in many different ways.

Wispy layers

If you like layered haircuts but aren't sure about face-framing layers, consider going for a wispier style. Such a haircut can be seen in the TikTok from @hecktor_salon, who achieves the look by pulling all the hair forward, as if they're about to do a ponytail in front of the face, before cutting it. This results in feathery layers that look super lightweight and soft.

This can add a lot of texture to straight hair, so it's a good choice if you're wanting a little something extra for your usually sleek locks.

Long invisible layers

Invisible layers are another option for those with long, straight hair. If you're unfamiliar, hairstylist Omar Antonio explains that "The term 'invisible layers' refers to removing weight and adding movement into a haircut while creating a finished look with minimal or no layers at all" (per PopSugar). In this way, the haircut provides depth and volume without the appearance of layers, providing a more natural effect.

Bangstyle adds that invisible layers can be worn on any hair type or texture, but work particularly well for those with straight hair looking to add volume. Similarly, the featured photo from @petelamden shows this technique on long hair, but it can be applied to short styles too.

Long hair with straight bangs

Although we've mostly mentioned bangs when discussing shorter cuts, straight bangs pair particularly well with long, straight hairstyles, making the combination a great option for those looking to accentuate their natural hair type.

For this style, think Zooey Deschanel, Lea Michelle, or Emily Ratajkowski (per Harper's Bazaar and Bustle). Similarly to these celebs, you can play around with the thickness of your straight bangs, staying true to the blunt cut or going for a softer, feathery look. Either way, you're sure to rock your naturally straight hair.

Kim K cut

A great way to embrace your naturally straight hair is by going for a long, sleek style. Reminiscent of Kim Kardashian's iconic look, this style features a stark middle part with long, straight-cut locks. As shown in the TikTok from @marissaisabellaa, jet-black hair really completes the ensemble, but it's a hairstyle that'll work on any color.

An important part of this style is the sleekness of the hair, which Lifestyle Asia explains can be achieved at home using hair smoothing products. With naturally straight hair, you're already halfway to this recognizable look.