The Story Behind This Yellowstone Couple's Real-Life Relationship

Taylor Sheridan's "Yellowstone" has become one of the most successful new television series and has already gained an impressive following, and now the show's stars live wildly lavish lives. The interesting storylines, incredible acting, and the beauty of the scenery have made it a real hit with audiences, and fans are also enjoying learning about the "Yellowstone" cast's romantic lives. One on-screen romance has even trickled into real life. We are talking about Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham, two up-and-coming stars who have confirmed they are much more than co-stars.

While their coupling is still relatively new (or at least their decision to go public is), all signs point to it being very serious. There appear to be some big feelings already, and they share more similarities than fans may have initially realized, not just to each other but also to their characters on-screen. "'Yellowstone' gives me an opportunity to be myself in a lot of ways, but my character is definitely more cocky than I am," Bingham told Cowboys & Indians in a 2023 interview. "Personally, I'm a little more on the ranch's home team and less conflicted about the things going on there."

This is what fans should know about Harrison and Bingham's real-life relationship and why they may be in it for the long run ...

They play an on-screen couple on Yellowstone

There is always excitement when a new celebrity couple emerges, but even more so when they first start as co-stars. Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham star on the hit television show, "Yellowstone." Harrison plays Laramie, a barrel racer, while Bingham is Walker, a Dutton Ranch employee. Their characters begin a relationship in Season 4 of the series, and their on-screen chemistry is pretty believable. This is not Harrison's only interesting romance on "Yellowstone" though; she was also in a relationship with Forrie J. Smith's character, Lloyd Pierce (who is significantly older than her).

While the coupling between Harrison and Smith was strictly on-screen, the same cannot be said for her and Bingham. Now, they've confirmed their relationship, and some fans will be even more eager to re-watch episodes and see if it's possible to pinpoint when their on-screen romance may have trickled off-screen.

And, at the moment, this is the most you can get from this couple, because they have yet to give interviews about their coupling or share any real details about their romance.

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison confirmed their relationship with a kissing photo

Modern dating often uses social media as a marker for how serious a relationship is, which is why many people make a big deal about when someone is Instagram-official. It indicates that the new couple is comfortable enough to take their relationship to the next level and make it public. This is exactly what Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison did when the actor posted a photo of them kissing in front of a bonfire to his Instagram account on April 12, 2023. He tagged Harrison and captioned the photo with, "More than a spark" — a clever play on words for their relationship and the fire in the background.

Harrison responded to the image, commenting, "I love you, cowboy." This again indicates just how serious they are if they've already reached the stage where they are exchanging "I love you."

The bonfire in the background may also be meaningful to them, as the actor has spoken to Town & Country magazine about how she "made a lot of bonfires" while filming "Yellowstone" in Montana.

Ryan Bingham is recently divorced

When Ryan Bingham started filming "Yellowstone" in 2018, he was still in a relationship, but a lot has changed from then to now. After 12 years of marriage to Anna Axster, reports emerged of their divorce in June 2021 (and relationships fail for so many reasons). The Blast also reported that Bingham had requested to change his name from Ryan Axster Bingham back to his given name, George Ryan Bingham (therefore dropping "Axster").

There's no evidence to suggest this relationship ending had anything to do with Hassie Harrison, but it is also worth noting the differences in their lives. Bingham is nine years older than Harrison, and he is also a father to three children. He has previously spoken about his family in an interview with Texas Highways, discussing how having children changed his life in a beautiful way because it made him feel grounded.

"When I met my wife, we were both vagabonds, just roaming around the country," he said. "Then we got a place in LA, and it was the first time I ever had my name on a lease. I had an address! That was big to me. When we got the keys and went inside, I just cried. I felt secure, finally."

They share a lot of similarities

The relationship between Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham was only confirmed a few months ago. As such, there's not that much information available about their relationship — although fans can probably expect more photos of them to appear on social media in the future. However, they seem to be compatible, and we say this because of the similarities in their lives.

"It's always been a dream of mine to work on a Western," Harrison told Town & Country in a 2022 interview. "I grew up in Texas, so I was thrilled to get to play a character that let me ride a horse." Bingham has made similar statements about his own lifestyle, telling Cowboys & Indians of the reasons he was drawn to "Yellowstone."

"I grew up in the country, and I love being out in nature and getting to work with horses every day," he said. "That's definitely in my blood and something I really appreciate about the show. Working with horses is a very humbling thing." Their similar backgrounds and interests could be what helps them form a strong foundation that could lead to a lasting relationship.

They're believed to share a house in Topanga Canyon

Purchasing a home with a romantic partner is not something that is done on a whim. So, if the reports about Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham buying their first home together are accurate, then it could be a sign of how serious these two really are. We have established that they share similar interests, so the location of a gorgeous home just outside Los Angeles, specifically in the stunning surroundings of Topanga Canyon in California, is a good fit.

According to Dirt, the property was built in 1999 and sits on almost 10 acres of land (this means they will have plenty of space to have horses if they so desire). It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and was reportedly bought for $4.6 million.

The publication also notes that Harrison previously owned a home in the area, but it went on sale for $3 million (whether that was so she could buy a new home with her boyfriend is unclear).

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison attended Stagecoach festival together

Ryan Bingham is a man of many talents, and in addition to acting, he is also a musician. His music plays an important role in his life, and he is seldom photographed without his guitar by his side (a look at his Instagram page will confirm this statement). Cowboys & Indians noted how the guitar allows him to express himself and pursue something he loves as an alternative to the physically demanding work he had previously done.

"Financially, it allowed me to work for myself and gave me the opportunity to travel to places I probably never would have had the opportunity to see," Bingham told Cowboys & Indians. "Emotionally, it gave me an outlet for a lot of things that needed to come out and that I needed to process. That really freed up my soul." And he's good at what he does, which is why he lands shows, including Stagecoach Festival, held annually in Indio, California.

In 2023, Bingham was a part of the lineup and was reported to appear on The Palomino Stage. And who better to attend the festival with than his new girlfriend, Hassie Harrison? She posted photos of their time together on Instagram, which show her wearing a cute heart-shaped top. She was also photographed backstage, likely supporting Bingham during his performance. 

They're both enjoying being in nature for filming

Among the many reasons fans are drawn to "Yellowstone" is the beauty of the scenery. It makes the cowboy life appear idyllic, and being able to film on location in Montana was a beautiful experience for both Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham. They've both discussed how much it meant to them.

"I really love staying in Montana for the summer while we shoot and just being in one place," Bingham told Cowboys & Indians. "While out touring, I spend so much time in big cities and on concrete. 'Yellowstone' really gives me a chance to slow things down." In addition to enjoying a slower pace of life while filming on location, Bingham also discussed how it gave him a chance to fully experience mother nature's beauty and be with horses again.

For Harrison's part, she also discussed Montana, telling Town & Country how much the location means to her. "Montana is one of my favorite places in the world — look at the view! — and it was such an honor to work on my character in such an epic place," she told the publication.

Hassie Harrison has referred to Ryan Bingham as a 'real cowboy'

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison's on-screen performance in "Yellowstone" may have been convincing enough that some fans began to speculate about whether or not they were a couple. And even before they chose to confirm their romance, Harrison had been posting photos of Bingham (although admittedly not anything to suggest they were dating). This included a photo of her alongside her on-screen lovers, Bingham (who plays Walker) and Forrie J. Smith (who plays the role of Lloyd Pierce).

"Three goofballs taking a break from pretending to be all dramatic and s***," she captioned the photo on Instagram.

In an interview with Town & Country magazine in 2022, she shared another photo of Bingham wearing denim and smiling next to two other team members from the show. "These are three of the realest cowboys on our show," she told the magazine, also explaining the jobs of the two other men and how they are responsible for the cast learning to handle horses properly.