What Did Kate Middleton Inherit From Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth II died September 8, 2022, and some are curious as to who inherited what after her heartbreaking death. Kate Middleton has been married to Prince William since 2011, and it seems that she has inherited jewelry from Elizabeth's personal collection. The collection of jewels inherited by Kate is reportedly comprised of 300 pieces and is worth $110 million, per Radar Online. The outlet also had a source who shared an interesting rumor: They claim Elizabeth changed her will before she passed, giving Kate the jewelry collection and perhaps not leaving any of the pieces for Camilla or Meghan Markle.

Others disagree on that assessment. Royal expert Katie Nicholl said Queen Consort Camilla would get first dibs on jewelry from Queen Elizabeth's personal collection. Then, Kate would choose the pieces she wants and, after others have gotten some pieces, Meghan could choose a few as well. Nicholl also does not think it's possible to put a value on the queen's jewelry collection.

"While we can put a value of billions onto the crown jewels," Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight, "putting a value on the queen's private collection is much harder, simply because we don't know every piece in her collection. ... These pieces have so much significance, historical significance, that it's very hard to put a price on them... They are simply priceless."

Others don't believe Queen Elizabeth changed her will, but Kate likely received the most either way

Regarding Queen Elizabeth II's jewelry as inheritance, some people believe it will be divided up in a different way. For example, Ingrid Seward — the Editor-in-Chief of Majesty Magazine — believed that Queen Elizabeth II knew who was getting what jewelry a while ago, instead of making a last-minute change to her will. Seward also said that Kate Middleton, " ... as the future Queen [will receive] the lion's share" of Elizabeth's jewelry (via Express). It was believed Camilla would inherit some as well to wear at various official functions, but not as much as Kate.

It is not surprising that Kate would inherit many of Queen Elizabeth's personal jewelry pieces. Prior to her death, Elizabeth lent or gifted jewelry to Kate often. Kate seemed to be the only member of the royal family who was able to wear the queen's jewelry regularly, implying that Elizabeth liked Kate best and did not mind others knowing it. 

Kate wore one of Elizabeth's diamond necklaces at Charles' coronation

Kate Middleton has worn many sentimental pieces of jewelry, including those given to her from Queen Elizabeth II. For example, at King Charles III's coronation in May 2023, Kate wore the George VI Festoon Necklace under her robes. Gifted to Elizabeth from her father King George VI, the necklace was made by Garrard and included 105 diamonds. Elizabeth shortened the necklace to 95 diamonds after she became queen. She wore the Festoon Necklace many times.

Kate also honored Princess Diana at the coronation with her earring choice — she wore Diana's South Sea earrings, a dangly pair made up of pearls and diamonds. Meghan Markle has also worn some of Diana's jewelry pieces, such as a pair of butterfly-shaped earrings made of diamonds. However, besides getting to wear the Queen Mary tiara for her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan was never given Elizabeth's jewelry to borrow or keep the way Kate was.

She could have inherited this priceless tiara (but there's a catch)

There is one more belonging of Queen Elizabeth's that Kate Middleton might have inherited, and it's something that the princess holds very dear to her heart.

During her 2011 wedding to Prince William, Kate amazed millions of onlookers in her lovely gown. The lace and satin dress is still being replicated to this day by Princess Kate fans because of its iconic design. Luckily, the queen had just the right tiara to go with her granddaughter-in-law's gorgeous gown. Kate wore the Cartier Halo tiara, a special piece from Queen Elizabeth's personal collection that the monarch wore before she became queen. According to Marie Claire, Kate chose the diamond-encrusted tiara because, as one of the next in line to become queen, she felt the tiara reflected her own story.

There's a chance that the queen would have left the Cartier Halo tiara to Kate, royal commentator Josh Rom told the New York Post. "She would have things she would want to gift to her loved ones and it makes sense to give them something she knows they will like," Rom noted. The catch? Rom thinks it's likely Kate would have to pay the inheritance tax on the tiara if she's the new owner.