Why Steffy's Brutal Shutdown On Liam Is A Breath Of Fresh Air For B&B Fans

Too many times on a soap opera, a kiss between two people can destroy a relationship, especially if one or both already have a significant other. On "The Bold and the Beautiful," who knew that when Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) kissed Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) it would create a chain reaction that could also affect another couple? Hope and Thomas previously kissed in October of 2022, which rocked the soap world, leaving fans stunned. Now, it's happened again, and while the circumstances are slightly different, her husband Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) has gone into a tailspin.

Because of all the crazy stunts Thomas pulled to get in between the couple in the past, Liam was justified in worrying that it was only a matter of time before something happened again. However, he didn't heed Steffy Forrester's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) warnings that Hope seemed to have rekindled her feelings for Thomas. So when he witnessed Hope initiating a kiss with his rival in Rome, it was a a gut-punch that Liam didn't deserve. He was so distraught that he blurted out what happened to Steffy, and in a surprise move, kissed her. When Liam later took another moment to open up to Steffy, he kissed her again. But in a refreshing change of pace from typical soap tropes, Steffy quickly shut him down, angrily explaining that he simply can't do that, and needs to respect her marriage to Finn Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). 

Fans were ecstatic about it.

Fans liked seeing Steffy stand her ground

On social media and message boards, fans have expressed their happiness that Steffy Forrester put Liam Spencer in his place on "The Bold and the Beautiful." On Twitter, viewers cheered for her with one posting the video clip of Steffy reminding Liam that she's married, and wrote, "This was so satisfying." Many were in agreement, with another viewer responding, "Steffy's eye movement says, 'I've upgraded,'" insinuating that Finn is a better husband than Liam ever was when he and Steffy were previously married. One ardent fan posted, "Only Steffy has evolved & matured. Lope [Liam and Hope] are still the same from 2011." Several viewers agreed that Liam was being hypocritical by kissing Steffy in the aftermath of the Hope and Thomas incident. 

On the Soap Central "Bold and the Beautiful" forum, fans weighed in about Liam kissing Steffy, with one stating that Liam won't reveal it, adding, "Hope will probably hear Liam and Steffy discussing it, then Finn will find out and what could have been over and done with Liam's confession [and it] will create a bigger mess." Another fan responded, "Yes, kisses are lethal [to relationships] on this show!" After discussing whether or not anything beyond the kiss happened between Hope and Thomas, Finn noted that just the kiss alone was a bad thing, so let's hope Steffy tells him soon that Liam kissed her twice — before her own marriage implodes.