B&B: Hope And Thomas' Kiss Was A Gut-Punch To Liam (& He Didn't Deserve It)

On "The Bold and the Beautiful," despite the fact that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) had reassured Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) that Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) was no longer a miscreant, shedding his obsession with Liam's wife, Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), he wasn't convinced. Thomas and Hope have been working closely, retooling her fashion line, Hope for the Future, and traveled to Rome to unveil their new designs. Liam has been consumed with worry that Thomas will fall back into his old ways and hurt Hope. Both Steffy and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) saw the red flags from a mile away, but it wasn't Thomas drawing their concern — it was Hope — who admitted that she might possibly have feelings for her ex.

Steffy even told Liam about her concerns, but he chose to believe his wife was faithful, and Thomas was still a scoundrel. Eventually, a panicked Liam managed to get to Italy, convincing himself he needed to be there for Hope's big moment and not to monitor her and Thomas' behavior. However, that all went out the window as Liam raced around the city streets looking for his wife, only to spy them at a distance, witnessing Hope grabbing Thomas' face and kissing him passionately. The look on Liam's face spoke volumes as he was shattered, and you could almost see his heart literally fall into his shoe. Poor Liam truly believed his wife would never initiate anything like that with Thomas.

Hope is a serial cheater

A common soap opera trope would have been that the kiss happened without a witness, and Hope and Thomas kept it secret. But that didn't happen here — as poor Liam witnessed the whole thing. He had voiced his concerns about Thomas to his brother, Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks), who reassured him that Hope wouldn't ever be unfaithful. 

This must be another soap amnesia storyline, because it seems that the two have completely forgotten that Hope has cheated several times in the past. When Liam was previously married to Steffy, Hope kissed him. When she and Liam were engaged, she was canoodling with Wyatt. She even married Wyatt when she saw Liam with Steffy and assumed it was something more than a simple conversation. And there was once a point where she vacillated between the brothers, dating them simultaneously.

Yes, when Thomas was rehired to work with Hope, Liam was a bit whiny about the situation, but he had every right to be concerned. However, he didn't expect to be blindsided by Hope's kiss, and quite frankly, didn't need to see it. Liam has been good to her by holding down the fort at home, taking care of the kids and whatever else needed doing, while she spent practically every waking moment with Thomas at work. All the while, her fantasies about Thomas got more intense — to the point where people were starting to notice. Except for Liam.

Hope needs to make a decision

A "Bold and the Beautiful" fan pointed out that Hope is at fault, posting on Twitter, "This wasn't just a kiss. This was a full on make out session initiated by HER." Almost in answer to that, Annika Noelle admitted to Soap Opera Digest that the kiss was inappropriate, stating, "She can't stop herself from feeling this way and it ended up boiling over. They got caught up in the moment and kissed in front of the Colosseum, [unaware] of the watchful eyes below." Hopefully, if Thomas is as changed as he claims, he'll immediately back off and tell Hope the kiss was wrong. She clearly needs to decide which man she wants to be with. But Liam shouldn't have to wait for her to decide. She either wants to be with him or she doesn't. End of story. 

While some feel that Thomas is the obvious choice for Hope and that her story with Liam has grown stale, this incident could be the impetus for her and Liam to reignite their passion. The thought of losing each other could be enough for Hope to beg his forgiveness. Fans were clearly divided on social media with some happy for the kiss, and others not so much. If Hope apologizes to Liam and works things out so that she's not with Thomas day-in and day-out, there could be (no pun intended) hope for their future.