Ginger Hazel Is The Coppery Hair Trend That'll Spice Up A Brunette Look For Summer 2023

When you think of summer colors, you think tropical blues, seafoam greens, sunny yellows, and of course vibrant reds. So it only makes sense that one of this summer's hair color trends is a shade of copper. Get ready, here's the copper hair trend you're about to see everywhere: ginger hazel. 

Let's be real, red hair is always in style, but in the summer sun, red hair looks even brighter and more radiant, drawing more eyes and making you feel confident. However, for some, going red can be a bit intimidating if you're used to a more subtle natural brunette or blonde. But, stylists make it easy to transition to this bold color, whether you want it natural-looking or not. It's totally up to you and your stylist to make your red-haired dreams come true. From rocker red to fiery red to strawberry blondes, there is truly a red for everyone. 

The hue ginger hazel didn't just fall out of the sky, there is a lot of inspiration behind it, and knowing that information might help you determine if ginger hazel is your color this season. 

The inspiration behind the look

Celebrities are natural influencers and they are playing a huge part in the spread of the ginger hazel trend that's been popping up just in time for the hot summer weather. From Kendall Jenner to Zendaya to Lily James, stars in the spotlight have been rocking this hot new color that stems from the copper hair tone that is versatile and universally flattering. 

Of course, these celebs that are jumping on the train now are not the first ones to do it. There are some celebs that have always represented red hair such as Florence Welch. In 2020 and 2021, the copper hair tone became a huge trend, and celebs such as Gigi Hadid, Rumer Willis, Keke Palmer, and Lucy Hale totally changed their look by going red to add a bit of spice. 

In 2023, the copper color has been divided into different hues, hence ginger hazel. Other hues include cinnamon copper, cherry Coke red, ginger spice, and tangerine peach. The trick is to find your perfect match based on your natural color and skin tone.

Getting that perfect color

Getting a certain shade of red can be tricky with so many variations. Ginger hazel is an easy shade to achieve and most flattering if you have natural brunette hair, specifically with darker roots. All it takes is a copper glaze and some at-home maintenance to protect the richness of this flattering color. Celebrity hairstylist Gregory Patterson recommends adding a hair mask to your hair regimen for strength and color protection, per PureWow

Other ways to protect your new ginger hazel locks are using heat protection before blow-drying, straightening, or curling. Being too carefree in the summertime could be the mistake ruining the longevity of your newly colored red hair. Since you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors, sun and water protection are also a necessity so that you don't end up in the salon every two weeks. 

Look for specialized hair products with UV protectants that will help hair from drying out and breaking down, which has a direct effect on color. To swim safely with fresh ginger hazel hair, it's recommended to rinse hair before and after taking a dip with clean water or using a protectant like a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil, which provides a barrier between your locks and the elements around you.