Katie Cassidy Couldn't Wait To Star In Her Very First Hallmark Movie, A Royal Christmas Crush

Hallmark's Kate Cassidy comes with a long Hollywood resume, and she's been in iconic movies such as "Taken" and the 2006 remake of "Black Christmas." She also made her mark in the DC superhero world playing Laurel Lance on "Arrow" and guest-starring on its sister shows on the CW.

Now, Cassidy is trading in superhero costumes and intense fight scenes for the cozy vibes of Hallmark. She stars alongside Stephen Huszar in "A Royal Christmas Crush." While some actors may be intimidated joining such an iconic network, Cassidy felt nothing but thrill at being a part of the Hallmark universe. She told Just Jared, "I was just excited. Who doesn't love a feel-good movie? Who doesn't want to be a woman who gets swept off her feet?"

Cassidy also expressed how enjoyable the filming experience was and called the vibe on set "sort of a family dynamic." She mentioned to the outlet that she wouldn't mind doing more movies with Huszar, her on-screen and off-screen romantic partner.

Katie Cassidy was drawn to the role of Ava for a few reasons

After reading the script for "A Royal Christmas Crush," Katie Cassidy was immediately drawn to the character of Ava Jensen. "I was like, 'Who doesn't want to play a girl who's this cool architect who gets swept off her feet by a prince?'" she told the "Love & Lattes" podcast, adding, "'And who doesn't want to shoot in an ice castle?' ... I thought [the script] was good and I was definitely interested ... it all sort of happened really fast. It was really awesome." Cassidy described how falling in love with co-star Stephen Huszar was like "a real-life fairy tale."

Cassidy also loved playing Ava because she was a well-rounded character. While speaking to Us Weekly about the film alongside Huszar, Cassidy said she could somewhat relate to the past Ava's overcome in the film, and that viewers will get a glimpse of Ava's backstory when watching. However, Cassidy also said that Huszar's good looks enticed her to take the role. The duo joked that his character of Prince Henry could be called "Prince Jawline" instead.

"A Royal Christmas Crush" premieres July 8 on the Hallmark Channel.