Margot Robbie Wore Black Instead Of Pink To Barbie's Premiere And It's Next-Level Genius

With the recent takeover of Barbiecore pink in fashion and beauty, it seemed obvious that Margot Robbie would don the punchy color on the "Barbie" world premiere red (er, pink) carpet. Instead, the actor ditched the predictable hue and stunned in a dark and demure black dress — all while still giving a nod to our favorite doll, of course. Robbie, who plays Barbie herself in the highly anticipated movie (hitting theaters later this month), has been seen sporting various shades of pink in promotional materials, such as the official trailer

Light pink gingham, blush-colored pajamas, and hot pink matching sets all made an appearance in preview clips and on various red carpets, helping to bring Barbie to life, but Robbie's black dress referenced one particular pre-pink era look. The Australian star confirmed to "Access Hollywood" that her dark, sequinned Schiaparelli gown was inspired by the vintage "Solo in the Spotlight" Barbie look. 

According to the collectible doll blog Fashion Doll Guide, the "Solo in the Spotlight" Barbie was originally available in the early '60s and included a glittery dress adorned with a red rose and accessorized with a scarf and sparkly choker necklace. Robbie nailed the original period details in her 2023 version, even finishing it off with a Barbie-esque high ponytail.

Margot Robbie proved she's a real-life Barbie

Margot Robbie's black gown wasn't the first time she recreated a classic Barbie outfit for an event. She's donned several throwback Barbie get-ups during the film's press tour — including an '80s fuchsia skirt suit and a '90s pink printed mini dress — reminding us just how much Barbies have changed over the years. And while the actor departed from predictable pink to celebrate the movie's world premiere, she's not done with the doll's signature color just yet. 

"We've still got ... a few more looks to show you. There'll be more pink this summer," Robbie teased "Access Hollywood" about her upcoming press outfits. By now, the actor is a literal pro at getting into the Barbie character. Besides playing the plastic doll on the big screen and mimicking her fashion at press events, Robbie also channeled Barbie while filming the "Barbie" movie — even when the cameras weren't rolling. 

As her co-star, Ryan Gosling, who plays Ken, revealed to Vogue: "She left a pink present with a pink bow, from Barbie to Ken, every day while we were filming." Barbie would certainly be proud.