Kody And Christine Brown's Truely Felt Betrayed By Their Secret Split

When Christine Brown of "Sister Wives" decided to finally leave her husband Kody, it affected more than just Kody. Not only did the rest of her sister wives witness the break up of the family they formed decades prior, but Christine's daughter Truely had to move and leave the town where a lot of her family still lived.

Truely adjusted rather quickly to the divorce and the move back to Utah, but on an episode of the TLC show, she shared exactly what bothered her about it (via People). "So, the first day when I found out, I was extremely upset, but I'm fine now," she said. "I just had to realize for a day that not everything was going to change."

The youngest of Christine and Kody's six children (with 18 siblings in total), Truely matter-of-factly said, "It was a bit of a heartbreak at first, but I'm fine now." However, Truely also says finding out last was tough.

Truely confided in big sister Aspyn

After Christine informed her daughter Truely that she had left her father, Kody, and that they would be moving to Utah, it took a while for it to sink in. Soon after, Truely contacted her sister Aspyn and her grandma, who were both already aware of the split, unbeknownst to her.

"When I talked to Aspyn and my grandma about the divorce, it was more of me trying to tell them because I didn't really know what else to do," she shared. "Although what they did say is reassuring because they both already knew. But also the realization that everyone knew before me, it did kind of feel like a betrayal."

Unlike Christine, who had a conversation with her daughter, Kody merely asked Truely about it in passing, says Truely (via TLC). The teen says Kody said, "You found out about the divorce?" and Truely responded, "Yeah, I'm fine with it," and she explains that was the extent of it. "It never really went beyond that," she says.

Moving was more difficult than the divorce

Like the other kids in the family, Truely knew that things between her mom and dad weren't good, so it wasn't a huge surprise when they decided to split. However, what was most jarring was the fact that Truely had to move and uproot herself yet again.

"They knew before me; I wasn't told we were going to be moving in September, which is only a few months away," Truely said in the TLC "Sister Wives" confessional. "That realization that she told me last after everybody else that I didn't get to know and we were about to leave; it was kinda hurtful. It did feel like a betrayal that she wouldn't bother to tell me about it, and I was going to be affected the most."

Since relocating, Truely has settled into living back in Utah and is now closer to her sisters who live there and has formed a good relationship with Christine's fiance, David Woolley. Christine posted a family photo of the Fourth of July celebration, and Truely is resting her head on Woolley with her arms lovingly leaning on him.