The Children Of The Danish Royal Family Live A Lavish Life

The glamorous lifestyle of royalty has been the subject of daydreams for centuries. At some point, we have all surely taken a moment to imagine what life might look like with the title of "prince" or "princess." The elaborate weddings, coronations, and top-notch education of the British royal family probably come to mind when dreaming of the royal lifestyle, but even if the House of Windsor may dominate the conversation surrounding the life of a royal, it would be a mistake to overlook their equally-glamorous relatives: the 1,000-year-old Danish royal family.

The royal family of Denmark is led by Queen Margrethe II, who became the longest-ruling monarch after the death of her third cousin, Queen Elizabeth II. The beloved Danish ruler has two sons, Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, who each have four children. 

Needless to say, the queen's eight grandchildren live rather comfortably. Even though the lives of the Danish royals are quite modest in some aspects, the rich opportunities presented to them fit perfectly into the idyllic mold of the dreamy life of a royal. 

Prince Christian enjoys a life of incredible opportunity

Second in line to the throne behind his father, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian represents the ways in which the lives of the Danish royals are simultaneously modern as well as classically lavish. After becoming the first Danish royal to attend public school when he attended Tranegårdskolen, Prince Christian later enrolled in the prestigious boarding school of Herlufsholm for his secondary education. However, after a year of attendance, it was announced that he would switch his enrollment to the no-less-prestigious Ordrup Gymnasium because of scandals that rocked Herlufsholm's reputation.

Looking beyond his top-notch education, the future King of Denmark has already captured international attention for the fresh direction in which he is taking the monarchy. It was recently announced that Prince Christian has made the decision not to accept his royal allowance when he turns 18 in October 2023, and will instead focus on finishing his upper secondary education first. 

However, it would appear that this heir to the throne is doing just fine even without his royal allowance. When attending the Monaco Grand Prix with his friends in May 2023, Prince Christian appeared quite comfortable with the Italian princess, Maria Chiara (per The Daily Mail). Whether or not the rumors of this royal coupling turn out to be true, there is no doubt that Prince Christian is a part of lavish social circles that enjoy the finer things in life.

Princess Isabella has her pick of the best schools

Where you go to school can undoubtedly impact the educational, social, and professional opportunities you are given as a student and as a graduate. Although the names of Danish educational institutions might not be as recognizable as Eton College in the United Kingdom, the royal children of Denmark, including Princess Isabella, have access to a great education. 

Princess Isabella originally planned to join her brother at the elite boarding school of Herlufsholm upon completing 9th form at one of the best and most popular schools in Denmark, Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole (per The Daily Mail). However, because of accusations of bullying and abuse at Herlufsholm, Princess Isabella will now attend Øregård Gymnasium in Hellerup. Even with this change of plans, the princess' education will surely not suffer.

Beyond taking advantage of the fantastic opportunities that her royal status grants her, Princess Isabella seems to be a fashion icon in the making. As she becomes a dignified young royal, the princess' resemblance to her mother Princess Mary, an adored royal who is known for her sophisticated style, continues to strengthen. When celebrating her confirmation in April 2022, Princess Isabella stole the show when she wore a white "power suit" once worn by her mom (per People). Maybe this young royal will join the ranks of her mom Princess Mary and her royal twin Kate Middleton as fashion icons.

The royal twins always celebrate their birthdays with style

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's two youngest children are the delightful twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. These royal twins have seen their fair share of birthday celebrations throughout their years of royal life, with their 12th birthday celebration in January 2023 representing the latest instance of celebrations. Because Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine are at a time of their lives that emphasizes education more than their royal duties, their birthdays serve as an annual opportunity to face the public and show off their personalities.

A royal birthday, like all other birthdays, is full of traditions. But these celebrations extend beyond a birthday cake and a gift or two. For every year that Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine get older, a new professional headshot is taken and released to the public. For their 12th birthday in January 2023, two new portraits were released (per Instagram). 

Not only was their 12th birthday an important day for the royal twins, but on their 10th birthdays, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine's own personalized royal monograms were revealed on Kongehuset, the official site of the Danish royal family. There is no doubt that every January, these royal twins are quite comfortable with being celebrated.

The children of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary spend their time in beautiful palaces

When they are not out making an appearance at a public event or enjoying vacations in beautiful destinations, the family of the crown prince and princess of Denmark have the privilege of calling some incredible palaces their home. The main residence of Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine is Frederik VIII's Palace. Located in Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen, Frederik VIII's Palace is just one part of the greater Amalienborg Palace which has been home to Danish royalty since 1794. Living in this stunning mansion undoubtedly reminds these royal children of both their family's rich history and the opportunities that they have been born into.  

In past summers, the crown prince and princess' family have relocated to the breathtakingly gorgeous grounds of Graasten Palace as well as the beautiful estate of Fredensborg Palace. Located in the south of Denmark, Graasten Palace has served as a summer residence for the royal family for nearly a century. With romantic English-style gardens and a church adorned with historic paintings, Graasten Palace is a dream destination fit for royalty. 

North of Copenhagen, Fredensborg Palace represents another option for an elegant getaway. Flaunting a Baroque-style garden, private chapel, and riding stables, Fredensborg Palace is the perfect place for the family of the crown prince to enjoy their springs and autumns together.

Count Nikolai enjoys the glamour of a career in fashion

The four children of Queen Margrethe II's second son, Prince Joachim, made news in late 2022 when their grandmother made the decision to remove their royal titles. This controversial decision only affected Prince Joachim's children and officially altered their titles to "count" and "countess," while their cousins were able to keep their "prince" and "princess" titles. However, despite this change, Count Nikolai has been able to make quite a splash without a princely title. 

Count Nikolai is the oldest child of Prince Joachim and his first wife, Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg. The handsome young model first stepped onto the fashion scene when he made his debut at just 18 years old, walking the runway for Burberry during London Fashion Week. Not only did Count Nikolai capture the attention of the media, but he broke into the world of fashion, opening the door for a successful modeling career that would include a partnership with Dior and an appearance on the cover of Vogue Scandinavia.

Count Nikolai's glamorous life extends to his love life. Count Nikolai met and began dating designer Benedikte Thoustrup while they attended Herlufsholm boarding school. After attending Copenhagen Business School together, it was announced in May 2023 that the couple would move to and study in Sydney, Australia, for the upcoming fall (per Hello Magazine).

The popular Count Nikolai has an ever-growing following on Instagram

In spite of the damage caused by losing the title of "prince," Count Nikolai continues to pave his own way in not only the fashion world but the universe that is social media. Owning and growing a personal Instagram account is not something that is generally expected from royals, so when the former Prince Nikolai launched a brand-new Instagram to promote his modeling career, he made waves. According to The Daily Mail, the newly-launched Instagram account of the royal heartthrob gained 35,000 followers in just a few weeks. 

The account, which as of publication has almost 60,000 followers, is evidence of Count Nikolai's growing popularity in the fashion scene as well as his celebrity status. His bio simply reads "Count Nikolai of Monpezat" before listing the agencies that represent him: the Scandinavian agency Scoop Models, the Parisian-founded Elite Model Management, and finally, Sight Management Studio based in Barcelona. 

With posts that show off extravagant photoshoots, high-end runway appearances, and even enviable ski trips with his family, Count Nikolai's successful Instagram may represent a new and modern chapter in the life of Danish royals.

Count Felix and his siblings get to enjoy his family's gorgeous summer home

Reflecting the more-than-comfortable lifestyles of his older brother and cousins, Count Felix has been given incredible opportunities that many can only dream of. The younger brother of Count Nikolai and second son to Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, Count Felix has maintained a glamorous lifestyle despite having his title of "prince" taken away by his grandmother, Queen Margrethe II. 

When the young count turned 20 years old in 2022, he celebrated with major style in France at his family's summer home in Château de Cayx.

The castle in southern France became one of the many lavish homes belonging to the Danish royal family when it was purchased by Queen Margrethe and her late husband Prince Henrik in 1974. Now, Château de Cayx serves as the summer residence of Prince Joachim and his family. The estate's history stretches back to the 15th century and, having undergone quite a few renovations, the family has fully restored its beautiful gardens and prestigious vineyard (per Hello Magazine). This stunning environment was the perfect place for Count Felix to celebrate his 20th birthday, which he shared with his family.

Count Henrik had quite the grand confirmation

The confirmation of a Danish royal is a culturally significant event that is frequently accompanied by a grand celebration. The confirmation of Count Henrik in May 2023 continued this meaningful tradition. Count Henrik, who is the eldest son of Prince Joachim and his second wife Princess Marie of Denmark, marked a significant life event with his confirmation. Though the queen was unable to attend her grandson's confirmation ceremony due to a health condition, the gathering represented a reunion of sorts for the Danish royals who have reportedly been greatly affected by the controversy surrounding titles.

Count Henrik's confirmation ceremony took place outside of Denmark. Unlike the confirmation ceremonies of older brothers, Count Henrik's festivities happened in Paris — where Prince Joachim and his family live. 

The royal family dressed sharply when gathering at the Danish church of Frederikskirken, donning designers such as Prada and Emporio Armani (per Hello Magazine). Though the ceremony and the celebration that followed were private events, the photos shared on the official Instagram of the Danish royal family revealed quite the elegant affair.

Prince Joachim's youngest children will continue to enjoy international opportunities

There is no doubt that there are unique difficulties to being the second child of the ruling monarch. But the role has its benefits too. Because the responsibilities of the crown prince rest on the shoulders of his older brother, Prince Joachim has enjoyed the flexibility to decide the location that is best for his family without being limited to Copenhagen. Because of this, his children have experienced opportunities that will surely benefit them as they explore the world.

After living in Paris since 2019, Count Henrik and his sister Countess Athena will soon add Washington, D.C., to the list of international places they have called home (per People). The decision made by Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie to relocate to America has been speculated to be due to a rift in the Danish royal family, as spectators connect the dots. Could this move away from Europe be because of the tension that followed Queen Margrethe II's decision to remove the titles of her youngest son's children?

Whether or not the family drama can be blamed for this decision, the opportunities that Count Henrik and Countess Athena will receive as a result will undoubtedly enrich their experiences. Like their siblings and cousins, the two young royals will surely continue to receive only the best education after their move, although their schools have not yet been announced.

Both Danish royal families get to embark on incredible vacations

When they're not in their family's lavish palaces, the children of Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim are treated to some amazing holidays. This past Christmas 2022, both families left their respective homes in Copenhagen and Paris to enjoy the warmth of Australia and Vietnam. 

The crown prince and princess took their four children to Princess Mary's home country of Australia for the first visit in five years. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie took their family on a Christmas holiday in Vietnam (per Her & Nu). This trip was reportedly meaningful to Prince Joachim as he could take his children to the place where his father, Prince Henrik, experienced many of his formative years growing up. In the past, they have also gone on skiing trips in Switzerland. 

But the beautiful vacation destinations are not limited to the winter months. In July 2019, the family of the crown prince swam at a beach in Skagen, Denmark, during their summer holiday (per The Daily Mail). In July 2023, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine joined their parents in enjoying the beauty of Ibiza (per Hello Magazine). Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are most likely preparing for their upcoming move across the Atlantic, but they will surely spend time relaxing with their family. After all, these Danish royal families are no strangers to enviable destinations — whether they're on vacation or living their everyday lives.