What Happened To Probiotic Maker After Shark Tank? A Look At The Brand Today

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While many people make the journey onto "Shark Tank," seeking new opportunities for their businesses, not everyone leaves with funding. That was the case for Merrick Maxfield, the founder of Probiotic Maker. The device makes homemade yogurt by heating milk while still inside the container. Once at the correct heat, users add packets of probiotics and allow the concoction to sit overnight. By morning, customers can enjoy fresh, creamy yogurt. The device was created for those with probiotic deficiencies to make as much yogurt as they need, though the Sharks were not exactly sold on the idea.

For one, the panel of investors felt that the creation might be too difficult for the everyday consumer. They also believed that the Probiotic Maker may not be completely safe for use. In the end, Maxfield left the show with no additional money for the product. However, that does not appear to have stopped him from pushing forward.

Probiotic Maker is still in business, though growth seems slows

Unlike some businesses that fail to secure a deal on "Shark Tank," Merrick Maxfield and his innovative Probiotic Maker kept pushing — though it appears that business is moving a bit slow. According to the official website, the probiotic packets and the yogurt generator are still on sale, but no additional products have been added to the site. The timing of the last blog on the website is also a bit concerning, as there have seemingly been no updates since the last article was shared on July 15, 2021, titled "Good Gut Health 101: Why You Need Probiotics and How to Get Them."

The company's Instagram profile is still up as well, though posts appear to be sporadic. The last one was from May 3, 2023, while the one before was shared on December 20, 2022, and was not necessarily about the business but a campaign calling for people to make sleeping bags for people experiencing homelessness.

Probiotic Maker has mostly good Amazon reviews and a few really bad ones

In addition to the Probiotic Maker website, yogurt lovers can purchase the device on Amazon at the $100 price point. With 24 total reviews, the product sports a promising four stars. However, the two recent reviews may signal that creator Merrick Maxfield still has some work to do. In a March 2023 post, a buyer complained about heating and cooling challenges. A February 2023 review complained about the yogurt and milk possibly spoiling due to the auto-turn-off function. In a separate three-star post from December 2022, a buyer said they were forced to return the Probiotic Maker due to the dreaded temp issues yet again.

During his time on "Shark Tank," Maxfield sought $150,000 in exchange for 7% equity. Since he walked away empty-handed and "Shark Tank" does not pay its guests to appear, Maxfield is still forced to cover his business expenses himself. For such a complex gadget, manufacturing may be a major issue for Maxfield. As of April 2021, the company had sold 5,000 units, but it's unknown where that figure stands today. Probiotic Maker may not have garnered the instant success of other "Shark Tank" alums, such as Mother Beverage, now known as Poppi, but kudos to the startup for not giving up.