Celebs Who Have Publicly Bashed Meghan Markle

The British public and the world at large are divided in terms of support for the crown and the monarchy. While some people feel like the modern world has outgrown the need for kings and queens, whether ceremonious or not, others maintain that all parts of British culture should be preserved, including the royal vestige of its once great empire. When Meghan Markle entered the scene, it divided everyone even more, albeit more so based on race and class.

Traditionally speaking, brides and grooms marrying into the royal family are English, have never been married before, and are, to be frank, white. Meghan didn't fit any of those bills as she is biracial, American, a former Hollywood actor with money of her own and a name for herself, and a divorcee. The Duchess of Sussex's deviation from the usual profile of what a royal bride should be sparked immense outrage from some royal experts and members of the British public alike, as well as high-profile personalities from all corners. Many of them voiced their harsh opinions on talk shows, social media, and just about everywhere in between.

Piers Morgan called Meghan a social climber

Meghan Markle just might be the most trolled royal bride in history as multiple celebrities joined in with the band of commoner naysayers to trash her. One voice that stood out in the relentless persecution of the duchess belonged to British television personality Piers Morgan. Morgan's never-ending criticism of Meghan has consistently made headlines. Prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, Morgan had only good things to say about Meghan and even called her his friend. After following each other on Twitter and exchanging kind words, the pair met in person and had a lovely time. 

Morgan even rose to her defense when Harry admonished the media against hounding his then-girlfriend, describing her in a Daily Mail article as "strikingly beautiful, intelligent," and advising the prince not to pay any heed to the trolls because "Meghan Markle is perfect princess material." However, things took a turn as the wedding bells chimed with Morgan airing his grievances in the Daily Mail once again when he wasn't invited, and mocking the new bride for her feminist values which Morgan had previously praised. 

He called her a social climber, described her interview with Oprah Winfrey as disgusting on "Good Morning Britain," and even alleged that his friendship with Meghan deteriorated because of her relationship with Harry. Morgan's frequent outbursts led some media outlets to conclude that he was obsessed and that the real reason Morgan isn't a fan of Meghan's is because of an unrequited crush.

Katie Hopkins branded Meghan a 'hypocrite'

Some of the nastiest commentaries about Meghan Markle came from British media personality and controversial commentator Katie Hopkins. Hopkins has made several unpleasant statements over the years, so much so that she was permanently banned from Twitter for "hateful conduct" (via The Guardian) and proclaimed as a staunch racist by several notable media outlets. For what seemed like the longest time, the far-right activist's favorite subject of torture was Meghan. She thrived off mocking and bullying the duchess, even going as far as spoofing one of her interviews by dressing up as her. 

The Mirror reported that Hopkins, who proudly dubbed herself the "biggest b***h in Britain" appeared in an interview for a Channel 9 documentary about Meghan and called the Duchess of Sussex "the biggest hypocrite there is," accused her of not being fashionable, and complained about her beauty in an almost laughable way. "There she is in her one-shoulder dress, being glowing," the commentator sarcastically quipped. "Because all she does is glow. Abdicate. Off you go." 

When Prince Harry and Meghan announced their step back from their senior positions in the royal family, Hopkins slammed the duchess in a video, saying: "They enjoyed their fabulous wedding where Markle got to be the center of all attention. This is classic Meghan Markle and something that many of us said would happen all along ... we could see trouble coming a mile off. This woman has always been absolutely desperate to be a celebrity," (via Chronicle Live).

Chris Rock thinks the Duchess likes to play the victim

One celebrity you probably didn't think would be on the bingo card for bashing Meghan Markle is actor and comedian Chris Rock. The "Madagascar" star came under fire after mocking Meghan's claims of experiencing racism within the royal family. The former "Suits" star revealed in her infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey that certain unnamed members of the royal household were concerned about how dark-skinned Archie, her then-unborn first child with Prince Harry, was going to be, a statement which understandably shocked people both on and offline.

Rock wasn't amused by this statement and incorporated his response into a bit for his live stand-up comedy Netflix special, "Chris Rock: Selective Outrage." According to Insider, the outspoken star saw things from an entirely different perspective than Meghan. "That's not racist because even Black people want to know how brown the baby going to be," Rock quipped to laughter from the audience.

Moreover, he disagreed with the notion that Meghan was ever a victim, claiming, "Everybody trying to be a victim." Rock continued, "Meghan Markle, seem like a nice lady, just complaining. I was like 'Didn't she hit the light-skin lottery?" The comedian also maintained that the duchess knew what she was getting into when she married into The Firm, dubbing the family "the original racists."

Meghan disrespected the queen according to Trump

Unsurprisingly making the list of celebrities who have publicly bashed the Duchess of Sussex is Donald Trump. If the former president has done nothing else, he's shown that he will offer his unsolicited opinion and rain down vitriol on any and everyone he deems worthy of it. Trump is well known for spouting out words recklessly, usually to his detriment. In his opinion, Trump thinks that Meghan is to blame for Prince Harry falling out with his extended family. 

"Harry is whipped," he asserted in an interview with Piers Morgan, per CBS News. "I'm not a fan of Meghan, I'm not a fan, and I wasn't right from the beginning. I think poor Harry is being led around by his nose." The former "Apprentice" host also mentioned in a 2023 interview for GB News that he feels Meghan disrespected the queen. Trump said this just before King Charles III's coronation, also noting, "I was actually surprised Harry was invited, to be honest." 

To him, the constant onslaught of controversies surrounding the Duchess of Sussex was a major stain on the late queen's reign. "People make mistakes but I can't think of one mistake [the late queen] made. She went through years and decades without controversy. You cannot be disrespectful to her," Trump argued. 

Simi Garewal tweeted that Meghan was 'evil' and a liar

Apparently, Chris Rock isn't the only celebrity who wasn't impressed by Meghan and Harry's Oprah interview.  Among those seething with disdain for the Duchess of Sussex was the Indian actor and talk show host Simi Garewal, who expressed her disapproval on Twitter, sharing Donald Trump's sentiments about Meghan Markle's supposed role in dividing the royal family. In a tweet containing the hashtag #OprahMeghanHarry, the actor invalidated the duchess's experiences and in particular her claims of racial bias in the palace. 

Garewal wrote: "I don't believe a word Meghan says. Not a word. She is lying to make herself a victim. She is using the race card to gain sympathy. Evil." She eventually backtracked on this statement, though, issuing a quick reply to the initial tweet: "I withdraw the word 'evil'. It was excessive. Calculating would have been more appropriate."

Another Twitter user indicated that Garewal herself had no evidence to support her disbelief of Meghan's "lies," and the Indian producer responded more or less by calling the Duchess of Sussex a homewrecker. "I do not respect women who come in and break up homes," she wrote, to the ire of many other users who rushed to Meghan's defense.