Christine Brown Hasn't Been The Same Since Her Divorce From Kody

Many fans of TLC's "Sister Wives" breathed a sigh of relief when Christine Brown announced that she finally left her husband, Kody Brown, in November 2021. Now, it's clear she has changed since moving on from being a sister wife.


In the seasons leading up to Christine packing up Kody's belongings, viewers were privy to many heartbreaking moments, including when Christine revealed that Kody told her that he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her. He went as far as to say it was work. "I was holding her hand. I was kissing her," he said (via Entertainment Tonight). "I wasn't in love. I was doing it as my duty as a husband."

He also refused to accompany their daughter Ysabel to get life-changing scoliosis surgery several states away, citing he couldn't risk getting covid and bringing it home to his younger children. However, he went to officiate a friend's wedding soon after, per Insider. Christine said that was the nail in the coffin that led to the split between her and Kody, and it was also the moment she lost her respect for her husband. Though the events leading up to the divorce and the process of leaving were painful, Christine is now blossoming.


Christine moved home to Utah

Christine Brown packed up her youngest daughter Truely and moved back to her home state of Utah, where her daughters Mykelti, Aspyn, and Ysabel now live as well. She often posts photos on her Instagram of outings and events with her kids and grandchildren. Christine has also kept close with her former sister wife, Janelle Brown, who also left Kody, and the women make it a point to spend time together.


People reports that during a Cameo video in 2021, Christine shared how much her life immediately changed after her relationship ended. "Thank you for supporting me with leaving Kody. The decision was a long time coming, and I feel like a much better person divorced than I ever did," she said in the video. "Life is so great. I had no idea life could be simple."

She said that she has loved getting one-on-one time with her kids and that her life is phenomenal. At the time, she was simply enjoying her newfound freedom and making a life with her children, not even realizing much more would be in store for her.

Christine found true love

A year after her divorce Christine found new love. In February 2023, she announced on her Instagram story that she was dating someone special (via Us Weekly). "Car confessions! So I just have to tell you, I am dating someone exclusively," she said. "He's wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I've been looking for. [He's] incredible with Truely. He's absolutely a dream come true." The man was soon revealed to be businessman David Woolley.


On Valentine's Day, she shared a photo on social media and wrote, "I finally found the love of my life, David. The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took its first breath." She ended the caption with, "I never dreamed I could find a love like this."

In April, she announced that David had proposed to her, and she said yes. They soon purchased a $770,000 home in Lehi, Utah. "I've never been in love like this before, and the world seems like a brighter place with him in it. I'm so excited for the wonderful adventure we are going to embark on for the rest of our lives," Christine gushed.