Why GMA Star Rob Marciano Was Banned From The Show's Set

"Good Morning America's" Rob Marciano has served as ABC's senior meteorologist since 2014. He has provided weather updates to loyal viewers for years and still remains a co-anchor on "Good Morning America: Weekend Edition." However, since late 2022, Marciano has only reported from various sites outdoors and has noticeably been absent from the studio where he usually films. 

While the network has been quiet about what may have caused this disruption, several sources have confirmed that the once-respected weatherman is actually banned from the "GMA" set and is skating on thin ice when it comes to keeping his job. According to reports, a shocking encounter with one of his co-workers landed Marciano in hot water. 

The identity of the employee has not been released, but the incident was critical enough that "GMA" executive producer Simone Swink had him removed from the building for the foreseeable future. Given past network scandals, such as that of Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes, it appears they have no plans to bring Marciano back anytime soon. 

Rob Marciano acted inappropriately with a female colleague

Since November 2022, journalist Rob Marciano has been noticeably absent from the set of "Good Morning America." Instead, he now delivers his weather reports on location, and sources allege this is due to Marciano not being able to control his temper at work. Despite his seemingly mild-mannered nature, insiders claim that Marciano was aggressive towards a female colleague.

"He was found to have done something that was improper, but he was punished for it, and they still haven't let him return," one source informed Page Six. Another insider close to the production also verified this, telling the outlet that "There were times when Marciano was very cranky and angry ... unsavory behavior on his part. He was pulled off to deal with it, and he's been back."

While neither of these individuals detailed what exactly transpired, they did confirm that the outbursts occurred around the time Marciano was going through a divorce from his now ex-wife, Eryn. She filed the paperwork in June 2021 after 11 years of marriage, finalizing the divorce in January 2023. When news broke that he and Eryn were going their separate ways, Marciano admitted to People that he didn't want to end the relationship.

He has kept his job for now but is not permitted in the studio

"Good Morning America" showrunner Simone Swink is not taking any chances when it comes to workplace safety. She was appointed to her position when former "GMA" top producer Michael Corn was terminated following allegations of sexual assault. Therefore, she is standing firm in her decision to keep Rob Marciano away. The network's employee relations team took Marciano off the air for a month following the November 2022 incident. While Swink has allowed him to keep his position, she is moving forward with an abundance of caution.

"She's focused on the work and wants to keep her staff focused and happy. She's very protective of her team," a source told Page Six. Swink and the rest of the ABC executives have remained tightlipped, and it's likely things will stay that way. Multiple outlets have noted that Marciano is eager to return to his position in the studio. Unfortunately, judging by the alleged severity of his actions, a decision probably won't be made anytime soon as ABC continues to set a higher standard as they push to move away from the constant comparisons to CBS