Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes' Complete Relationship Timeline

The foundation of every successful daytime news talk show is the chemistry between the two lead co-anchors. Viewers love tuning in to see the co-hosts bounce off each other with their relatable personalities. After working alongside each other daily, it's only normal that the friendship between the two co-hosts would blossom. However, no one could have expected what blossomed between former "GMA 3" co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach


Viewers always picked up on their chemistry, but jaws dropped in November 2022 when it was revealed that their flirty on-air banter continued even when the cameras weren't rolling. Considering that both Holmes and Robach were married when the news of their alleged affair was revealed, viewers had one question on their minds: How and when did this scandalous romance between them start? Were they already separated when they started dating? 

Buckle in as we lay out Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' complete relationship timeline. 

The two started as co-anchors and became friends

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes first crossed paths on the daytime news show "Good Morning America" in 2014. The co-hosts quickly forged a bond that resulted in plenty of time spent together off-air. "The moment he started at ABC, I think we just clicked," Robach gushed to People prior to their public relationship. "We've gone on tons of double dates with our spouses and my daughters babysit his daughters." ABC executives must've seen the chemistry between the two because in 2020 they were both chosen as co-anchors for "GMA3," the third hour of "Good Morning America." 


With their new job, their friendship only grew stronger, and the two frequently posted Instagram photos of their daily outings. Robach and Holmes often went on runs together after filming. In one Instagram snap Robach posted in 2021, she referred to Holmes as her running partner. The two co-anchors posed side-by-side in the photo after a run around Manhattan. 

The partnership between the two seemed to be paying off for "GMA3." According to Adweek, the revamped show was resonating with viewers and the ratings increased by 18%. At the time, the executive producer of "GMA3," Catherine McKenzie, credited the ratings boost to the chemistry between the co-anchors.

They began training for the marathon together

When the "GMA3" cameras weren't rolling, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were spending plenty of time together with one goal in mind -– a marathon. In 2022, Robach revealed that she would be running a half marathon in New York City with Holmes by her side. "I'm not sure we technically decided to run together," she explained to Page Six. "I pretty much announced to everyone that T.J. was going to run the half-marathon with me, and then publicly pressured him to join.... and it worked!" 


The big event meant the two were forced to train regularly together, which they documented on social media. In one TikTok clip uploaded to the "Good Morning America" profile, Robach and Holmes sat comfortably next to one another and spoke about their intense training. While giving advice to others wanting to run a marathon, the two appeared to flirt back and forth and even exchanged what could be construed as sexual innuendos. Holmes revealed that during their training, he ran behind Robach and let her keep the pace. "If you are the pacer, does that make me the pacee?" he jokingly asked her. "Yes," Robach answered. "But we're going to both be finishers. That's what counts." 

At the time, viewers didn't pick up on the blatant flirting between the two. However, after news broke of their alleged affair, people picked up on the body language and potential innuendos. 


Their behavior during a work trip had people buzzing

In June 2022, Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes jetted off to London for a special edition of "GMA3." The two co-anchors went to cover Queen Elizabeth's historic Platinum Jubilee. It was during this work trip that some insiders claim the relationship between the two went from strictly platonic to secretly romantic. According to Daily Mail, many ABC staffers took notice of how the pair were interacting during the work trip.


It wasn't the first time an ABC staffer picked up on something brewing between the two. According to Page Six, "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts confronted the two about their rumored affair in 2017. Holmes reportedly denied it to both Roberts and ABC executives. "He was a correspondent at the time, and he didn't want Robin thinking that about him," a source told Page Six. "He went to [ABC brass] and got ahead of it to dismiss it because it wasn't true."

On her Instagram, Robach documented the Jubilee coverage and posted photos with Holmes. In a lengthy caption, she expressed how honored she was to be covering the event with him by her side. "Couldn't have asked for a better partner through it all," she wrote about her co-anchor with a heart emoji. Despite suspecting something was up between the two, none of the anonymous staffers alerted the press at the time.


Amy surprised T.J. on air for his birthday

In August 2022, T.J. Holmes had a special birthday. The "GMA3" co-anchor was turning 45 years old, and Amy Robach had a surprise up her sleeve. A week before his birthday, Robach surprised him on the air with multiple pies in his favorite flavors. Holmes was taken by surprise and looked touched by the birthday treat. While digging into the pie, he spoke about the plans he had for his birthday celebration. "I'll be checking in from an undisclosed location next week," he said jokingly. 


At the time, viewers didn't suspect anything was going on between the two. But according to some sources, their marriages were quietly falling apart. As People reported, the two both left their spouses in August, around the time of Holmes' birthday. "This was two consenting adults who were each separated. They both broke up with their spouses in August within weeks of each other," the source explained. "The relationship didn't start until after that." The source strongly denied that there was any overlap in their relationship or betrayal committed against their spouses.

They ran the marathon together right before the scandal hit

After spending months intensely training to run a half-marathon together in 2022, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were ready to take on the challenge. In November 2022 –– just weeks before the news of their alleged affair broke –– the two "GMA3" co-anchors were all smiles while crossing the finish line together. After completing the marathon, Robach took to her Instagram and commemorated the special occasion. She thanked all her running partners, which included Holmes. "NO WAY I could have ever accomplished this alone! I love this running crew so much. We encourage each other, train together and finish together," she captioned the Instagram post. Notably absent from this event was Robach's husband at the time, actor Andrew Shue, who previously trained with the two for the marathon.


Holmes and Robach were certainly on a high after this big accomplishment. But things quickly got a lot more complicated when their alleged secret affair became news.

Their relationship was revealed to the world

In late November 2022, Daily Mail had the whole world buzzing when they published an exposé about T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's alleged secret affair. The outlet published multiple photos of the co-anchors spending time alone together while cuddling and holding hands. The two were seen at bars in New York City looking intimate, traveling for a getaway, and even leaving each other's apartments. In one photo, Holmes could be seen playfully grabbing Robach's backside. The evidence seemed to prove that the two were more than just platonic co-workers. 


According to Entertainment Tonight, their ABC colleagues weren't that surprised by the breaking news. In fact, their relationship was a topic behind the scenes of "GMA3." "There have been whispers at ABC about a possible relationship between them for the last several months," one source revealed to ET. Though the news of their relationship quickly caught fire, the two returned to the "GMA3" set seeming unfazed by the scandal. 

After days of their alleged affair being covered in the press, Holmes and Robach sat side by side and poked fun at it. "You know, it's too bad it's Friday. It's been a great week. I just want this one to keep going and going and going," Holmes said with a smile. "Just enjoying it."


Amy Robach files for divorce from Andrew Shue

In December 2022, after the news of her affair had taken over headlines, Page Six reported that Amy Robach was going through with her divorce from Andrew Shue. The two were married for 12 years, but a source explained to the outlet that things in their marriage had gotten "rocky." Shue had reportedly moved out of their shared home just months earlier. "They've constantly had problems over the years and they finally broke up," the insider revealed. 


Throughout the scandal, Shue didn't publicly comment on the divorce or the alleged cheating. He instead quietly deleted all traces of Robach from his Instagram. However, Shue's children posted a few cryptic messages online about their famous stepmother. After news of the divorce, Shue's son Nathaniel posted a family photo with his father and siblings with the caption, "Riders on the storm. On to '23" (Via The Sun). 

In another public Instagram post, Nathaniel posted a video montage featuring his family and captioned it, "2022 was a doozy. Not sure what I'm wishing for in 23 but I've got a little faith it'll come. Love my people." Noticeably absent in the montage was his stepmother, Robach.

T.J. Holmes' other alleged office affairs leak

T.J. Holmes striking up a romance with Amy Robach while married was enough to raise eyebrows around the world. However, the scandal wasn't quite over. In December 2022, Page Six published an exposé about other office affairs Holmes had allegedly engaged in. Sources claimed that in 2016, while Holmes was still married to Marilee Fiebig, he had a three-year affair with former "GMA" producer Natasha Singh. While the affair occurred, Holmes and Singh allegedly went to none other than Robach for advice. "Amy was the person they went to talk to about their affair and marriages," an insider claimed to Page Six. According to the sources, Fiebig found out about the affair in 2019, and Holmes worked diligently to save their marriage. 


Despite knowing about his affair with Singh, Fiebig was reportedly blindsided by Holmes pursuing a relationship with Robach. "Marilee never considered Amy because she was focused on Natasha. She never thought about [him cheating] with Amy because they were friends," a source explained to Page Six. "Amy's daughter was their daughter's babysitter." With two different alleged office affairs exposed, Holmes' reputation took a serious hit.

GMA3 decides to temporarily pull them off the air

With Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' affair dominating headlines, executives at ABC had a serious decision to make. Would they look past this office romance or consider them a distraction and let them go? On December 5th, 2022, ABC announced that they would be temporarily removing the duo from the air. ABC News president Kim Godwin said that their controversial relationship did not violate any company policies, but it did create too much of a distraction in the media and the workplace. "After a lot of thought, I am taking Amy and T.J. off the air as we figure this out," Goodwin announced, per Page Six.


The announcement was meant to calm things down, but quite the opposite occurred. Shortly after the announcement, Holmes once again made headlines for another alleged workplace affair. Page Six revealed allegations of a third relationship he had with another colleague during his time at ABC. With three reported workplace affairs linked to his name, many suspected his future at "GMA3" was coming to an end.

T.J. Holmes files for divorce from Marilee Fiebig

After allegedly separating from his wife in August 2022, T.J. Holmes filed for divorce in December of that year. Though Holmes seemed set on going forward with the divorce, his wife, Marilee Fiebig, was reportedly blindsided by his alleged affair. "She's devastated. She had no idea," a source told Page Six. "They haven't been together in [a while], but they were trying to work it out. They were just together for T.J.'s birthday." The source claimed that the marriage had plenty of bumps in the road, with Holmes reportedly moving out in August, but that the two were attempting to reconcile. 


Amidst all the allegations, Fiebig remained silent. She avoided addressing the scandal publicly until January 2023, when her divorce attorney released her first and only public statement to Daily Mail. The attorney described the scandal as "challenging times" and said that Fiebig's 9-year-old daughter was her top priority. She expressed a desire of wanting to finalize the divorce privately and amicably but seemed frustrated by Holmes' behavior. 

"Notwithstanding, we continue to be disappointed by T.J's [sic] lack of discretion, respect and sensitivity toward Marilee and the party's daughter," the attorney's statement read. "Marilee has been touched by the outpouring of support and looks forward to a new beginning in this new year."


ABC decides to let Amy and T.J. go from GMA3

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach might've gotten the divorces they desired, but not everything went in their favor. After weeks of mediation with ABC executives, they were both given the boot from "GMA3" in January 2023. According to TMZ, the mediation between the network and the co-anchors didn't go so smoothly. Both Holmes and Robach were reportedly accused of a range of questionable workplace behavior, which included allegedly drinking on the job. Some sources told TMZ that these claims felt like a "witch hunt" searching for more reasons to expel them from the network.


Reportedly, the "GMA3" co-anchors denied the accusations and felt as though ABC was just looking for reasons to get rid of them. Despite the network previously saying their romance didn't break company policy, the couple was told they waited too long to disclose their relationship during the mediation, per TMZ. Additionally, ABC executives reportedly felt that their behavior made other colleagues uncomfortable. 

Both Holmes and Robach negotiated their exit agreements, which included undisclosed compensation packages. A month later, Page Six spotted the two in Mexico during a romantic getaway. The two proudly packed on the PDA as they enjoyed drinks together.

They attended their first public event as an official couple in 2023

When dealing with a high-profile scandal, one might expect celebrities to go into hiding, but that's not how T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach handled things. In March 2023, the two showed a united front as they attended their first public event together. According to Page Six, the couple was at the memorial service of Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman. The service was attended by others who were pretty shocked to see the two arrive hand in hand. "I couldn't believe it was them! I didn't even know they were in LA," a source who attended the service told the outlet. "They looked like... they weren't inappropriate, but she was in this wrap dress that was very short, and they just looked like this hot couple. There was no shame in their game." 


The source also revealed that the controversial couple looked happy together despite a few attendees whispering about their surprising presence. Is there anything more Hollywood than a scandalous couple making their first official appearance at a publicist's memorial service?

The couple has plans to return to television

They may have gotten the boot from "GMA3," but T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are committed to making their big comeback to television. According to Us Weekly, the couple has been plotting how to get back to their anchor chairs. They've reportedly pitched multiple projects together that would market them as a power couple. "They're pitching themselves as a duo," a source revealed to the outlet. "They've pitched a reality show, docuseries and daytime talk show, all of which they know will be popular and people will watch. Amy has said whatever they do, this is about real love and they're in it together." If they don't land a show together, the couple is still hoping to at least work on the same network again, per Us Weekly.


Outside of their career aspirations, Holmes and Robach are also moving forward as a serious couple. They reportedly plan to move in together, and there are even rumors of a possible engagement in the future. Sources told Us Weekly that they wouldn't be surprised if Robach had a ring on her finger soon. "Friends feel they will get engaged soon because they were friends a long time before they became lovers," a source told the outlet. "They have a strong bond."

Will this controversial couple go the distance? Only time will tell.