What Happened To Christine Brown's Fiancé David Woolley's First Wife?

The following article includes references to suicide.

Christine Brown and David Woolley have captivated the public with their affectionate relationship, showcasing love, strength, and unwavering commitment. Fans were delighted to see Christine happy again following her tumultuous relationship with Kody Brown. After Christine revealed that she was dating again, her new relationship received so much support from the fans.

With the level of toxicity Christine had to endure during her relationship with Kody, David felt the need to give assurance to her fans by introducing himself and providing more information about himself in an Instagram post. In the introductory post, he wrote, 'Hello! I'm sorry I haven't let people know who I am yet. I have 8 kids, 6 of whom are married, and 2 who are single! I have 10 grandchildren. I also have kids and grandkids in California who are my extended family, but I consider them my own!'

Although it's inevitable that his children would become public since Christine is a public figure, Woolley made sure to still keep the faces of some of his children hidden by covering them up. He explained, 'Half of my kids do not want to be in the spotlight, so I'm respecting their wishes, and you won't see their faces on here.'" After a brief introduction, he also talked about his first wife, Margaret Suliin Woolley, who took her own life in 2012. She was a compassionate person and was described as "loving, and caring to family and friends," in her obituary

The heartbreaking death of David Woolley's wife

The loss of a spouse to suicide is indeed an incredibly painful experience. The aftermath can bring forth so many emotions, such as shock, guilt, anger, and profound sadness. It has been over a decade since David Woolley lost Margaret Lucille Suliin Woolley, and he has opened up about it in the same Instagram post. He continued, "I was married to their mother for 20 years when depression took hold of her. So I have been a single dad for 11 years."

In a police report published by The U.S. Sun, Margaret died in a hotel room on June 20, 2012. David's late wife checked into the hotel a day before she took her own life. Her body was discovered after the housekeepers came to her room to clean up since she was supposed to check out that day. Her death was ruled as suicide and died from an overdose since the police found pills and beer inside the room. The Unified Police Department had already received a report of a "suicidal female" seen in the area, and in addition to these reports, she also sent alarming messages to her best friend and then stopped responding soon after. David also received texts from his wife but failed to get a hold of her. He even tried to locate her, but he was unsuccessful.

Surviving spousal suicide and moving on

A suicide note was found at the crime scene and was included in the official police report. She explained that she was discouraged after she sensed that her loved ones weren't there for her. In the suicide note, Margaret explained (via The U.S. Sun), "I was just a misunderstood, misguided lost soul who wasn't strong enough to stand alone against all the evil souls who broke me." Despite feeling hurt, she apologized to her children and left them heartfelt final words. While she left her kids touching messages, she gave her husband, David Woolley, upsetting last words. She said, "You took everything good in me and broke it with your controlling, manipulative ways."

It has been years since she left the world, and David has since moved on. He admitted that he has dated other people before Christine, but he never really found a deep connection with anyone. Instead, he dedicated his time to building and expanding his drywall business. David owns a construction company called David Woolley Drywall, which was founded in 2015. Now that Woolley can call Christine Brown his fiancée, he expressed that he's thrilled about what the future holds. He concluded his Instagram post by saying, "I'm really excited to be with Christine. The future is really bright!"

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.