What Gordon Ramsay's Wife Tana Really Does For A Living

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Gordon Ramsay and his wife, Tana, tied the knot all the way back in 1996, but their marriage is still going strong nearly 30 years later. Together, the couple has five children, three girls and two boys, with the youngest being four years old. We've all witnessed the stunning transformation of Gordon Ramsay over the years, and his wife has supported him every step of the way. But she's not just the famous TV chef's wife — she has her own story to share. Born Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson, Tana worked as a Montessori teacher and food editor before becoming a popular cookbook author and TV broadcaster.

Tana grew up on a farm in Kent, where she helped her mother with the cooking, cleaning, and other house chores. At age 17, she moved back to London with her parents and attended Holland Park School. Later, she became a teacher. In the '90s, she met Ramsey at a New Year's Eve party. They hit it off immediately and married him shortly after. However, despite her husband's success, she chose to follow her own path and build a thriving career. 

Tana Ramsey explored different career paths before finding her passion for cooking

Tana Ramsey always knew she wanted a large family, but this didn't stop her from making her career a priority too. Over the years, she opened her own store, ran a beauty salon, and wrote for several magazines and newspapers, including the Daily Mail. In 2010, she took part in "Dancing on Ice" but left the show four weeks later. Tana also presented "Market Kitchen," a British food show, and appeared on "Hell's Kitchen," "Saturday Kitchen," and other cooking shows. At one point, she worked as a food editor for Grazia, a British lifestyle magazine.

Her career reached new heights in 2006, when she published the bestseller "Tana Ramsay's Family Kitchen." The cookbook featured simple recipes for busy families such as fruit gratin, easy sausage rolls, and rice pudding. Four years later, she published "Tana's Kitchen Secrets," a recipe book filled with cooking tips. Starting In 2010, Tana wrote and published several other books that established her as a cooking expert in her own right. What's even more impressive is that she's entirely self-taught. "I've never been trained as a chef. I take forever to chop an onion or a carrot compared to Gordon, but it's my way of real family food," she told The Guardian.

Her family inspired her love of cooking

As a mother of five, Tana Ramsey spends a lot of time in the kitchen, which inspired her love of cooking. She also sees it as an opportunity to learn useful hacks such as how to make delicious meals on a budget. "Buy your fruit and veg totally unprepared; that's the cheapest way to cook for your family," Tana said in her interview with The Guardian. The bestselling author also recommends planning your meals ahead and repurposing leftovers. Her books describe these meal prep hacks in detail, making things easier for novice cooks.

Some say that Tana is capitalizing on her husband's fame, but she couldn't care less. "I can either dwell on that and worry about what people are going to say, or I can get on with it," she told the Evening Star. Plus, most readers love Tana's work and find her cooking style different than that of her husband. "Tana, of course, is the wife of Chef Gordon Ramsay, but her style is gentler and more family-oriented," said Wogan, an Amazon customer who bought "Tana's Kitchen Secrets."

Tana is currently trying to revive her television career, according to the Daily Mail. An anonymous source told the tabloid that Mrs. Ramsey has sold her beauty salon so she can return to the small screen. "She is also in development with Studio Ramsay Global on some exciting projects, and in conversation with ITV. It's time for some new adventures," said the spokesperson.