Y&R Alum Michael Corbett Joins The Bold And The Beautiful In Pivotal New Role

Who can forget Michael Corbett's role as David Kimball in "The Young and the Restless?" The evil villain was equally blood and money-thirsty, with a string of menacingly planned murders in his wake. This is why we're pretty stoked that he's crossing over to "The Bold and the Beautiful" as Judge Evan Scott. Many speculated that Judge Evan would be assigned to Hope (Annika Noelle) and Liam's (Scott Clifton) divorce, but Michael Corbett's interview with Soaps confirmed that his character is definitely connected to Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown Pelzer).

One thing to consider is that Corbett isn't appearing as David on "The Bold and Beautiful." He is cast under another name, which leaves us wondering if Judge Scott is a new character or if he's David in yet another disguise. Could this be an indicator of a major plot twist? It's standard for "Y&R" actors to crossover between both soaps, but the choice of Corbett has us thinking.  

We genuinely doubt that David retraced his steps since we watched him die in a 1999 episode. Remember that Sheila Carter was just as terrifying in Genoa City as in LA, and we suspect that David will be similar if he returns. However, since Corbett has acted in a number of highly-rated soaps including "The Disappointments" and "Venice: The Series," it's possible that his appearance in "The Bold and Beautiful" has nothing to do with "Y&R."

Michael Corbett's new role as Judge Evan Scott

Sheila Carter is in a bit of a murky mess on "The Young and the Restless." Her fiancé and affair partner joined forces to put her away for good by getting her to confess to two murders. In a moment of weakness, she admitted to fellow criminal Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) that she had killed Lance Day and Jay Garvin. Sheila escaped their home but ran to Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), who turned her in.

Her case is to be decided by a judge, and Judge Evan Scott's entrance is an interesting move, especially since Sheila has been planning an escape with a mystery man. Michael Corbett also told Soaps that Evan "comes into Sheila's life at a pivotal time and will be making a decision that ultimately decides her fate." Could Judge Scott be the mystery man in question? Reports state that the judge is currently scheduled for a few appearances, but we suspect that this can change according to the ratings. 

Corbett's interview with Soap Hub hints that the writers may not have finished David yet. "David Kimball was written so complicated ... I have my thoughts about where this character is — or could be — going, but I don't know [for sure]." It isn't far-fetched that these two villains secretly know each other. However, we have a lot of questions if David did survive. It has been 32 years, after all.

Who is Judge Evan Scott?

Michael Corbett's interviews have been light on the details, especially concerning his new role.  He admitted that he'd expected to be called back to "Y&R" and wasn't expecting "The Bold and Beautiful" casting. So, what's certain about his new role? We know his character gets the last say and is in charge of the court's proceedings. And we also know that his first episode contains a really long monologue. Corbett added that his new character is quite sympathetic, which isn't a word we'd use to describe David. 

David Kimball appeared on "Y&R" as a devious man who'd killed his previous wife for her fortune and was out for a new victim. He had his sights on Nina Webster (Tricia Cast), who was lucky to discover his plan. David escaped the law, but his plans of getting a new face via surgery were foiled when the surgeon carved "killer" on his forehead. He continued terrorizing Genoa until he met a satisfying end in a trash compactor — or so we thought.

Speculation aside, Corbett is having a great time with his return to CBS soaps: "I had to remember to go right [towards B&B] instead of left [towards Y&R] when I walked down the hallway." He explained that it all feels familiar yet different. We wonder if that's another clue, but we'll have to wait till Friday, July 21 to see.