Why Alison Sweeney Thinks Working On Soaps Is Harder Than Hallmark

Alison Sweeney has lived some pretty interesting and intense lives thanks to the characters she's played. Soap opera fans know her from the iconic daytime show "Days of Our Lives," where she played the notorious meddler Samantha "Sami" Brady. If you're not a soapie, you most likely know Sweeney from one of her many Hallmark holiday and mystery movies.

While plenty of actors stick to a similar type of project, working on soap operas and full-blown film franchises are definitely different experiences that require distinct approaches. As Sweeney is a skilled performer and a veteran of both daytime soaps and popular entertainment pictures, she has all the filming insight and a preference for her favorite projects.

Despite reprising the role of vindictive Sami over and over again, Sweeney still finds it easier to work on Hallmark movies. Considering that the actor also produces some of the Hallmark movies she stars in, don't expect Sami to make Salem her lasting home anytime soon.

Hallmark filming allows for more mistakes

Alison Sweeney is no stranger to double-dipping, as the soap-opera actor has doubled as a Hallmark star more than once in her impressive career. However, she acknowledged it's harder to work on soaps than it is on Hallmark projects. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, the actor shared that working on soaps requires much more effort due to the amount of dialog and overall more prep time for shooting.

"When I film the Hallmark movies, there's a way you can pause if you mess up your lines, and then you can keep going. There are certain things like that you can't do in daytime [soaps]," the industry veteran revealed. Despite it being challenging at times, Sweeney confirmed it's also easier for her to emotionally connect with her "Days of Our Lives" character, as she's already familiar with her co-stars and Sami's history. 

"I think it would be a lot harder if I had some imagined off-camera storyline with someone and then came in and had a fight sequence with them," Sweeney noted.

Sweeney is too wrapped up in Hallmark projects to settle in Salem

After returning to Salem as Sami Brady quite a few times since she started playing the "Days of Our Lives" character, in 1993, Alison Sweeney says she would always consider doing it again, just not full-time. "For me, what I love about [Sami's] character and what keeps me coming back for more is just how she's ... definitely willing to do anything to get what she wants," she explained in a conversation with People. However, it's not an option to settle down in Salem permanently, as the actor enjoys her other engagements and doesn't have the time for a full-time soap opera role. 

Sweeney has appeared in numerous Hallmark movies, most notably as curious local baker Hannah Swensen in the "Murder, She Baked" movie franchise. The actor also worked as the executive producer on the movies, alongside other popular Hallmark pieces like "A Magical Christmas Village" and "Christmas at Holly Lodge," among others. Sweeney is not giving Hallmark up any time soon, though, as she's back to work on a new Hannah Swensen mystery alongside her frequent co-star, Cameron Mathison.