11 Times Prince William's Body Language Said It All

Prince William is no stranger to the public's eye. From work-related royal engagements to casual public outings, stints in front of prying cameras have been the norm for the Prince of Wales. Due to this, body experts and royal fans alike have been attentive to his nuanced body language, which, in turn, caused us to sense a shift in William's personality over the years. 

Royal expert Russell Myers has since suggested on the "Pod Save the Queen Podcast" that changes within his family life likely caused the prince to transition into a confident heir to the throne (via Express). "[William] spoke [in an ITV documentary] about his change really, about becoming a father, and how that changed his view of the world and shaped his policies of how he sees his role," he stated. "And interestingly enough, I was speaking to somebody at the Palace during the week and they were saying, when you look at William — and I think when you watch this documentary —he's very good around the kids, and speaking to prince or pauper, or children or world leaders."

This, however, isn't the only case in which Prince William's body language mirrored his personality and emotions. While some are relatively heart-warming, others are quite heart-breaking. Whether it be his praise-worthy gestures to Princess Charlotte or his closed-off mannerisms toward Prince Harry, here are 12 times Prince William's body language said it all.

He displayed levels of anxiousness during his royal tour in 2022

Before Queen Elizabeth II's passing, Prince William was second-in-line for the British throne. While it didn't necessarily promise a reign in the future, the royal family still looked toward William to uphold his monarch-related obligations. As with anyone, however, the amount of responsibilities one has as king can be overwhelming, and it seemed that in preparation for that fateful day, the Prince of Wales was heavily anxious.

In 2022, Prince William and Princess Catherine kicked off their royal tour in the Caribbeans. After visiting Belize, body language expert Judi James revealed to Express that Catherine appeared confident while she boarded the plane to Jamaica. Everything from her farewells to her red and white ensemble notably caught the attention of the royal expert. This, however, only made William's anxious mannerisms more apparent. Thankfully, Catherine upheld her confident public appearance by encouraging William to feel comfortable during this endeavor. "It looked very much as though she was leading the choreography rather than the other way round, and in many ways, she appears to be becoming William's 'enabler,'" he told Express. "Quietly ensuring he feels and looks good while showing herself to be a royal star in her own right."

Prince William appeared more confident at King Charles III's coronation

As King Charles III effectively stepped up to his role as monarch, his coronation would see Prince William — who is next-in-line for the British throne — adjust to the royal obligations thrown his way. Judging from his apparent nervousness during his Caribbean tour earlier that year, one may assume that this transition would rattle the Prince of Wales.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, this wasn't the case. While speaking to ET, he detailed the evident mannerisms each of the royals expressed during Charles' coronation in 2023. In addition to Prince Harry's secluded gestures, Stanton suggested that William has grown into his own following the news of his potential monarchy. Whether it be the powerful speech he gave regarding his father's role as king or his interactions with those in attendance, William appeared to be in his element. "William, a few years ago, used to do a gesture he inherited from Charles, which is what we call a pacifying gesture," he told the publication. "He would tuck his hand into his jacket, or he would play with cufflinks, or he'd pretend there was lint on his suit ... William used to do this a lot when he was feeling self-conscious, but certainly over the coronation and in recent months, we've noticed that's decreased, so that tells me that he's now kind of found his footing and embraced the fact that he's gonna be king one day."

He constantly mirrored Princess Catherine during public outings

Though several body language experts have detailed Prince William's evident changes before and after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, one thing that remained the same is his body language toward his wife, Princess Catherine. Public displays of affection have been something the heir to the throne has been sure to keep out of sight. However, that does not mean there is no connection between the two. According to Darren Stanton, Prince William has been attentive toward his wife during public outings (via PureWow). While this can be seen in common gestures such as touch and eye contact, one gesture appeared more prominent throughout their time together.

Since their marriage in 2011, William and Catherine have been known to mirror each other. Whether it be waving in the same direction, resting their hands in their back pockets, or having the same facial expressions, paparazzi have caught the pair unintentionally in sync with each other on numerous occasions. According to body language expert Judi James, this is a result of their deep connection (via The Sun). "Done consciously, it will always imply strong bonding, a bit like wearing matching jumpers to show the world you're an item, but in these photos, we can see they also use identical poses and gestures when they are out of sight of each other as well, which signals an intense meeting of minds and outlook," she told the publication.

He made an impatient gesture to his wife at Crown Prince Hussein's wedding

Despite his apparent professionalism during public outings, Prince William has showcased a level of annoyance from time to time. Though it may not be as often as one may assume, the Prince of Wales is not impervious to keeping his range of emotions at bay. From his cryptic quarrel with the late Queen Elizabeth II to his confrontation with a probing photographer, William has made headlines on several occasions for his more negative engagements. One instance, in particular, saw William grow impatient with his wife, Princess Catherine.

In 2023, William and Catherine attended Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan's wedding (via Daily Mail). As the ceremony concluded, it appeared that Catherine stopped in front of a string of people to congratulate the bride, Rajwa Alseif. As she complimented Alseif on her dress and a successful wedding, this turned into a conversation that William didn't want any part of. In a video capturing their encounter, the Prince of Wales can be seen off to the side telling his wife to "chop chop," encouraging his wife to end the interaction. This was to no avail, however, as Catherine remained engaged. While standing off to the side, William's uneasiness grew more apparent by the second. Sensing this, Catherine ended the exchange prematurely and allowed the other guests to congratulate the bride as well.

The time he expressed deep admiration for Princess Charlotte

Alongside his relationship with Princess Catherine, body language experts and fans alike have been keen on Prince William's apparent connection to his three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. In many instances, William has shown deep affection and empathy toward his tribe of kids. Whether it be stooping down to talk at their level or easing their anxiety during public outings, the Prince of Wales' body language as a parent has been commendable. An example of this can be seen in the way he speaks about his daughter, Charlotte.

While visiting the England women's soccer team in 2022, the doting father spoke about his daughter's passion for the sport — revealing that she's a "budding star for the future" (via Express). Body language expert Judi James saw the mannerism William exhibited while speaking about Charlotte and suggested that the soon-to-be king is smitten with his then-seven-year-old princess. "William's body language as he talks about his daughter is bashful, self-effacing, playful and, of course, besotted," she told the publication. "He keeps his head down and raises one hand as though allowing or acknowledging a sense of dominance from Charlotte, which is, of course, a joke, but hints at her growing confidence that we saw at the Jubilee celebrations."

He appeared excited after Princess Catherine's public display of affection at BAFTA 2023

Given their roles within the royal family, public displays of affection tend to be a precarious route to venture. On one hand, there aren't any royal protocols that prevent Prince William and Princess Catherine from showing their affection in public. On the other hand, they also want to remain professional and not be photographed expressing their love distastefully. According to royal expert Myka Meier, royals "often adjust PDA to mirror the formality of the event they are attending" (via People). Considering the number of times the two have shown their affection in public, it seemed that William was okay with Catherine playfully copping a feel at the annual British Academy Film Awards in 2023.

While on the red carpet, Catherine ignored public opinion and gave William a tap on his backside in front of flash photography. From sensing their apparent giddiness, body language expert Blanca Cobb stated that their gestures toward each other indicated that they are still, in fact, "crazy about one another" (via Fox News). Afterward, you can see William smile from ear to ear, suggesting that he was having a good time beside his wife. Susan Constantine — a human behavior expert — told Fox News why their facial expressions and body language appeared so effortless and passionate. "I think it's who they are behind closed doors," she stated. "I'm kind of glad to see them kind of opening up and being a little freer and showing that kind of affection."

Prince William seems to have grown distant from Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal exit in 2020 marked the end of their royal responsibilities. This, alongside tell-all interviews revealing the alleged unjust practices of the royal family, added a great amount of strain to his and his family's relationship. Most notable, however, was the downfall of his relationship with his brother, Prince William.

As children, William and Harry had a sense of closeness with each other. As of 2021, however, this appeared to have changed. In a picture of the two walking at Kensington Palace, body language expert Karen Donaldson pointed out Harry's uncomfortable posture toward his older brother (via Women's Health Magazine). "Prince Harry seems to be a tad uneasy. We can see it in the manner in which his upper body is slightly bent forwards and his shoulders slightly slouched," she revealed. 

A photograph of the two standing near Princess Diana's statue showed more apparent signs of their damaged relationship. According to fellow expert Patti Wood, the Prince of Wales' body language remained disengaged and distant from his younger brother (via Marie Claire). "[Prince Harry] animatedly tried to get his brother's full attention and engage him in conversation. Harry gives several reaching gestures," he stated. "This 'bid for play' shows Harry's desire to connect with his brother, while we see Prince William with the full front of his body facing only toward the statue, his shoulders rounded and down firmly at his sides, and his head actually tilted down and away from his brother."

He held back his frustrations toward Meghan Markle after her Oprah interview

In 2021, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey to reveal why they decided to make their royal exit. Everything from her decline in mental health to racial discrimination was discussed in the interview. Whether the public believed it or not, the effect it had on Markle showed itself through her facial expressions and body language. This, in turn, created a ton of controversy for the royal family — resulting in each member having to speak up for what was claimed. With the severity of these allegations potentially damaging their reputation, their discomfort toward the topic became apparent the more publications tried to get answers.

Prince William showcased this in a public outing shortly after the release of Meghan Markle's interview in 2021. While William and Princess Catherine visited School2 as mental health advocates, Sky News reporter Inzammam Rashid asked the Prince of Wales if the royal family were racist. Though William politely denied the alleged claims, body language expert Judi James told FEMAIL that he had a strong desire to lay the rumors to rest (via Daily Mail). "Like his father Prince Charles did yesterday, he looks impelled to keep walking rather than engage, but his urge to reply is stronger," she stated. "Even muted by the mask we can hear what sounds like a small explosive, ironic laugh of the sort he produced when asked about conflict with Harry during the 'Fab Four' launch."

He performed a 'self-protective' habit while viewing his joint portrait with Princess Catherine

Life in front of flash photography can be difficult, especially for a royal family member. Like his royal tour in the Caribbeans, Prince William is no stranger to feeling uncomfortable in public. As a result, one may adopt a specific habit or behavior to help ease that anxiousness. According to body language expert Judi James, we saw William revive this particular gesture in 2022.

In 2022, Prince William and Princess Catherine visited Cambridge to look at their first joint portrait together. With the number of photographers around to capture the event, the Prince of Wales appeared uncomfortable during his visit. James told the Sun that William performed the fig-leaf pose — a closed-off gesture in which both hands are clasped together in front of your body (via Express). The pose is essentially used as a way to form a "self-protective barrier" whenever someone feels tense. "It made William look bashful and suggested he felt awkward in front of the press cameras," James told the publication. The awkwardness shown was reminiscent of his body language before he met Catherine. Although his newfound set of responsibilities helped shape his confidence, James suggested that he still tends to pull out the fig leaf pose whenever he gets nervous.

Prince William appeared tense amid breakup rumors

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's claims against the royal family were not the only rumors that increased Prince William's discomfort in public. In 2022, an article made its way around the internet, suggesting that Princess Catherine moved out of their Adelaide Cottage home with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The fabricated story posted by MSN was originally from a French publication website, Oh My Mag. The website's publisher, Groupe Cerise, told Newsweek that the article was fabricated and was never meant to see the light of day. "This story is indeed false and has been published by accident," she stated. "We are taking it down momentarily."

While many fans online began to make their own judgments on the status of the married couple, William and Catherine attended the premiere of "Top Gun: Maverick." Aside from the momentous occasion, body language expert Blanca Cobb told Cosmopolitan that their mannerisms seemed tense. Instead of mirroring each other or displaying their level of closeness, the rumors spread about them seemingly caused the two to feel anxious appearing in front of flash photography at the time. "William's right hand is balled into a loose fist, which suggests that he's feeling a bit tense," Cobb shared. "A happy couple usually doesn't let anything in between them. And yet, Kate is holding her clutch in her right hand, which is a physical barrier to William. This doesn't allow him to hold her hand if he wanted to."

He expressed 'broody' facial expressions at the St. Patrick's Day parade in 2022

Since their marriage in 2011, Prince William and Princess Catherine have had three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. While this may seem like a handful for the royal duo, Catherine has expressed her interest in being a mother of four during a Northern Ireland tour in 2019. In 2022, this became more apparent when the two visited the Clitheroe Community Hospital in Lancashire, England. Knowing his wife's weakness for cute newborns, William jokingly stated, "Don't give my wife any more ideas!" while Catherine held a baby girl named Anastasia (via People).

Despite Catherine's prior acknowledgment of William's want to remain parents of three, body language expert Judi James suggested that the Prince of Wales may have changed his mind. During the 2022 St. Patrick's Day parade, William and Catherine were spotted greeting Lieutenant Colonel Rob Money's one-year-old child, Gaia. James told Express that while Catherine's body language revealed her wants to have another child, William shared the same "broody" expressions. James stated: "William was complaining his wife was getting broody a few days ago but, judging from their body language signals in these poses, it's not just Kate wearing signals of being besotted and broody when gazing at small babies and toddlers."