What Happened To Beddley After Shark Tank?

Lola Ogden and her easy-to-handle duvet cover, appropriately named Beddley, appeared on Season 11 of "Shark Tank" in 2020, grabbing everyone's attention with their quirky performance. A woman demonstrated how tough it actually is to change a duvet cover while Ogden pitched her idea to the Sharks. Ogden, who has a degree in chemistry and physics, stated that she came up with the idea for a more user-friendly duvet cover due to the hassle one goes through every time the chore is up for handling.

The usual duvet cover has a two-sided opening, which, as we all know, often makes it challenging to stuff the entire duvet in there properly. Ogden, a Nigerian investor and entrepreneur, was fed up with the stressful ordeal and decided to add another opening to the cover, creating Beddley and making the chore a breeze.

After the pitch, the Sharks weren't as impressed as Ogden was hoping for in the beginning. They commended her idea as well as her entrepreneurial spirit, but all of them ultimately backed out of the deal, leaving Ogden stranded with no investors. However, she didn't give up Beddley.

What happened to Beddley on Shark Tank?

Lola Ogden, who founded Beddley in 2017, sought an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in her company. At the time of filming, despite two Macy's pop-up shops and an online presence, Ogden's sales were barely up to $40,000 during a two-year period, which is what ultimately put the Sharks off.

However, all of them showed initial interest in the handy Beddley duvet cover with a three-sided opening. Ogden explained that it was enough to unzip the Beddley cover, spread the duvet open on top of it, and simply zip it up, eliminating all the stuffing as well as crawling into the cover yourself. When you need to get the duvet out of the Beddley cover, the procedure is the same, just in reverse.

After receiving a sample of Beddley, Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner noted how the packaging of Ogden's signature duvet cover doesn't initially tell the customer what it's about and that the person would have to examine the wrapping to find out more. After learning how low Beddley's sales are in total, the Sharks criticized Ogden's marketing skills. "Your relentlessness is amazing. Your sales? Not so much. It's telling you something," Mark Cuban said. In the end, none of the Sharks found Beddley to be worth their investment and advised Ogden to be more self-aware when it comes to building a business.

Beddley after Shark Tank

Despite not getting the investment she was hoping for, Lola Ogden stuck to her vision and made Beddley a household name. According to the show, Ogden invested $91,000 of her own money into the company, so it makes sense she never gave Beddley up. According to the Gazette Review, Ogden patented her signature duvet cover after her "Shark Tank" pitch but was stopped in her tracks as the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Ogden's company halted duvet cover production and started making face masks in the midst of the quarantine. As the pandemic challenges subsided over time, Beddley gained traction once again, and manufacturing restarted in June 2021.

In 2023, the company expanded its merchandise with more duvet cover styles and colors. The Beddley duvet cover is now available in the Classic Plus Collection, which features seven different colors as well as matching pillow shams. Simplicity aficionados will love the Embroidery Collection, which comes in two shades of white, while more color options can be found within the Grace Collection. The prices vary from $129 to $259, depending on the style of the duvet cover. Pillow shams can be bought separately, starting at $19.99.

Is Beddley still in business?

Not only is Beddley still in business, but they're thriving. With hundreds of five-star reviews left by satisfied customers, the three-side opening duvet cover invented by Lola Ogden has become a must-have in the bedroom. "Beddley's duvets are the best! The zipper system sold me," reads one of the reviews, while others are boasting about the company's customer service and how well-made the product is. As of this writing, Beddley can be exclusively purchased on the official Beddley website.

It's no surprise so many love Beddley, as it truly does make the nagging ordeal of changing out your duvet covers so much easier. As Ogden said on the show, even a child could do it by themselves. The zip-up system is a cherry on top as an additional time saver in getting the chore out of the way as quickly as possible. Introducing multiple colors and sizes is another thing done right by Ogden, as there's a style to satisfy everyone's taste.

While the Beddley duvet cover wasn't one of Shark Tank's most successful products, the Sharks might be the ones missing out. Beddley is reported to have a total revenue of less than $5 million, as per ZoomInfo. The company's net worth is valued at around $4 million, GAG reported.