The Bold And The Beautiful's Brooke And Taylor's Unrealistic Pact Explained

The ongoing feud between Taylor Hayes (originated by Hunter Tylo, now portrayed by Krista Allen) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) has been raging for decades. A central storyline to "Bold and the Beautiful," the two women have been at each other's throats countless times, fighting over who is the love of Ridge Forrester's (Thorsten Kaye) life. However, at one point, it seemed as if Taylor and Brooke might finally be ready to turn over a new leaf.

After years of back-and-forth and constantly switching between Taylor and Brooke, Ridge left town for a short time to consider who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. In hindsight, giving the women space wasn't the smartest decision Ridge could have made. With Ridge out of town, Brooke and Taylor had time to reflect, and they realized that the person who had been causing this situation to spiral out of hand was Ridge. When he came back to town to share his decision with the women, Brooke and Taylor cut ties with him before he had the chance to choose. 

Thus, a newfound friendship between Brooke and Taylor was born. But with all of the history haunting this tentative truce, it was only a matter of time before things fell apart.

Brooke and Taylor's friendship had some road blocks from the beginning

Fans were shocked at Brooke and Taylor's newfound friendship, although many had been hoping for the ceasefire that never seemed like it would come. Although Taylor and Brooke might have been able to cease their fighting over Ridge, he wasn't the only problem in Taylor and Brooke's relationship; the two women were also at odds when it came to their children. Brooke's daughter Hope (Annika Noelle) was married to Liam (Scott Clifton), but her attention strayed. Feeling like Liam still had unresolved feelings for Taylor's daughter Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), Hope got closer with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Steffy accused Hope of flirting with Thomas, and even though she denied it, it was obvious that Hope still had feelings for Thomas. Since Hope cheated on Liam with Thomas, there were many different ways that Taylor and Brooke could have blamed each other if the relationship between their children went south.

If Hope compromised Thomas' recovery by starting a relationship with him, Taylor could have blamed Hope for causing her son to suffer, and that blame might have extended to Brooke as well. On the other hand, Brooke could have blamed Thomas for allowing Hope to cheat on Liam and ruin her marriage. With the messy complications of their children's relationships, there were infinite ways that this truce could have ended.

Brooke and Taylor just couldn't forget their jealousy

In the end, it was not their children's love lives that predicted the end of Brooke and Taylor's pact. No matter which way they tried to do it, the two women could not forget their years of jealousy and fighting so easily. After Brooke and Taylor decided to try working on their friendship, Brooke started a new romance with a younger man, Paul Hollister (Hollis W. Chambers), a waiter at Il Giardino. With Taylor's encouragement, Brooke and Paul texted and went out on a couple of dates, but she wasn't ready to enter into another relationship so soon after leaving Ridge.

Taylor wasn't done scheming, though. She urged Brooke's ex, Deacon (Sean Kanan), to talk with Brooke about giving their relationship another chance. He did, but Brooke rejected him, realizing that Taylor was trying to set her up with another man so that she could have Ridge to herself. Brooke confronted Taylor, who admitted her scheming. The friendship dissolved into yet another fight about who was to end up with Ridge. Just like that, Brooke and Taylor were at each other's throats again, ready to defend their love for the same man they have been sharing for the past thirty years. 

Even though they had the potential to be one of the best pairs on "Bold and the Beautiful," Brooke and Taylor make much better enemies than they do friends.