Signs That Kody Brown's Marriages Weren't Going To Last

We're spilling all the tea on the tumultuous love life of Kody Brown, the charismatic patriarch of TLC's hit show, "Sister Wives." The once-polygamous household has seen a drastic shakeup, leaving Kody with only one wife remaining by his side. While we can't predict the future, it's hard to ignore the glaring signs that suggested his marriages were destined for stormy waters from the very beginning.

Kody Brown's romantic journey started off on a seemingly picturesque note, with the man surrounded by four sister wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, as they embraced a plural marriage lifestyle. However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and in this case, the end came crashing down like a house of cards.

First, Meri confirmed the disintegration of her marriage with Kody, with him making the heartbreaking decision to walk away from their once-blossoming bond. As if that weren't enough, Janelle, another of Kody's wives, also separated from the patriarch, leaving the family dynamic in turmoil. But the bombshell that truly sent shockwaves through the reality TV world was Christine filing for divorce after more than a quarter-century of marriage. Amidst the whirlwind of changes, one thing remains constant: Kody's legal tie to Robyn, the last wife to enter the plural marriage in 2014. But what exactly led to this seemingly inevitable unraveling of Kody Brown's marriages? Was it the complexities of polygamy, the pressures of reality TV fame, or was there something else simmering beneath the surface?

Kody's wives refused to live under the same roof

Back in March 2020, it turned out that Kody Brown's grand plan to have all four sister wives cohabitate under one roof wasn't exactly the group's idea of a dream home. Kody had the wild idea of bringing all the sister wives and their kiddos together to live as one big happy family but Christine wasn't into it. She lamented that while it may work for some, it was not her cup of tea and she preferred having her own space, thank you very much.

Curiously, she was completely on board with the idea back in 2010, so what exactly changed since then? As Christine once told cameras, "What I look forward to the most is a big, big house, with all of us having our separate quarters like we have now, where we can all be together. That's what I really am looking forward to most."

Who knew sharing a roof could be such a hot topic? But hey, let's give credit where it's due; at least they're keeping it real, right? No fake smiles plastered on this crew. Now, as we sip our tea and ponder the repercussions of this house-hunting disaster, we can't help but wonder if this little disagreement might've played a part in the rocky road of their polygamous love affair.

There was always jealousy between the wives

When it comes to "Sister Wives," it can sometimes feel like jealousy is the name of the game. Let's face it; with one husband and multiple wives, there's bound to be some rivalry for the crown. In a recent tell-all, Janelle let the cat out of the bag and admitted that she's not immune to the occasional bout of jealousy, though she emphasized the importance of self-confidence to fend off the negativity and not play the comparison game.

In March 2021, Janelle told Us Weekly, "Of course I still get jealous. But I learned a long time ago [that] you really just have to figure out how to be okay with yourself." It turns out that jealousy is a regular visitor in the Brown household. Yep, it's been making pit stops over the years, causing ripples and waves of tension. Can you imagine the showdowns behind closed doors? Catfights over the last slice of pizza? Janelle later mentioned that she thought jealousy was like the "death of plural marriage," and in 2023 that feels like a prediction that was way too spot on.

Robyn has been considered the 'favorite' since the beginning

As we delved into the tangled web of "Sister Wives" drama, one thing became crystal clear — Robyn Brown seemed to have a golden ticket to Kody's heart from the very beginning. It's like she had the secret code to unlock the "favorite wife" status, and the other sister wives were left scratching their heads in bewilderment. Can you imagine the tension in that household?

And here's the kicker: Love triangles are never a walk in the park, especially when you've got multiple wives vying for one man's attention. As the claws come out, the drama goes through the roof. While Robyn was busy basking in Kody's affection, the other wives were left to wonder if they were stuck in a game of musical chairs.

According to Robyn herself, it wasn't all smooth sailing. During the "Sister Wives: One on One" special Robyn candidly revealed, "They handed [Kody] to me and said, 'We don't want to spend time with him' basically." Talk about a hot potato. Apparently, Kody's attention was passed around like a prized possession, and Robyn ended up with the ultimate winning hand.

Kody spent all his time with Robyn during the pandemic

Kody Brown and his pandemic partner-in-crime Robyn left the other wives feeling ostracized when COVID-19 hit. As we all know, life took a wild turn for everyone in 2020, including our favorite "Sister Wives" family. But it seems like Kody found himself a quarantine buddy, and guess who it was? You guessed it — Robyn.

While the world was busy social distancing and baking banana bread, Kody and Robyn had a different idea in mind. They decided to spend every waking moment together, like two peas in a pod. But hold on a sec, what about the other sister wives and the rest of the Brown clan? Well, let's just say they might've felt like they were living in a Kody-Robyn bubble. With all the time they were spending together, Janelle, Christine, and Meri were left feeling like they had to schedule a Zoom call just to say hi.

As reported by People, Meri jokingly blamed Robyn for the ridiculous rules that were keeping the family apart. When Robyn took offense she revealed that Kody was the man behind the green curtain, controlling everything. Meri called the rules, "a bunch of B.S."

Kody declared he was not attracted to Christine

During an episode of "Sister Wives" in September 2022, Kody Brown dropped a bombshell that left us all shocked (well, sort of). It turns out that he declared he wasn't attracted to Christine on their wedding day, feeling it wasn't a romantic match. Say what?! We thought love was the glue that held the "Sister Wives" family together, but it seems like even that has its limitations. Kody opened up about his feelings, or lack thereof, for Christine, and it's safe to say this confession left jaws on the floor.

Christine, who had been a loyal and devoted sister wife, decided to step away from the marriage in November 2021, citing a growing distance between them. However, rather than feel sorry for herself, Christine claimed she felt "empowered" by the whole thing. On an episode of "Reality Life with Kate Casey," she declared, "If you really haven't been attracted to me, and if you really didn't really want a relationship with me, and you didn't really want to spend time with me ... it was almost like this burden got lifted. And I was like, 'Alright, then it's time to move on.'"

Kody didn't show up to his daughter's surgery leaving Christine upset

Kody Brown left his daughter Ysabel feeling hurt and unsupported when she was in the hospital on an episode of "Sister Wives." Grab some tissues, because the whole story will surely tug at your heartstrings. As Ysabel prepared for the life-changing surgery to correct her scoliosis, she needed her father's love and reassurance by her side. But sadly, Kody cited COVID-19 concerns as his reason for not being there for his daughter during this critical time.

Ysabel admitted to feeling "nervous" about her surgery, and without her father, she was left facing her challenging journey without one of her parents. Christine, being the caring and loving mother she is, wished Kody could be there for Ysabel during this emotional rollercoaster.

As Christine revealed during the episode, "I mean, honestly, it's Ysabel that I care about more. I think Ysabel is really going to have a hard time being without Kody because she really, really relies on him when she's in pain." It's safe to say that this was surely one of the moments that pushed Christine into divorcing Kody. In response to her dad not showing up for the surgery, Ysabel told the cameras, "I think his priorities are a little screwed up."

Christine was in labor when Kody and Robyn kissed for the first time

One of the clear indications that Kody Brown's marriages were headed for trouble emerged when a controversial kiss between Kody and Robyn Brown came to light, which occurred before their marriage. The incident took place during Christine's labor, a vulnerable and critical moment for any woman, making it all the more concerning.

According to TV Shows Ace, "Sister Wives" fans have been discussing Kody and Robyn Brown's kiss that took place at Robyn's house while Christine was in labor. Viewers criticized Kody for what they perceived as preferential treatment towards Robyn throughout the TLC show. In Robyn's defense, she explained that the kiss happened because Kody needed to change clothes.

However, this explanation didn't sit well with some fans who felt that Kody's actions were questionable, particularly his priorities during such a significant event in his family's life. The incident has sparked intense debates among fans, focusing on Kody's behavior and his treatment of his wives. The timing and context of this controversial kiss highlight the lack of sensitivity and consideration toward Christine during a critical moment in her life. Such actions could undoubtedly create feelings of neglect and resentment among the wives, adding to the strains on their marriages.

Christine considered herself the 'basement wife'

Kody's ex-wife Christine got "Sister Wives" viewers acquainted with a term that will make you raise an eyebrow; She called herself the "basement wife." According to People, Christine had a heart-to-heart chat with her sister wife, Robyn, after a meal in which she confessed to Kody and the others that she felt like everyone hated her. In an interview, Christine told cameras that even before Robyn (when it was just her, along with Meri and Janelle), she never felt comfortable in their homes because it was their domain.

And, in speaking to Robyn, she explained that when you're in the home of a sister wife they take on the role of "queen wife." Sounds like jealousy was popping up all over the place at this point, and it was a downward spiral all the way to the end.

As for the term "basement wife," Christine was referring to a time when all the wives and children lived under one roof and everyone's needs came before hers. She told Robyn, "The one house was so hard — I never felt like I was queen wife or queen mom. Never. Everybody's needs came before mine. And all the kids' needs came before my kids', too."

Kody legally divorced Meri in order to marry Robyn

The marriage between Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown, has encountered significant complications over the years and the couple has been through quite a journey. The duo made the significant decision to "permanently terminate" their marriage after going through ten years without any intimacy (via ET). This news left fans stunned and curious about the reasons behind this drastic step. Interestingly, Kody and Meri had already legally divorced in 2014, allowing Kody to marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and adopt her children from a previous marriage. Despite this, the couple still considered themselves "spiritually married," showcasing the complexities of their polygamous lifestyle.

However, the challenges didn't end there. Meri's struggles with fertility and the infamous 2015 catfishing ordeal added further strain to their already complicated union, with these events likely contributing to the deep-seated issues they faced as a couple. As of this writing, Kody no longer sees himself as married to Meri and given the current circumstances, the possibility of reconciliation seems unlikely. Both Kody and Meri have publicly acknowledged that their marriage has come to an end, leaving fans heartbroken and pondering the future of this once-powerful bond.

Meri's infamous catfishing scandal

In 2015, Meri Brown found herself at the center of a catfishing scandal that sent shockwaves through the reality TV world. Catfishing, for those not in the know, is when someone creates a fake online identity to deceive and manipulate others. In Meri's case, she fell victim to an online relationship with someone she believed to be a man named Sam, but it turned out to be a complete fabrication. The person behind the fake profile manipulated her emotions, leading to a deep emotional connection that seemed real to Meri.

As the truth came to light, it became a heartbreaking revelation for Meri and the entire Brown family. The scandal not only shattered Meri's trust but also put a strain on her already complex relationship with Kody. On an episode of "Sister Wives," Meri recounted, "This catfish was just planting things in my head and telling me how horrible my family was and specifically how horrible Kody was. That was one of the reasons why I didn't want him around. I was just angry. I'm just angry at him. I just pushed Kody away. I did. He's not the one I should've pushed away."

Meri and Kody's therapy sessions showed they were on terrible terms

On several episodes of "Sister Wives," the therapy sessions between Meri and Kody Brown laid bare the troubled state of their marriage. During a counseling session in Las Vegas with their therapist, Nancy, the truth spilled out like never before. Meri and Kody admitted that their relationship had hit rock bottom, and anything moving forward would be, in their words, "something new." A clear sign that the cracks in their union were too deep to ignore.

The therapist wasted no time addressing the issues hindering their communication. Meri's guardedness and emotional reactions were identified as significant obstacles, making it challenging for Kody to connect with her on a deeper level. On the flip side, Kody wasn't willing to accept criticism for his role in the breakdown of their marriage. What's even more intriguing is that both Meri and Kody were seen as exceptionally controlling individuals, a common trait they shared. Perhaps it's time to turn that trait into an icebreaker to improve their communication, as suggested by the therapist. Even she tried to soften the tension in the room, telling the couple, "I want you to know, this is one of the thickest files I have."

Janelle fully supported Christine in her decision to leave the family

When Christine Brown made the brave choice to part ways with Kody and announce their split in November 2021, Janelle was right there by her side, providing unwavering support. "Sister Wives" has documented the struggles within the marriages over the years, and this was a pivotal moment for Christine. Despite Christine and Janelle having their ups and downs over the years, Christine revealed that Janelle was the only one who spoke to her afterward and tried to make sure she was okay. She told People, "When I told Meri, Robyn, and Janelle, Janelle actually cried. That was so hard. It was not only am I deciding to leave Kody, I was leaving them as well." She added, "Janelle and I are really good friends. She's been supportive from the get-go."

Janelle's confirmation during the Season 17 tell-all that she was not romantically involved with Kody further solidified her stance and the complexities of their plural marriage. It appears that despite the TLC cameras following them around for so many years, there are still things viewers will never know about behind closed doors.

Janelle defended her children against Kody, causing tension

In the explosive Season 17 finale of "Sister Wives," the tension between Kody and his second wife, Janelle, reached its peak as they confronted the deep divide that had emerged between Kody and some of their children. The crux of the argument centered around Kody's stringent COVID-19 rules and his strained relationship with Janelle's sons.

The discussion quickly escalated into a heated exchange, and emotions ran high as Janelle found herself caught in the middle, torn between her loyalty to her husband and her love for her adult children. The weight of this conflict nearly pushed her to the brink, and she was on the verge of walking away during the intense confrontation.

As the dust settled, it became evident that the issues between Kody and Janelle's sons were causing significant strain within the family unit. Their opposing perspectives on the COVID-19 rules further exacerbated the already tense situation, leaving them at odds with each other. Throughout Season 17, viewers have watched a heartbreaking divide play out between Kody and his sons, with Kody appearing to not care much about them. In a shattering interview, Gabriel Brown revealed in floods of tears that Kody had forgotten his birthday during a phone call, and despite calling him back a couple of hours later to rectify the mistake, Kody and Gabriel have apparently not talked since then.