Lisa Rinna Speaks Out On Her Days Of Our Lives Experience Amid Toxic Workplace Allegations

In the wake of the bombshell workplace misconduct news at "Days of Our Lives," actress Lisa Rinna has come forward to share her own experiences on the show. While Rinna became well-known for playing Taylor McBride on the nighttime sudser "Melrose Place" from 1996 to 1998, she went on to become a fan-favorite daytime soap star, playing ISA agent Billie Reed on "Days." Billie wasn't always the hero she later became, as one of her biggest storylines involved trying to break up super couple Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) and Hope Williams (Kristian Alfonso). That scheme failed, and Billie later eventually herself by becoming a police officer and eventually moving on to become the international spy that we all know and love.

Rinna has jumped around the TV dial over the years, working on such shows as "Veronica Mars" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," as well as several TV Movies including, "Close to Danger," and "Oh, Baby." But daytime has always been her favorite genre, and when she returned to "Days" for the spin-off show "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem" in 2021, she told Daytime Confidential, "I hold a special place in my heart for Billie Reed, and I love her probably — I'm closer to her than any character I've ever played, and it's always fun to go back and revisit her."

But despite her appreciation for daytime serials, she recently voiced her revulsion at the awful goings-on behind the scenes at "Days."

She felt the Days of Our Lives work environment was disgusting

When news broke that Sony Pictures Television was investigating Albert Alaar, a director and co-executive producer on "Days of Our Lives," for alleged misconduct allegations, The Daily Mail took a screenshot of star Lisa Rinna's reaction on Instagram before it was deleted. In the post, Rinna stated, "Well, this took a long time... Let's see when's the last time I went over there and did that week on Peacock I couldn't believe the work environment." She added, "It was disgusting, I was shocked. I let many people know, Albert included, and they didn't do a thing until now, it seems."

On July 25, Deadline reported on the results of the investigation, which launched in March and included claims of gender inequality among the show's employees as well as allegations that Alaar had inappropriately touched actresses on the show. Alaar was further accused of using X-rated language when directing male actors in a love scene. An unnamed, long-time show employee told the publication that they thought Alaar's power had gone to his head, leading him to take an authoritarian approach as co-executive producer. "I think [Alarr] took the ball and ran with it, and I think it's ruined the show," the insider said.

While Rinna has not followed up on her online comment, we're keeping a watchful eye on the story as it progresses.