15 Times Meghan Markle's Body Language Said It All

Meghan Markle is now living it up in Montecito with Prince Harry and her two adorable little cherubs. But, back in 2017 when they walked out into the Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace on a typically gray British day, nobody could have ever imagined that things would have taken the massive U-turn that they did. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20, so it's easy to look back now at all the subtle body language cues that gave away what was really going on behind the scenes. We all know that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to the enigmatic Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Whether she's attending royal events, engaging in heartfelt interviews, or captivating us with her bright smile, Meghan's body language has a way of telling its own story.

We're here to dish all the deets on Meghan's expressive gestures, telling you what they really mean, and giving you insight into the trials and tribulations that were already taking place before the public had a clue what was going on. From the royal engagements to the jaw-dropping interviews, we'll show you how Meghan's body language spills the tea.

We'll take a look at that infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, drop some info about her thoughts on Princes William and Harry, and even look back further to way before she met her flame-haired prince when she was an actor working on "Suits." It's like a juicy soap opera without all those pesky commercials.

Things got a little awkward for Meghan Markle at a blogger conference

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, found herself in an uncomfortable situation at the Create and Cultivate blogger conference in 2016 while speaking about her website The Tig. After her conversation with the host, literally nobody stepped up to ask a question, with the moment leaving even viewers feeling the awkwardness wash over them. Body language expert Judi James told The Express that Meghan's movements revealed her discomfort.

In analyzing the clip from the conference, James observed, "Meghan's body language hints at a slight dip in confidence and a desire to impress or entertain her audience." She explained that Meghan's gestures indicate an attempt to engage the audience and create a lively atmosphere. However, the absence of questions seemed to catch her off guard, leading to what seemed to be a subtle display of embarrassment and unease. While Meghan tried to joke about people simply wanting their cocktails, it was met with crickets. It got even worse when she made a quip about typically fielding questions about Mike Ross, Patrick J. Adams' character from the show "Suits."

The body language expert further noted, "Meghan's facial expressions and movements become subtly animated as she tries to create a connection with her audience, using her hands expressively, and appearing eager to engage." Despite the lack of interaction, Meghan maintained a poised and professional demeanor (already practicing for Buckingham Palace before she married Prince Harry). However, her body language hinted at a longing for more audience participation.

Her account of the Princess Catherine incident

In the realm of nonverbal communication, Meghan Markle's body language has often spoken volumes. One significant moment that ignited a storm of speculation was her infamous Oprah Winfrey interview, where she addressed the alleged conflict with Princess Catherine. The entire story sounded like a Shakespearean tragedy involving tights, tears, and a bridesmaid dress with two royal women at the center.

The Body Language Guy YouTube channel boldly claimed that Meghan exhibited signs of deception when recounting the events that supposedly transpired between her and Catherine, particularly after the infamous crying incident. Analyzing Meghan's subtle cues, such as lip suppression and eye coverings, the channel's host argued that her body language betrayed her claims.

During her revealing interview with Oprah, Meghan's nonverbal cues became a fascinating subject of analysis. When asked by Oprah point-blank if she made Catherine cry, Meghan simply answered, "no." However, channel host Jesus Enrique Rosas claimed her body language signals may suggest otherwise. He said, "She does a different kind of lip press this time, in which her lips turn upward and near her nose. She is not confident about what she is saying. And what's more, if you pay attention just to the left side of her face, you can see that she is showing contempt and joy. Neither of those emotions goes with what she's saying. That way we can assume that she's lying at that moment."

Meghan showed signs of irritation during Trooping the Colour in 2019

During the 2019 Trooping the Colour event, Meghan Markle's body language caught the attention of many, including once more renowned body language expert Judi James, who analyzed her interaction with Prince Harry. In a pivotal moment, Harry can be seen telling Meghan to "turn around" while she was speaking to him during the National Anthem. Anyone watching on television would have audibly gasped at the out-of-character moment between the couple.

James told The Express that Meghan's response showcased a mixture of frustration, embarrassment, and anger. Despite feeling the pressure of joining the royal family as an American, Meghan obediently complied and turned around, while Harry seemed to neglect his own advice. "It looks like an out-of-kilter moment from the couple who are normally so close, tactile and synchronised," she observed.

James zeroed in on Meghan's increased blink rate, indicating potential upset or irritation during the exchange. The smile that had adorned her face quickly faded, possibly reflecting the seriousness of the event or a reaction rooted in anger. However, disagreements and misunderstandings are an ordinary part of any relationship, and Meghan's "obedient" gesture could have been a means to swiftly diffuse tension in the public eye. It is important to note that Meghan and Harry's decision to step away from their royal duties was heavily influenced by the relentless scrutiny they faced, even during moments of disagreement.

Was Meghan Markle frustrated with a red carpet interviewer?

In 2016, during a red carpet interview, Meghan Markle's body language gave body language experts a lot to parse. According to observations made by The Body Language Guy YouTube channel, at the "Suits" Season 5 premiere, Meghan put on a friendly demeanor, attempting to exude charm and poise. However, while chatting with MultiMediaMouth's Ruben Jay on the red carpet, her body language apparently told a different story.

As Jay introduced the future royal, he stumbled a bit before deciding he did not need his cards for the interview. Meghan's jaw appeared to tense up as she looked into the camera, and then she holds an extended blink. According to The Body Language Guy's Jesus Enrique Rosas, that "long blink," among other facial movements, indicated she was over it. "Meghan was upset and she was doing a very bad job of hiding it," he said. While he did mention that she had made the effort to try and appear friendly, it apparently didn't stick. He later spoke about her aforementioned "clenched jaw." "Clenching the jaw, most of the time, is trying to release stress," he explained, while also claiming it's a habit of Meghan's. 

Later on in the interview, Meghan ribbed Jay for apparently getting distracted by someone else at the event and then took his cue cards. The actor then pointed out that her name was spelled incorrectly in his notes. Was it a playful moment or a tense interaction? Well, as Rosas quipped, "That's material for a second vide."

The Sussexes kept a 'formal distance' at Queen Elizabeth's funeral

According to body language expert Katia Loisel, Meghan Markle showed some discomfort and uncertainty during the funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II. We've all come to know the Sussexes as an affectionate pair who don't shy away from PDA in any form, so it was strange to see them keep such a distance from each other. Usually, Prince Harry and Meghan hold hands so often it makes one wonder if they are permanently glued together, so when they kept a more formal distance it raised some eyebrows.

The pair did receive quite a bit of criticism when they held hands during the queen's lying in state service, with many royal watchers claiming it was inappropriate, so that could have contributed to their decision to retain their distance. Loisel emphasized to 7Life that these non-verbal behaviors should not be misconstrued as signs of disrespect but rather as a way for two individuals to seek comfort and reassurance in each other.

It was all about somber vibes and respect, but you could see Meghan was a little uneasy. She kept her head down and hands clasped in front of her. Loisel noted, "Whilst we see some postural echoing between the pair on a couple of occasions, their bodies orientated towards one another, for the most part they appeared to avoid contact tie signs such as their signature hand holds in favour of a more formal distance."

Meghan has much better chemistry with Prince Harry than her former husband

According to body language expert Elizabeth Kuhnke, Meghan Markle's chemistry with Prince Harry is off the charts — obviously, right? But when it comes to her former husband Trevor Engelson, well, let's just say it's a whole different story. Back in the day, Meghan and Engelson were all smiles, but there was some stiffness in their poses. You know that feeling when you're trying to look happy, but it's not quite genuine? Like on school picture day when you hit snooze on your alarm too many times, ran into school late, and had to use a spray bottle and cheap comb to tame the flyaways in your hair? Yeah, that's what the expert noticed — a polite smile without the real crinkling around the eyes.

When Harry and Meghan are together, her smile lights up the room — cheeks pushed up, teeth showing, and eyes sparkling; they seem totally in sync. Huhnke told the Daily Mail that Meghan leaning towards Harry, with their heads almost touching, was a sure sign of intimacy and love.

In candid moments and public appearances, Meghan and Harry have this undeniable connection — leaning in, listening to each other, and engaging with true affection. As for Meghan and Engelson, well, they seemed mismatched, or not quite emotionally in tune. The expert saw little signs of discomfort, like Engelson's pocketed hand and Meghan's distant gaze. No glaring red flags, but it's clear Meghan's true chemistry is with her prince charming, Harry.

At a 2018 event, Meghan Markle displayed deferential body language

Meghan Markle's body language toward Prince Harry during a 2018 trip to Belfast caught the eye of at least one body language authority. As expert Judi James explained to the Daily Mail, Meghan's nonverbal cues displayed a charming dynamic between the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex. While this might sound like a scene straight out of a royal rom-com, it's the real deal for these two lovebirds.

Throughout the event, Meghan exhibited signs of respect and admiration for her husband, Prince Harry. She lowered her head in a gesture of deference and avoided direct eye contact, showcasing her willingness to let him take the lead. But, don't be mistaken — this wasn't about dominance and submission. Rather, it was a beautiful display of partnership and mutual support between the couple.

This working trip was right before their wedding, so it's no surprise the pair were in full-on lovebird mode. James told the Daily Mail that Harry's body language said he "couldn't believe his luck," and was even finding Meghan a little distracting. It's the equivalent of getting a note passed to you from a crush in class; completely sugary sweet. James added, "It would be massively distracting, though in a good way as she is clearly flirting with him. He is clearly enjoying it. She looks stunning, he is just trying to go about his normal role and duties and it is almost making him laugh."

Meghan Markle tried to appear confident amid ongoing familial drama

Amid ongoing family drama, Meghan Markle made a bold attempt to exude confidence and take control during a public appearance with Prince Harry at the Natural History Museum in 2019. As Judi James explained in the Daily Mail, Meghan put on a self-assured display, purposely avoiding touching her baby bump. This deliberate move could be seen as a way to demonstrate her strength and composure despite the turmoil surrounding her. Meghan's estranged father, Thomas Markle, had leaked a letter to the press from his daughter, and she was clearly not going to let that ruin her night.

Arriving with Prince Harry at the event, Meghan was determined to show the world that she was not going to let external pressures affect her. With a posture that spoke volumes, she stood tall and took the lead, refusing to be overshadowed by the ongoing scrutiny and speculation. By not touching her baby bump, which was previously a gesture of vulnerability and maternal affection, Meghan sent a clear message that she was in control of the situation. Not only had she dropped her normal baby bump cradling, but she was more physically distant from Prince Harry as well.

James told the Daily Mail, "Harry removed the training wheels from Meghan early on in their marriage when she displayed high levels of social confidence on her royal appearances but last night there were suggestions that he is now standing back to allow her to be the star of the show and choreographic 'lead.'"

At the 2023 Women of Vision Awards, Meghan Markle had star power

At the 2023 Women of Vision Awards, Meghan Markle exuded "Hollywood confidence" that left attendees and onlookers in awe. As Judi James said in The Sun, Meghan's assertiveness and comfort in her element were palpable as she arrived at the event accompanied by her husband, Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex made a dazzling entrance in a shimmering gold Johanna Ortiz dress, capturing the attention of all present.

Throughout the evening, Meghan's confidence remained unwavering, as evident in her solo moments on the red carpet, where she confidently posed and flashed her pearly whites. She was surrounded by supportive friends and activists, including Gloria Steinem, who presented her with the award.

When Meghan proudly accepted the award for her global advocacy to empower women and girls, her radiant smile said it all about her dedication to the cause. Despite the challenges that come with being in the public eye, Meghan's self-assured demeanor conveyed a sense of strength and resilience. As Prince Harry led the way for his beaming wife at the end of the event (albeit looking somewhat shy himself), it was evident that Meghan's show biz background had instilled in her a sense of unwavering self-assurance. James told The Sun, "Meghan's entrance into the building involves A-list confident body language. Her arms are held away from her sides in a subtle splay that creates the assertiveness-signalling upturned V gap under the armpits." She observed that Meghan's body language proved it was very much her night.

Meghan Markle's stress seemingly becomes Prince Harry's stress

In the Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan," there is a particularly poignant moment when the Sussexes are being driven somewhere in a car as paparazzi are allegedly following them. It's obvious the producers are trying to paint parallels between Princess Diana and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Nicole Moore, body language and relationship exclusively told The List that Meghan's emotional needs seemed to take precedence over her husband's.

According to Moore, Meghan displayed signs of anxiety and discomfort that appeared to be more significant than Prince Harry's emotions at that particular moment. The expert highlighted how Meghan's actions and reactions took center stage in that situation, while Prince Harry's emotions and reactions seemed to be secondary to hers.

Moore mused, "[Prince] Harry's anxiety may be stemming mostly from how much Meghan [Markle]'s anxiety affects him. He's worried not so much about himself as much as he's worried about Meghan." During the scene, Harry tries to reassure Meghan who barely glances at him and doesn't offer any ways to connect. Moore said, "She offers a minimal dose of support to Harry while remaining completely connected to her own anxiety and her own concerns the whole time. In this clip, the dynamic appears to be: Meghan's inner discomfort comes before Harry's."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's 'knowing glances'

The oh-so-creatively named "Fab Four" made one of their only appearances together in February 2018 where they sat on stage together and talked about The Royal Foundation. It was obvious from even the average observer that there were some major tensions brewing below the surface, though nobody could have known how big those tensions were. However, Judi James noticed the stark contrast between the Sussexes and the Cambridges right away, particularly Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine

James told The Express that while Catherine was more "soft-spoken" and looked "understandably tired" (she was pregnant at the time), Meghan's "speed of speech was faster, her confidence levels were higher." It appeared as if she had somewhat upstaged Prince William and Catherine, which led to a palpable awkward energy, and looking back it's not surprising things turned out the way they did.

It was even noticeable in the body language between Prince Harry and Meghan that they had obviously been having discussions behind closed doors about the state of the relationship, as they made eye contact with each other several times in what were described as "knowing glances." According to James, the pair "locked eye contact in a less-than-subtle tie sign," making it obvious they had thoughts they couldn't say out loud. She went on to add, "They also laughed and Harry very obviously threw Meghan a naughty-looking smile that looked as though he was challenging or daring her to speak her mind."

Meghan appeared to be 'not comfortable' during a 2022 walkabout

During a walkabout at Windsor Castle after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, all eyes were on Meghan Markle, Princess Catherine, Prince William, and Prince Harry. It was only the second time the "Fab Four" had done a real engagement together, and yet the contrast between that and their first couldn't have been bigger. Jesús Enrique Rosas, host of The Body Language Guy, noticed a stark difference in confidence levels between Meghan and Princess Catherine. Catherine exuded confidence and ease, effortlessly connecting with the public. But when it came to Meghan, the expert observed a different tale: Meghan apparently seemed visibly uncomfortable during the event. It's not entirely surprising considering all that had happened since Megxit, especially the Oprah Winfrey interview, but it was somewhat shocking to see such a difference in her normally ultra-confident demeanor.

As Rosas observed the two couples getting out of the car, he said, "Catherine is instantly out of the car, as she closes the door, she is making eye contact with William and Harry — in their direction — but Meghan is not. Catherine is smiling, and Meghan is not... she is not comfortable." As far as he's concerned, Catherine was taking on the more powerful position. The entire walkabout was a massive contrast to the couples' joint Royal Foundation event back in 2018, where Meghan looked entirely in control and upstaged the Cambridges.

Meghan Markle's 'forced' Time cover pose

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared on the cover of Time's 100 Most Influential People issue, and the photo received criticism for looking overly edited. Time's picture editor defended the cover, emphasizing that it captured Harry and Meghan's "powerful dynamic as equal partners." Overall, the photoshoot and profile sparked mixed reactions, with some wondering about their relationship as Meghan stood in front of Prince Harry who was leaning on her from behind.

According to body language experts, Darren Stanton and Robin Kermode, Meghan's pose on the Time cover was described as "very forced." They picked up on hints of awkwardness in her expression as she tried to portray power and confidence. Kermode told the Daily Mail, "All the pictures have the rehearsed quality you'd expect from a full-on PR campaign presenting them as the 'Power Couple.'"

Photos inside the magazine showed the pair standing together, as well as walking outside. "She has placed her feet widely apart," Stanton said. "This is a classic power gesture used by major world politicians seen in recent times including Trump, Putin, Macron and Trudeau." Clearly, Meghan is trying to portray herself as a global leader who has stepped outside the shadow of the royal family. Of course, given that she and Harry were given the opportunity to appear on the cover of Time, Meghan would want to use that to her advantage right?

Meghan Markle's body language conveyed her love for Prince Harry

There were some seriously heartwarming signs of affection displayed by Meghan Markle at the One Young World Summit in 2022. Throughout her speech, Meghan's gestures and expressions were a charming look at her love for Prince Harry. First off, let's talk about the cuteness overload — Meghan's expressions were on point. She had a coyness about her, complete with eyelash fluttering and giggles. Body language expert Judi James told the Daily Mail that Meghan's gestures were a "small love letter" to her husband. She said, "From her stunning scarlet outfit to her giggles, long blinks and nose-wrinkles as she referenced him, Meghan's performance last night looked like a small love letter to Harry."

Meghan was certainly in her element, donning a confident red ensemble that screamed energy and power while giving a speech in her signature tone. Her interactions with Harry were nothing short of heart-melting as they held hands, and she gently touched his back, conveying that loving reassurance we all crave from our partners.

While she made the effort to keep her husband close and comfortable, it didn't appear to help much as Prince Harry showed signs of not being entirely confident. James observed, "Harry himself appeared much more ill at ease on his return to the UK, responding by looking down and then upward with what looked like a sigh. His anxiety rituals were frequent, suggesting a desire to self-reassure as he touched his clothing and checked his tie several times."

Meghan Markle 'very theatrically' opened up about her marriage

Meghan Markle definitely doesn't hold back when playing up how besotted Prince Harry is with her. During an interview on "The Morning Show," body language expert Dr. Louise Mahler made explosive observations about Harry and Meghan's dynamic. Watching footage of the pair talking to the cameras in their Netflix documentary "Harry & Meghan," Dr. Mahler claimed Meghan tends to play up the fact that her husband is so in love with her.

She said, "Side by side, I see a man completely besotted by her, madly in love. And I see a woman who plays that up." She added, "I see a woman who does a lot of breathiness, a lot of breathiness... since she talked about 'We were in a tent and there was an elephant rustling in the bushes, and he said he'd protect me.'" Dr. Mahler believed that Meghan was acting a bit, saying that when she talked about her and Harry's love story, she told it "very theatrically." Well, she was an actor.

The body language expert did touch on one of the most awkward moments in the documentary, which happened during the same conversation, in which Meghan made an over-the-top bow when recalling the first time she met the queen. Speaking on Prince Harry's body language, she said, "I think he was definitely embarrassed at that moment."