Sinead O'Connor's Heartbreaking Last Tweet Touched On The Death Of Her Son

Irish superstar Sinead O'Connor died on July 26, 2023, at 56. While the cause of her death remains unclear at the time of this publication, the singer's social media is providing fans with insight into her final days, with O'Connor mentioning her late son Shane Lunny in her last tweets. One heartbreaking detail about O'Connor's life is that her son was 17 when he died by suicide in January 2022. He had been missing after escaping from a hospital in Dublin, Ireland. In her final tweet from July 17, O'Connor posted a Spotify link to a song and said, "For all mothers of Suicided children. Great Tibetan Compassion Mantra."

In another tweet posted earlier that same day, O'Connor uploaded a photo embracing Lunny with several crying emojis in response to an image that said, "Tell me how your life is going with emojis." She also wrote in the tweet, "Been living as undead night creature since . . . He was the love of my life, the lamp of my soul. We were one soul in two halves. He was the only person who ever loved me unconditionally. I am lost in the bardo without him."  Needless to say, O'Connor was never the same after her son's tragic death.

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Sinead O'Connor's son's death left her reeling

Sinead O'Connor was the mother of four children, but it appears that she had a special bond with her son Shane Lunny. O'Connor shared her son, who was born in 2004, with Irish musician Donal Lunny. O'Connor discussed her relationship with Shane in her 2021 book "Rememberings." In it, she wrote (via People), "He is the child who is most like me, I believe, to look at and by his nature — although he is of course the version of me with logic and reason."

 After her son was confirmed to be dead in January 2022, O'Connor, per CNN, tweeted on her old account, "May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example. My baby. I love you so much. Please be at peace." In the days that followed Shane's death, the publication reported that O'Connor tweeted several tweets that suggested she was going to hurt herself. Ultimately, O'Connor apologized for the tweets and was hospitalized. In June 2022, O'Connor canceled her performances for the rest of the year to try and process her grief.

In a video posted on Twitter weeks before her death, O'Connor addressed her followers and said, "I look like s*** either way, which is why I didn't want to make a video. Before adding, "But you know the way your kid unfortunately passing away — it isn't good for one's body or soul, to be fair."