Jessica Alba's Daughter Honor Is Her Twin

Jessica Alba is a name that's known all over the world and she wears several hats in her personal and professional life — including the role of "Mom."

Of course, the actor's known for her roles in TV and film such as "Fantastic Four," "Sin City," "Entourage," and more. Alba is also an entrepreneur, as she's the founder of Honest, a brand that makes clean and sustainable products including baby, cleaning, and household products that are kind to both people and the planet, and also shares some of Jessica Alba's beauty must-haves. Alba has also been a generous donator, sponsoring 40 foundations like "March of Dimes," "Step Up," and "Children's Defense Fund."

But Alba's most important job is being a mother to her three children. "I care about showing up for them the right way," the actor revealed to What to Expect. "Because the more I do that genuinely, the better they are because they feel seen and heard. They are the future." And Alba's oldest daughter, Honor, has been coined as Alba's (not so) mini-me. And it's not just because of the striking resemblance between the two! 

Why Honor is Jessica's twin

It's obvious that Honor, Jessia Alba's oldest daughter is her twin. With their oval faces, wide cheekbones, wide-set eyes, olive skin, and dark hair, the two are an almost identical match. However, as Honor grows up, she also grows tall and now towers over Alba

But, Honor's looks aren't the only quality that makes her a "twin" to her mother, she also shares a lot of the same personality traits. In an Instagram post for Honor's 15th birthday in June 2023, Alba posted photos and video clips of the teen from over the years. "Kind, driven, caring, intelligent, bold, silly, independent, emotional, creative, wise, rebellious... all the things," the actor wrote. "Thank you for being such an incredibly loving daughter and for being the best big sis to Haven and Hayes, for standing in your truth, for having integrity, for being emotionally available...Continue to be your truest self and always present and loving -manifesting all that you desire sweet girl. One of my greatest gifts is watching how you unfold and seeing the life you are creating for yourself."

Although, Alba didn't use the words "mini-me" or "twin," it's clear to followers of Alba that her daughter has picked up some of her most-obvious traits such as drive, compassion, creativity, and intelligence. 

Jessica Alba's family

Honor, however, isn't the only child of Jessica Alba's that she loves dearly. Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, have two other children — middle child Haven and youngest child Hayes — who both have unique personalities of their own. 

Alba's daughter Haven loves playing around with YouTube and Alba confesses in one of her videos, "She's pretty much taught me how to do YouTube." In that same video, Haven asks her parents some "cringey" parenting questions and her sassy responses to their answers are laugh-out-loud. It's plain to see that Haven may be small, but her personality is huge and she definitely has a sense of humor. From photos and videos on Alba's Instagram, it seems that Hayes was born with a funny bone, as well. In a video post, Hayes gets Alba to try a bite of a gross snack claiming it tastes "normal." 

Fans have loved watching the stunning transformation of Jessica Alba from actress to mom. It's clear she's doing a great job in her role as her family is full of so much love and always having fun together.