Ivanka Trump Didn't Let A Pregnancy Keep Her Off The Campaign Trail

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail (for the first time), his family wasn't shy about stumping for him, giving his adoring fans a rallying speech in various locations across the country. One of his most prominent speakers was his daughter, Ivanka Trump. However, her presence on the campaign trail was impressive not just because of her resume, but also because she was quite pregnant.

In February 2016, Ivanka spoke to a group of Trump supporters in an elementary school in New Hampshire, which was quite the fitting venue for the nearly nine-month-pregnant mother. Her son Theodore was born only a few weeks later, on March 27, 2016. But at the time, attendees of the event were more worried about her impending labor than her outlook on her father's campaign, asking if she had a plan if she went into labor on the presidential campaign trail. Ivanka replied, "I'm sure there are great hospitals around here," via Inside Edition.

Despite having to be positively exhausted, the mom-to-be pushed through her daughterly duties and looked absolutely glowing while doing so. Although she is a bit of a seasoned pro!

This isn't the first time Ivanka's been pregnant in heels

Theodore Kushner was Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner's third child, preceded by sister Arabella in 2011 and brother Joseph in 2013. In 2011, before Donald Trump's successful bid for the presidency, he was still conducting business at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. There too, was his daughter, Ivanka, on the verge of delivering and still holding meetings.

According to Forbes, when Trump was asked about becoming a grandfather soon, he replied, "Today, or tomorrow. Any minute, really. She's here, though, want to see her?" Then "The Apprentice" star took the interviewer down to see his daughter, who "wobbled up to say hello," from her position at the head of the boardroom table. The meeting concluded with Trump assuring Ivanka would be working two days after giving birth.

Ivanka gave birth to her first child, daughter Arabella, whose birthday arrived on July 17, 2011, three days after the interview was published.

The mother of three has taken a step back

However much divine feminine energy Ivanka Trump seemed to possess when working and campaigning while very pregnant, she has since decided to embrace a more motherly role. In 2022, just before Donald Trump announced his intent to run for the White House once again, Ivanka took a step back from politics. As reported by Rolling Stone, the heiress wrote a statement on Instagram stating that she will no longer be involved in politics "going forward." It continued, "I am choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family."

Following the former president's recent court troubles, Ivanka has continued to stay away and not take a firm stand on Donald's legal woes. According to Vanity Fair, a new report states that she is "continuing to keep her distance from her father." Due to her role in the White House during Trump's presidency, some consider her a pariah and believe her turn to motherhood serves two purposes: the prioritization of her children and the slow rebuilding of her reputation out of the spotlight.

Whatever the reason, hopefully, Ivanka gets some well-deserved rest while she's distancing herself from politics because we know it can't be easy to be a mom and still remain a powerhouse (all while in heels).