Pee-Wee Herman Fan Remembers Heartwarming Story Of Paul Reubens Encounter

While most will remember Pee-wee Herman actor Paul Reubens as the zany, red bowtie-clad goofball of the "Pee-wee" franchise, some fans are mourning the loss of an entirely different person altogether. Following the news of Reubens' death on July 30, fan Mario Alejandro shared a touching story on Twitter about meeting the comedic actor. 

The story began in 2013 as Alejandro was facing a difficult divorce and custody battle over his 3-year-old daughter, temporarily living in a motel following his split, and was only allowed to see his daughter on weekends. He explained that he and his child spent those days adventuring through Sarasota, Florida, and at night, they watched "Pee-wee Herman." 

A year later, with the divorce finalized and full custody of his daughter, Alejandro sent a message to Reubens' Facebook page to thank him for helping Alejandro and his daughter through that time. Much to Alejandro's surprise, Reubens replied and asked for his phone number.

Paul Reubens called the fan to chat and invite him to his mom's home

Mario Alejandro said he was "terrified" to send back his number, but he did, and Paul Reubens called him the next day. The fan recalled chatting with Reubens about the difficult year before, his daughter and job, and Reubens' work. Reubens asked Alejandro to save his number and to call next month. When Alejandro did, Reubens invited him and his daughter to his mom's house. 

After arriving at Reubens' mother's home, the actor showed Alejandro and his daughter props from his shows and films, fed the family juice and snacks, and sat with Alejandro while his daughter chased ducks around Reubens' private lake. "I will never forget the day my daughter and I got to hang out with the person who showed us just how fun even the most mundane activities could be with a little imagination," Alejandro wrote.

Reubens' death, which came two years after fellow "Pee-wee's Playhouse" star John Paragon, was announced on Instagram with an apology from the actor himself for keeping his six-year-long battle with cancer private. "I have always felt a huge amount of love and respect from my friends, fans, and supporters," he said. "I have loved you all so much and enjoyed making art for you."