Days Of Our Lives Cast's Petition To Fire Producer Sheds Light On More Disturbing Allegations

Further revelations regarding the "Days of Our Lives" bombshell story concerning workplace misconduct allegations have been reported. Co-executive producer and director, Albert Alarr, has been the subject of an internal investigation of alleged malfeasance behind the scenes. Star Lisa Rinna (Billie Reed) has spoken out about the working conditions on set, and now more stars are chiming in. 

Despite Sony Pictures Television's investigation into the matter and subsequent assurances that measures would be taken to ensure employees are treated respectfully and are safe, nothing seems to have changed with Alarr still working. Deadline has been reporting extensively about the situation, and on August 2 it released an even more shocking article with further allegations from insiders that have been corroborated by other staffers. According to the outlet, over 25 cast members signed a petition demanding that Alarr be removed and replaced. It stated, "As a result of said actions of the current [co-] executive producer Albert Alarr, mentioned in the report, many of us feel — and will continue to feel — very uncomfortable and distraught should he stay involved with the show. Many of us have either been physically or verbally violated by him, including witnessing those objectionable and offensive actions." 

The actors further stated that they want someone they trust to replace him, adding, "We all want to make the most of this significant moment, not just for us in entertainment, but for our loyal viewers and the culture as a whole."

The show lacks a real HR department

Deadline reported that several "Days of Our Lives" staff members gave statements anonymously for fear of retribution because Albert Alarr allegedly made it known that anyone could be replaced. One said, "It's an environment in which people are afraid to take time off work, even if it's for something important — family or having babies or whatever — because they're like, you lose your job," adding that they just don't discuss their personal lives while at work.

Several insiders claimed the problem stems from the fact that Sony Pictures Television does not have an HR department to support the shows' production company, Corday Productions and that on the set, Alarr is HR. "There's no help for us, the crew and cast," stated one employee who further explained, "Nobody would do anything or say anything or if things were reported [it] got brushed under the rug. Most of the time, it really feels like, 'Oh my god, I'm going to lose my job if I say anything.' There's no meritocracy." The insiders all corroborated stories that, allegedly, Alarr would not only use vulgar language when directing sex scenes, he would also inappropriately touch, grope, and kiss female employees, and use derogatory language. "He meant it to be humiliating in front of an all-male crew," said another insider.

To protect themselves, one staffer said everyone is "having to band together and call for change because it just doesn't seem as if it's happening."