Relive Mike's Alzheimer's Saga With New General Hospital Spotlight Episodes

While cable and satellite boxes are pretty much the only way soap opera fans can record their favorite shows these days, streaming services are helping fans catch up on them, and the last four remaining sudsers in production are thankfully available on their respective networks' streaming platforms. Although "Days of Our Lives" fans have been split over the soap's permanent move to the Peacock app, it's still a good place to catch the last couple of years' worth of episodes. And, while Hulu has new episodes of "General Hospital" available, you can only watch the most recent 13 at any given time. But fans have rejoiced that they can now watch classic "GH" episodes for free on the "General Hospital Spotlight Channel," which has been airing episodes from 2018 containing the saga of Mike Corbin's (Max Gail) Alzheimer's diagnosis — and how it affected his son, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), and his family.

On May 8, ABC released a promo video on YouTube with "General Hospital" stars Laura Wright (Carly Spencer) and Maurice Benard doing the voiceover to explain where viewers can access the new "General Hospital Spotlight Channel" online. Benard explains that fans can, "Relive your favorite storylines over and over, beginning with Sonny and Mike's [Corbin, Max Gail] Alzheimer's saga." 

ABC put out a press release on July 25, announcing that the "GH" channel was "unlocked," meaning that it's free with ads and not behind a paywall like Hulu, and can be accessed through their website or the ABC app. And now, even more episodes are available.

More episodes have been added to the General Hospital Spotlight Channel

Mike's Alzheimer's saga was an important storyline on "General Hospital." In 2018, the Hollywood, Health & Society organization honored "General Hospital" with its Sentinel Award for it. The show itself also partnered with Next Avenue and The SCAN Foundation to help families with loved ones that are dealing with Alzheimer's by providing support and resources for them. The story was so well-received, Maurice Benard and Max Gail won Daytime Emmy awards in 2019 for Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Supporting Actor respectively.

On August 1, Michael Fairman TV reported that while the episodes the channel has been showing have only been from February to April of 2018, ABC has added more of them, extending through May of that year. These episodes not only show more of Mike's Alzheimer's storyline but also include the storyline of villain Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Unfortunately, fans of "GH" who really want to see far older episodes like the Ice Princess story or Luke and Laura's wedding will be disappointed, as there has been no comment from the network about making episodes prior to 2018 available as of yet.

But, we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping to eventually see more classic "GH"!