Body Language Expert Shows Us Hints Of Trouble In Justin & Sophie Trudeau's Loveless Kiss

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau have announced their separation. The couple got married in May 2005, and they have three children together. And while they seemed like a pretty perfect political power couple, there were some red flags that Justin and Sophie weren't going to last.

But you wouldn't have guessed that from some of their social media posts over the years; the couple both shared loving photos of each other.In one such example, Justin tweeted a picture of them kissing at a press event on Twitter on Valentine's Day 2021 with the caption, "You're my rock, you're my partner, you're my best friend. Happy Valentine's Day, mon amour. xo". But, when you see a video of them kissing at the same event, via Twitter, it doesn't look quite so loving. 

Jess Ponce III, body language expert, communication coach, and author of "A.W.E.S.O.M.E.", helped The List unpack what's going on in this clip of the Trudeaus' kiss and how it signals hints of trouble.

Justin and Sophie Trudeau's kiss seemed to be one of obligation

Body language expert Jess Ponce III watched the clip of a kiss between Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau at a press event, and it's not good. "Talk about uncomfortable! This kiss looks forced and insincere," Ponce shared, before revealing that how the couple engaged afterward was most telling. "She immediately looks away, steps forward, and addresses something else. He leans back and looks behind him. These actions are not typical of a couple who are in love."

Ponce does acknowledge that we don't know what was happening in the lead-up to this moment, which could potentially change the meaning, but even so, "as an isolated moment, it speaks volumes — it captures to a moment when the two are not fully engaged or on the same page." It looks like they're going through the motions for what's expected of them, and for Ponce, the kiss was clearly nothing more than a setup. He added, "They rushed through it and fulfilled their obligation. It was staged for [the] camera and anything but loving."

And if there was any private discord in the Trudeaus' marriage when they were filming, they didn't want to show it, particularly considering their professional responsibilities. "Since he is the leader of the country," Ponce explained, "it is very likely that he is trying to give everybody a sense of normalcy."