Everything We Know About Karsyn From Claim To Fame

For viewers of ABC's reality show "Claim to Fame," part of the fun of watching is the challenge of trying to determine the contestants' secret celebrity relation alongside the competing players. Airing after Charity Lawson's season of "The Bachelorette," each episode provides new clues about the competitors' unique celebrity relatives while culminating in a guess-off and identity reveal.

This identity reveal was almost the fate of Karsyn, the under-the-radar brunette whose celebrity identity was incorrectly guessed by fellow "Claim to Fame" contestant Olivia in the finale of episode 6. While the erroneous speculation confirms one person that Karsyn isn't related to, audience members are still debating her actual celebrity relative.

If you find yourself still making your own "Claim to Fame" calculations about Karsyn, then a review of the contestant's clues is sure to help inform your theorizing. Here's everything we know about Karsyn and her celebrity relative.

What are Karsyn's clues?

To start, episode 1 kicked off with a game of two truths and a lie, which lays the foundation for subsequent clues and speculation. During this initial game, Karsyn specified that her celebrity relative is her uncle, they are most known for being a musician, and their biggest celebrity accolade is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The next biggest hint for Karsyn comes from her wine cellar clue, which was pulled by Shayne during episode 3.

The picture-based puzzle features a trophy with a star, the eraser end of a pencil, a minus sign, the letter "E," a silhouette of a person with a question mark in it, what appears to be two record players, the number four, and a mug of beer. While there isn't a complete consensus about what the entire puzzle means, the first half is interpreted as "award-winning racer," which has led the players and audience members to theorize that Karsyn is related to a NASCAR driver.

This has been supported by subsequent clues, such as the statue of a tire in episode 4 that Karsyn speculates is related to her relative. During the telephone challenge, the limerick clue "And they raced down a road where it's sunny" similarly points to a NASCAR racer.

Who could Karsyn be related to?

Based on the mentioned clues, the contestants on "Claim to Fame" have primarily speculated that Karsyn is related to either Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon. Olivia's episode 6 guess confirmed that Karsyn is not related to Jeff Gordon, as that theory ended up sending Olivia home instead. So, if it's not Gordon, could the brunette be related to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Well, besides Earnhardt being a racecar driver, other hints do make sense with this guess. For one, Jr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame, which aligns with Karsyn's two truths and a lie answers. Besides this, the beer mug in her wine clue has many audience members speculating that her relation is associated with a beer sponsorship. Jr. teamed up with Budweiser back in 1999 and has been heavily associated with the brand since. However, beer sponsorships are pretty common in NASCAR, so this does leave room for error.

The most definite clue pointing to Earnhardt has to be the 8s featured on the clue wall, as the celebrity drove cars 8 and 88 throughout most of his career. With these facts in mind, many viewers are pretty certain that Karsyn is related to Dale Earnhardt Jr., but only time will tell for certain.