The Romantic Way Barbie's Michael Cera Met His Wife Nadine

Michael Cera has starred in some of the biggest movies in the past few decades, including "Juno," "Superbad," and "Barbie. " However, fans might be surprised to learn that the actor is a married man. In 2018, Us Weekly disclosed that Cera had tied the knot with his girlfriend, Nadine. In 2022, Cera went on the podcast "Life is Short with Justin Long" and dished on his relationship with Nadine. According to People Magazine, the unusually private actor told Long that he met Nadine in a bar in Paris. While he did not specify the year, Cera did say that it was during the time he was on "Arrested Development." 

Cera gushed about this encounter and said, "There was no shyness, we just kept seeing each other and smiling. It was so comfortable. It was a really unfamiliar way to experience a stranger, and I felt like I saw the whole thing." As he was doing press for "Arrested Development," Cera did not stay in Paris long, saying, "I went to Cannes a couple days later and while I was at Cannes I was like I think I should extend my trip and hang out with this woman ... so I was like 'I'll do it! How romantic!' But things did not go as planned for Cera. 

The couple have one child

On the podcast, "Life is Short with Justin Long," Michael Cera explained that he found out that Nadine was casually dating one of her roommates and decided against pursuing a relationship with her. However, Nadine and Cera got together after her relationship with her roommate ended. While news of their marriage did not hit the headlines until 2018, Us Weekly reported that there is a possibility that Cera and Nadine might have wed in 2017. With this in mind, there's little known about Nadine, but Cera did tell Long that she works as a producer. 

In 2022, comedian Amy Schumer accidentally leaked major news about Cera and Nadine while promoting their series "Life & Beth." In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Schumer said that Cera was now a father. It was later revealed that he and Nadine had welcomed a baby boy. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cera was asked if being a father had changed his career. He told the outlet, "I think the only thing that it affects is that you just want to spend as much time with them as possible. So when I was 20, I would have been way happier to go off to some weird city and live in a hotel for three months. And when you have kids, you want to be with your family. And you miss them a lot."

Michael Cera nearly married Aubrey Plaza

Michela Cera and wife Nadine have been going strong for years. Nadine may have even inspired "OhNadine (you were in my dream)," a song featured on Cera's 2014 album "True That." However, before Nadine, there was Aubrey Plaza. In 2016, Plaza was featured on the podcast, "RuPaul: What's the Tee w/ Michelle Visage." Vanity Fair states that Plaza told RuPaul that she and Cera dated for a year and a half after working on the 2010 cult film "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World."  

Although the relationship didn't last, Plaza had no hard feelings about Cera. She said, "We love each other, and we're still really good friends." Before adding, "He's just a weird little freak, and we speak the same language." Plaza also briefly mentioned that the pair nearly tied the knot in Las Vegas. 

Years later, Cera elaborated on this revelation in a 2023 interview with Rolling Stone. He explained, "I think the idea was to then get a divorce right away, so we could call each other 'my ex-husband' and 'my ex-wife' at like ... 20." While it's unclear why the pair did not go through with the plan, Plaza went on to marry writer and director Jeff Baena.