Walt Willey's Time As Jackson Montgomery On General Hospital Isn't Over Yet

Fans of the bygone soap opera "All My Children" were delighted when Walt Willey brought his character Jackson Montgomery to "General Hospital" for several episodes in July. After his run was completed, he was all over Twitter thanking the show and the fans for the wonderful time he had playing in the "GH" sandbox. As the fans gushed over his reprisal of Jackson, Willey tweeted on July 13, "I am at a loss for words (a very rare condition in my case) over the outpouring of generous, kind and supportive posts — here, in chatrooms, on 'GH's' social media — regarding my 'General Hospital' debut. In a word: WOW!" He was completely blown away by the love and support for him and Jackson, thanking the fans with several follow-up tweets, one of which stated, "I've said it more than once but it bears saying again –- SOAP FANS ARE THE GREATEST FANS OF ALL! Thank you so much!"

On the show, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) was investigating her boyfriend Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) who was receiving $50,00 a month, so she and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) went to Pine Valley to snoop in Jackson's law office. Hilarity ensued as he caught them in the act. He even interacted over the phone with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes), who had spent some time there in 1999.

After that plot ended, the door was left open for Jackson's possible return, which Willey addressed recently.

Willey confirmed his return to General Hospital

Many followers clamored for "General Hospital" to take Walt Willey on as a regular cast member, but on July 14 on Twitter, he doubted it would happen any time soon due to the strikes that have been plaguing Hollywood. However, he followed that post up with, "But hang in there! Please keep letting the PTB at 'GH' know YOUR feelings –- lest they forget! As for me, I would be honored to rejoin my ABC Daytime Family! And that family includes YOU!" And now, there's good news for fans! TV Line confirmed on August 7 that Willey will be returning to "GH" late in August for several episodes. 

He doubly-confirmed the good news by retweeting the article post with the caption, "Yes, it's true! I'm back on @GeneralHospital for a couple more shows! Join me as I join the 'Port Charles Bunch' on AUGUST 29 and 30! Lots of other surprises in store so stay tuned (as they say)!" The actor was clearly touched by the fan love he received after his episodes aired in July, tweeting, "Hey Folks...Again, I must share how absolutely stunned I am by all the positive comments and pleas to TPTB to make "Jackson" a more regular part of General Hospital! I had a great time on set and enjoyed finding our 'Jackson' again after his being 'mothballed' for so long!"

We're also excited for Willey's return, hopefully, the first of many!