General Hospital Fans Agree Spencer And Esme's Selfie Is Totally Inappropriate

It would appear that a bout of amnesia has made Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) feel that she's absolved of all the evil things she's done on "General Hospital." With a notoriously wicked glint in her eye, Esme had framed Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali) for a heinous crime. She was jealous because her then-boyfriend Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) had eyes for Trina. To add insult to injury, Esme also had sex with his father, Nikolas Cassadine (then Marcus Coloma), got pregnant, and ultimately lost her memories after taking a swan dive off his mansion's parapet – frustrating the fans. Now that Nikolas is nowhere to be found, Spencer feels that it's his duty to protect baby Ace from Esme — as many feel she could very well be faking her amnesia — and get custody of the child. To that end, he's been living with her and Ace at his grandmother's house, and his once ice cold feelings toward her are starting to thaw, much to current girlfriend Trina's chagrin. 

On the August 7 episode, after Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) paid the two a visit to update Spencer on his grandmother Laura Collins' (Genie Francis), search for Nikolas, he suggested that they attempt to change the image of the Cassadine family, which have notoriously been comprised mostly of villains. After he left, Spencer, who until recently vehemently hated Esme, agreed to take family selfies with her, enraging the fans who haven't forgotten what Esme did to Trina.

Fans were beyond angry at Spencer and Esme's bonding

On "General Hospital," Esme Prince had recorded a video of Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson's friends having sex for the first time and spread it to everyone at Port Charles University. The fact that Spencer and Trina are soulmates, but now he's softening his stance toward Esme who hasn't paid for her crime, has fans outraged. The hashtag #GhSkipDay was the response of many to the show's Twitter post, which contained a still shot of the Esme/Ace/Spencer selfie, and the caption, "Say cheese!" One viewer countered that with a screenshot of Spencer and Trina kissing, and responded, "I'll pass. I want more of THIS! #Sprina." In response to that, another fan wrote the outrageously funny, "Same here not here for Spencer and Ebola," poking fun at Esme's name.

The fans clamored to stop the insanity of Spencer playing nice with Esme and have him return to Trina. One even reposted the selfie with Esme blotted out of the picture, declaring that it was a better version. Another replied with, "This is not it...a fail on so many levels." An offended viewer angrily wrote, "It's not funny; it's offensive, especially to victims of abuse." Many pointed out how egregious it is to make Spencer bond with the woman who nearly destroyed his girlfriend's life in the most horrible way, and time will tell how this story plays out.