Every Hallmark Movie Steve Lund Ever Starred In

Canadian actor Steve Lund has lent his skills to multiple genres and avenues of entertainment. Lund appeared in the film "Wildhood" and Canadian television shows like "Bitten" and the Emmy-winning sitcom "Schitt's Creek." Hallmark has brought Lund into American showbusiness for close to ten years and also made him one of two "Schitt's Creek" actors to appear in Hallmark holiday movies. Lund's Hallmark resume is ever growing and his films with the network have brought him to exotic locations and even gifted the actor new skills.

An important aspect of Christmas is party season and Lund's first-ever Hallmark movie focuses on just that. In the 2014 holiday film, "Best Christmas Party Ever," Lund plays Nick, who is put in charge of his aunt's New York City party-planning business upon her retirement. Protagonist and longtime employee Jennie had hoped she would be promoted instead, and she hopes to prove herself by putting on an amazing Christmas party for a toy store, but in true Hallmark fashion, love might be in the air for the two main characters.

Steve Lund worked on a Boston accent for The Art of Us

Following "Best Christmas Party Ever," Steve Lund starred in "Christmas Incorporated" in 2015. The movie takes a bit of inspiration from Scrooge in the Charles Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol." Lund's character, William, is a rich businessman who plans to close one of his factories, leaving the employees and their families bereft right before Christmas. 

William's new hire, Riley, tries to stop him from closing it. Lund's next Hallmark film, "The Art of Us," allowed him to try his hand at painting. The film follows art professor Harper who is creating an art gallery as she attempts to earn a position at Boston Art College. When she finds herself suddenly without an artist to showcase, she asks her dogwalker, Tom, to step in. 

"She sees my [character Tom's] paintings and believes I have some true talent," Lund explained to Starry Mag. "Of the characters I have played in recent Hallmark movies, this one had a little bit more depth and a more interesting backstory. I made the choice of putting on a slight Boston accent, which was a lot of fun," he added. As for learning how to paint, Lund found it "challenging, but also a lot of fun."

Baby, It's Cold Outside was filmed in Steve Lund's home country

At the end of 2017, Steven Lund appeared in "The Christmas Cottage." Lund played Ean, a former love interest of protagonist Lacey. Lacey returns to her hometown to help furnish a cottage for her friend's honeymoon with help from Ean, but legend says the cottage offers true love to anyone who stays there. Lacey must choose between Ean and her current boyfriend, Roger.

Lund's 2020 Christmas Hallmark movie, "Unlocking Christmas," is based on the novel of the same name by New York Times bestseller Fern Michaels. It's one of many mystery films and series from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel — one of three Hallmark Media channels. "Unlocking Christmas" was also part of Hallmark's Miracles of Christmas collection in 2020.

The following year, "Baby, It's Cold Inside" brought Lund back to his native country of Canada. "Baby, It's Cold Inside" was filmed at the Hotel de Glace, aka The Ice Hotel, in Quebec, Canada. To keep warm while filming, Lund told Culturess that he wore "multiple layers of Long Johns, including electric socks and electric mitts" under his clothes. Even still, Lund confirmed that he and the cast and crew had a great time working on the movie.

Steve Lund returned to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

"Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas" brought Steve Lund back to Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This 2021 movie was based on a book by Macomber. It follows Mrs. Miracle, a loving yet mysterious woman who assists a family in finding help caring for a beloved grandmother. Mrs. Miracle is also filled with wisdom. On the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries YouTube channel, Lund shared that one of his favorite quotes from her was: "Our hardest times often lead to our greatest moments."

While Hallmark films often tug at viewers' heartstrings, not all of them deal with deeply emotional storylines. However, "Christmas Bedtime Stories" focuses on the character of Danielle whose husband Colby went missing while serving in the army. When Danielle's daughter becomes curious about her father, Danielle tells her bedtime stories about him. Lund plays Pierce, a friend of Colby's who begins dating Danielle.

With all these Hallmark films under his belt, Lund is looking forward to his future and hopes that his fans will be along for the ride regardless. "I hope that people stick with me and grow organically with me as I continue to grow as an actor and hopefully get some more opportunities to do good work," he told Starry Mag. With millions of Hallmark movie fans, Lund likely won't have to worry about this too much.