Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For Week Of 8/14: Johnny 'Fesses Up, Chloe Has Second Thoughts

As the dog days of summer stretch on, the drama on "Days of Our Lives" is still heating up, and some characters are about to reach a breaking point. August has seen a lot of changes in Salem and, in the upcoming week's episodes, fans will see sparks fly between old and new couples, marriages and relationships potentially shattered, as well as a touching anniversary episode for one of the soap opera's most beloved veterans.

Along with these storylines, fans will also be treated to more pregnancy drama with Nicole and Sloan, and Shawn's continued struggles with his regret over shooting Bo. Right now, the biggest storylines on the sudser revolve around Gwen and Dimitri's new marriage, the progress of Chloe and Xander's relationship, and, of course, the ever-present question of Victor's fate. 

Here is what "Days of Our Lives" viewers can look forward to the week of August 14, 2023.

The Kiriakis family learns about Victor's location

On Monday, August 14, more information will be given about Victor's trip to Greece as Justin will update the Kiriakis family about where Victor's plane has landed. Viewers have been waiting to see how the soap will kill off Victor ever since John Aniston died in November 2022

Maggie has been worried about Victor while he is away in Greece and told Xander to make peace with him when he returns, as Victor is getting older. The dramatic build-up will make for a tragic ending to Victor's story.

Melinda and Li debate a fresh start

Things look hopeful for Li and Melinda on Monday, August 14 as they open up to each other and debate starting over with each other. Fans were surely surprised at this pairing of the criminal and the prosecutor when they were set up by a matchmaker. However, the two hit it off and bonded before Li realized Melinda was trying to trap him into confessing his wrongdoings. Despite her faux pas, Melinda and Li can't seem to stay away from each other; this might just be the beginning of a great new couple.

Johnny tries to get Chanel back

Old habits die hard, and that couldn't be truer for divorced couple Johnny and Chanel. On Tuesday, August 15, Johnny will confess his feelings for his ex-wife, which have been growing steadily for months. Johnny and Chanel have been on-again, off-again since they met, until Chanel dumped Johnny for his twin sister, Allie. However, now that Allie left Salem, the two have built a solid friendship and possibly more. Will this be the chance that they have been waiting on, or is their relationship just not meant to be?

Gwen makes a honeymoon discovery

Suspense will rise for Leo and Dimitri when Gwen makes a discovery on her honeymoon on Wednesday, August 16. Viewers have been watching as Leo and Dimitri have been seeing each other behind Gwen's back, but Leo feared that would end once Gwen and Dimitri were married. Now, Dimitri will whisk Gwen off on a romantic honeymoon to Iceland with Leo in his carry-on. When Gwen finds out that her best friend is tagging along on her honeymoon will she be happy to see him, or angry if she finds out about the affair?

Chloe doubts Xander's intentions

A budding relationship could come to a halt on Thursday, August 17 as Chloe doubts Xander's intentions. The two have grown close over the last few months as they moved in together and started dating, and Xander decided to take their relationship to the next level by proposing. Chloe doubted whether or not his intentions were pure, as his ex Sarah has left Salem and his ex Gwen recently got married. The fast pace of their relationship will cause Chloe to doubt if he is really the man she wants to be with.

Suzanne Rogers celebrates 50 years on Days

Suzanne Rogers, one of the most famous soap veterans on "Days of Our Lives" will celebrate her 50th anniversary on the soap Friday, August 18. Despite not having a lot of screen time over the last couple of years, her character, Maggie, is front-and-center now that she has taken over as CEO of Titan. Her 50th anniversary on the show will come only a few days after Victor's death is revealed. Viewers will be united in grief and nostalgia during this emotional tribute episode to Rogers.