Moments From The Virgin River Season 5 Trailer We Want Answers To Now

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Season 4 of "Virgin River" was filled with drama, romance, and shocking revelations. Jack and Mel got engaged, and that's just touching the surface. Fans not only learned who shot Jack but that he is, in fact, not the father of Charmaine's twins. Moreover, Denny, Doc's grandson, disclosed that he is terminally ill. However, all of this left viewers with more questions than answers. That said, what we know so far about season 5 of "Virgin River" is that it's set to be released on September 7, 2023. 

Speaking to NewBeauty in September 2022, Alexandra Breckenridge, who portrays Mel, dished about Season 5. "I think this season has started out well, and we're getting into a few episodes soon that are pretty heavy. They're really intense and I think that they're some of the best episodes we've ever done. I never say that either!" she said. "I think that there's a high sense of drama that starts to come up this season that it's going to leave people on the edge of their seats."

While viewers have to wait until September 7 to see if what Breckenridge said is true, Netflix gave fans a taste of Season 5 when they released the trailer for Part 1. At less than two minutes long, it gives fans plenty to consider and look forward to.

Is Mel really leaving behind her career for good?

In Season 3 of "Virgin River," Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) revealed that she was pregnant, and in Season 4, it was confirmed that the baby's father was Jack (Martin Henderson). Fans know that this is Mel's second pregnancy; her first ended in a tragic stillbirth. In addition, the series touches on Mel's fertility issues and pregnancy difficulties. With this in mind, within seconds into the trailer for "Virgin River" Season 5, Mel, who is a nurse and a midwife, states, "It makes sense to prioritize my high-risk pregnancy and my family over my job," to which Doc (Tim Matheson) replies, "I don't want you to go."

Despite her evident dedication to Virgin River and the well-being of its citizens, Mel has been adamant about walking away from her job for some time now. In Season 4, Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé) joins the clinic but eventually resigns after he develops feelings for Mel. As a result, Mel says she'll quit so that Cameron can continue with his work.

Mel's identity as a healthcare worker is vital to "Virgin River," and many storylines are centered around the clinic. If Mel does officially resign, this will likely change the dynamic of the series. Only time will tell if Mel is serious about this decision or if it's only temporary. This brings in another question; will Cameron stick around Virgin River even if Mel steps back from the clinic?

Who is Preacher's new mystery lady?

The relationship between Preacher (Colin Lawrence) and Paige (Lexa Doig) has been a vital component in every season of "Virgin River" so far. Paige fled Virgin River in Season 2 but left her son Christopher in Preacher's care. Christopher was kidnapped in Season 3, leaving Preacher despondent and alone. This leads him to begin a relationship with his Aikido instructor Julia (Lucia Walters) in Season 4. Things seem to go well until they don't, with Julia sensing that perhaps Preacher isn't fully committed to their romance.

Although Preacher and Julia seem to make amends, Paige and Christopher return at the end of Season 4. But in the trailer for Season 5, there is a new face. Preacher is briefly seen intertwining hands with a woman that is neither Julia nor Paige. While Julia is nowhere to be seen in the trailer, Paige does make an appearance.

Nevertheless, Preacher's relationships with Paige and Julia can be best described as situationships. Perhaps in Season 5, Preacher, a man who does more good than wrong, will finally be in a stable and uncomplicated relationship with this unknown woman. However, this would mean leaving behind Julia and, of course, Paige for good. The latter seems more complicated, given that Preacher is like a father to Christopher.

What's up with Lizzie and Denny?

Young love is complicated. Lizzie's (Sarah Dugdale) romances with Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey) and Denny (Kai Bradbury) can attest to that. Lizzie's relationship with Ricky was in full swing in Season 2 and Season 3 of "Virgin River." Things ended after Ricky failed to tell Lizzie he was joining the Marines. Ricky then spends much of Season 4 trying to win her back. While it's clear that she still has feelings for Ricky, the damage is done, and she moves on to Denny. Denny and Lizzie's relationship grows, but he sends her mixed messages and finally tells her that he doesn't want a relationship. Later, Denny reveals to Lizzie that he has Huntington's disease, which is fatal, so he can't start anything with her.

But in the trailer for Season 5, Denny and Lizzie look deeply into each other's eyes while Denny smiles. In addition, the two are seen in a car together as Denny frantically drives. Has Denny changed his mind, or are the two just friends longing for each other? The relationship and friendship between Denny and Lizzie seem more mature than the one she had with Ricky. In other words, it could get serious fast. 

If it weren't for his diagnosis, the two would likely be together, as Lizzie told Ricky that she could not be with him for lying about enlisting. That said, as his disease progresses, Denny will need all the support he can get, romantic or not.

Did Brie go through with her lawsuit against Don?

Brie (Zibby Allen), Jack's sister, made her debut on Season 3 of "Virgin River." Viewers later found out that Brie, a lawyer, moved to Virgin River because she had been sexually assaulted by her colleague, Don. At the end of Season 4, Don visits Brie and asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the assault. Brie declines and says she will take him to court instead.

In an interview with Today, Allen was asked if her threat against Don will play a part in Season 5. "Without giving anything away, I can at least tell you that Brie is somebody who follows through on her promises. Where that takes her, I cannot reveal," she shared. "That wasn't just something she said in a vacuum; that's going to be a part of her journey as she continues to heal that part of her world."

In the Season 5 trailer, Brie is seen in a courtroom. Although the context of this is unclear, this scene likely involves Brie's lawsuit against Don. If so, it will be interesting to see how the case plays out in court and the reactions from Virgin River's fellow citizens. Brie has, understandably, been quiet about her past. However, with the lawsuit, this will likely change.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

How will the wildfires affect the citizens of Virgin River?

"Virgin River" is no stranger to tragedy. From Jack being shot to Mel losing her husband, the series can be a tearjerker. But through it all, the town's citizens have each other and, of course, the idyllic backdrop of northern California to get through the hard times. In the Season 5 trailer, the looming presence of wildfires is seen throughout the short clip. In one instance, Mel looks up into the sky only to see smoke billowing in the air. In another, sirens wail as fire consumes the forest.

Other scenes in the trailer include Jack and what appears to be Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) rescuing a young girl from the fire and Preacher and Hope (Annette O'Toole) looking into the distance while the forest burns. Virgin River is a tight community, and these fires will be devastating for everyone. If the trailer hints at anything, it's that the aftermath, negative and otherwise, will play a pivotal role in Season 5. It's no wonder that in the trailer, Hope says, "We will rise from the ashes."