Meet Hallmark Star Alison Sweeney's Husband, David Sanov

While David Sanov isn't a celebrity himself, his wife is a soap opera veteran as well as a Hallmark Channel favorite. Alison Sweeney has made a name for herself with over 30 years of acting experience, getting her showbiz break when she was just a kid. After more than 40 big projects behind her, including the double trilogy of "The Wedding Veil" and the "Murder, She Baked" franchise, Sweeney is still most likely best known as Sami Brady from the beloved TV series "Days of Our Lives." Many Hollywood stars with Sweeney's status end up matching with someone from a similar Hollywood-related industry, but not her. The actor married her longtime family acquaintance, who was also her childhood crush at one point.

Despite being quite private, Sanov can often be seen accompanying Sweeney to star-studded events in order to showcase his support for his wife. After being married for more than 20 years and having two children together, the couple's long-lasting love continues to grow due to their conscious efforts to invest in their relationship as well as their insistence on working as a team.

Sanov leads a private life

David Sanov is a retired police officer who's mostly worked with the California Highway Patrol. According to The Washington Independent, he was always fascinated by law enforcement, so it was no surprise to those who knew him that he eventually decided to join the force. After graduating high school, Sandov enrolled at the University of California, where he earned his bachelor's degree. Later on, he studied at a police academy, presumably also somewhere in California, but which one in particular he attended has never been made public.

Despite being born in California and residing in the Golden State for the majority of his life, Sanov never went into the movie industry, as many in his position do. However, he once had a cameo alongside his famous wife in "Days of Our Lives" in which he played a police officer that stopped Lucas Horton (Bryan Dattilo) on his way to marry his real-life wife's on-screen character Sami, according to Little else is known about his personal achievements, as Sanov is a seemingly private person with basically no social media presence.

He gives Sweeney an evaluation every year on their anniversary

Alison Sweeney is no stranger to a fairytale love story both on and off-screen. The actor has known her husband since she was a kid, as their parents worked together. "The way we know each other is that his dad and my mom are both violinists," she told Entertainment Tonight. Both of their parents performed at the couple's wedding ceremony, which made the special day even more memorable.

Sweeney and Sanov wed in 2000, and ever since then, they've been consciously investing in their relationship. When speaking to Health magazine, the "Days of Our Lives" star revealed that she gives her husband an evaluation every year on their anniversary, and he does the same for her (via Daily Mail). They both list three things about each other that they would change, as well as three things they really appreciate, Sweeney explained, which just may be the secret to how they make their marriage work.

He's a great dad to his two children

Even though David Sanov and Alison Sweeney married young, they grew together throughout their relationship and never apart, the Hallmark star told Fox News in an interview. "We came into the marriage really honest with each other about what we wanted from life and who we were as people," she noted, adding that they always have respect for each other, no matter what.

They started a family together not long after getting married, welcoming two children in total — Benjamin in 2005 and Megan in 2009. When their daughter was born, the "Open by Christmas" actor gushed to People just how naturally fatherhood came to Sanov. She shared that the pair functioned as a team when it came to stinky business like dirty diapers and that they filled in for each other during weird work hours. Now that's what you call a solid partnership.