Why Victoria Beckham Is Happy To Leave Her Youth Behind

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say, and Victoria Beckham is happy that the beholder is a much wiser, more seasoned woman. The former "Spice Girls" member told The Times, "I wouldn't want to be 25 again. I was the kind of young woman who would look in the mirror and see what needed to be improved upon, as opposed to what actually looked okay. It's not about changing anything; it's just about looking at the best version of yourself."

Beckham's reflection on her younger days stemmed from the fact that her husband, David Beckham, has reportedly never seen her without her brows. The style icon says they were "so over-plucked that if you saw me without it you'd be horrified." She apparently still looks in the mirror and sees a few things that need to be "improved upon," as she told the publication, she wakes up and immediately styles her eyebrows. In addition, she is no stranger to facial treatments, such as skin tightening procedures.

But Beckham supposedly is pursuing the best version of herself, not what others deem perfect in terms of beauty standards.

Beckham is aging gracefully

Victoria Beckham's beauty ideals have matured as she has gotten older. No longer is she trying to emulate the most recent fashion trends, as she may have done during her "Posh Spice" days, but tailoring her routine to her true self. The beauty brand owner told The Times, "I think it's about little things. Same with makeup, it's about not doing too much, which can be really aging. I went to an event recently and people had very 'big' (overfilled) faces. There are some scary options out there."

She said she gives a fair amount of thought about how she applies her makeup, but overall "I am comfortable with who I am, I accept how I look, I make the best of what I have," the singer confessed. If you were a '90s child, you can certainly recall the days when Beckham was at the mercy of popular beauty standards. With her Posh Spice makeup, she rocked the decade's super skinny brows, sleek and piece-y hairstyles, and often a nude, glossy lip.

Now she only wants to look good for her age, admitting, "I'm not trying to look any younger at all. And, you know, I tried some interesting looks in the Spice Girls. Over time, you learn what works for you," (via People).

What works best for Posh Spice?

We think that it isn't just time that has shaped Victoria Beckham's beauty routine, but also her resources (namely her net worth). The fashion designer once gave Into the Gloss a rundown of the products she uses, dropping brand names like La Mer and Dr. Lancer. When Refinery29 totaled everything up, Beckham was spending just under $1,000 a day on her super posh regimen, which is especially impressive considering it only consisted of nine different products.

Many of them are either cleansers, serums, or masks. Of course, none of them can be sourced from your neighborhood drugstore. One of the products is even sold in minuscule individual vials separate from the dropper that you "break the seal and shake it to activate" only when ready to use, Beckham relayed to Into the Gloss. She particularly relies on this product when she's traveling via plane. 

Whatever the British celeb is doing, whether it be actually cutting back on her treatments and beauty routines or just attempting to get on board with the bare-faced trend in the poshest way possible, it's undeniable that the mom of four looks stunning nearly every minute of the day.