How Victoria Beckham Recreates Her Posh Spice Makeup Today

While the Spice Girls continue to live rent-free in our minds, Victoria Beckham definitely continues to cash checks. Beckham is iconic for countless reasons — from her killer fashion sense and adorable couple-goals marriage with David Beckham to her precious family life (via Daily Mail). Of course, others idolize her incredible business sense with her successful fashion range and popular beauty brand "Victoria Beckham Beauty" as well (via WWD). 

Despite her endless successful endeavors, Beckham will still always remain the legendary Posh Spice to many of us. Sure, she's maintained that same icon status over the past few decades, but the sass and style of Posh Spice lives on forever. Beckham herself recognizes and respects the role that started it all, and she even often shares odes to her girl band alter ego through recreating some of her most memorable looks (via The Sun). So now that she's finally dropped the deets behind some of her most iconic Posh Spice makeup secrets, it is time to listen up.

Here's how you can use Victoria Beckham Beauty to relive Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham's brand Victoria Beckham Beauty has been a huge success, with many of her products being deemed cult favorites and many of her releases selling out constantly (via The Zoe Report). The business mogul gave die-hard fans what they needed by merging the past and present together and using her new beauty range to show how to create Posh Spice's legendary makeup. 

Teaming up with Bergdorf Goodman at an event, Beckham shared the deets of how you could use her current day products to emulate Posh Spice (via Yahoo!). "Posh Spice wouldn't have been Posh Spice without a smoky eye and a picture perfect nude lip," Beckham exclusively shared. "Starting with a smoky eye is key, and I like when it is a little imperfect and smudgy. I'm obsessed with our Satin Kajal Liner — it was developed for this — it is so creamy and blendable, but once it sets, it's waterproof and super long wearing" (via InStyle).

As for the "perfect Posh pout," Beckham shares her favorite lipstick in the shade Twist that Posh Spice would've approved of. She then completes the look with some extra steps: "I then layer my Lip Definer in shade 02 over my lipstick in order to create added definition. I top off the look with my perfectly crystal clear Posh Gloss for unbelievable dimension," Beckham shares.