Signs Harry And Meghan's Friendship With The Beckhams Is Coming To An End

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be on the outs with longtime pals Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. The Duke of Sussex and his brother, William, Prince of Wales, became fast friends with the former soccer stud back in 2010. According to Bustle, the guys first met at an FA event and the rest is pretty much history. "It's a very normal relationship. With Harry, as well. They're very easy to get along with," David told Esquire in 2012 (via Metro). Indeed that's been the case for years with David supporting Harry's Invictus Games in Sydney in 2018.

The Beckhams have been on-hand at both royal weddings, attending William's nuptials in 2011 and Harry's in 2018. And while everyone seemed to be getting along swimmingly for a while, that may no longer be the case. Since Harry and Meghan moved to Montecito, California, it seems as though their friendship with the Beckhams may have waned. While busy schedules could be to blame, there have been all kinds of rumors about why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven't been rubbing elbows with Victoria and David very much. And we've got some examples to prove it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn't attend Brooklyn Beckham's wedding

In April 2022, David and Victoria Beckham's son, Brooklyn Beckham, exchanged vows with Nicola Peltz in Florida. According to Elle, the wedding took place at Peltz's father's estate in Palm Beach, Florida, in front of nearly 500 family members and friends, including Eva Longoria and Serena Williams. For some reason, however, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weren't in attendance. 

Interestingly, it does seem as though the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were invited to the soiree. When all was said and done, Peltz's dad filed a lawsuit against wedding planners Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba requesting his deposit money back. In court documents obtained by the Daily Mail, the names "Harry" and "Meghan" both appeared on the guest list. It's unknown why the couple didn't make the trek to Florida to celebrate Brooklyn and Peltz's wedding day, but their absence has only fueled speculation of a rift.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were missing from an Inter Miami event

Another sign that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the outs with David and Victoria Beckham is their absence from the Inter Miami game in July 2023. One of the greatest athletes in soccer history, Lionel Messi, previously announced his decision to leave Argentina's National Football Team to join Major League Soccer. Messi then inked a deal to play for Inter Miami, which is co-owned by David and Jorge Mas, and the team's very first game with the forward was a very big deal, especially for David.

"I always knew, and I've always said, that this will be the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I always said that one day I'd love to own my own team. Coaching, managing . . . that has never been something that really interests me. I love coaching kids but going into management was never something I wanted to do," David said in an interview with The Athletic. And despite David's excitement over landing one of the biggest stars to play on the team and getting to watch Messi take the field for the first time wearing Inter Miami gear, his pal Harry wasn't there to show his support. That's gotta hurt, right?

Rumors of a massive falling out have circulated

Although we haven't seen any hard evidence, this could be the most telling sign that something is awry. According to the Daily Mail, David and Victoria Beckham have allegedly been accused of leaking stories to the press about their (former?) friends, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. "David and Victoria went to Meghan and Harry's wedding and were very supportive when Meghan arrived in the UK," a source told the outlet, adding that David is "absolutely bloody furious." The report also indicated that some sort of phone call allegedly took place between the couples, which only made things worse. The insider also explained that it's improbable that bygones will be bygones with the couples.

Of course, who can forget how quickly Meghan walked away from a relationship with her father, Thomas Markle, when she caught him in a lie about leaking stories to the media? "We called my dad and we asked him, and he said, 'No, absolutely not,'" Meghan explained during her and Harry's infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey. She recalled offering to go to the institution to get rid of the story, even noting that she'd be giving up leverage to protect her children. In the end, the duchess' kids were her priority and Meghan cut ties with her father the moment she learned that he had betrayed her.

Meghan Markle's girl group doesn't seem to include Victoria Beckham

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved to California, the two seemed to have no trouble at all finding their footing. They both have plenty of supportive pals and they've been spotted out socializing now and again, which is something that they really couldn't do as senior working members of the royal family. Meghan has been hanging out with girlfriends fairly regularly, but the media hasn't picked up on any outings involving her pal Victoria Beckham.

For example, Meghan attended the Taylor Swift concert at SoFi Stadium on August 8, but she was with her pal, Lucy Fraser. About a week earlier, Meghan and a group of friends, including Portia de Rossi, were spotted at a movie theater to see "Barbie." Of course, it's fair to assume that Victoria might be spending time at her and David Beckham's Miami home that they purchased in 2020, but we'd have expected at least one joint outing by now.

Meanwhile, a source told the Mirror that it's actually Victoria who's been pulling away. "David and Victoria have been distancing themselves from Harry and Meghan for quite some time. They've been worried about how the couple [has] been handling their public image since stepping down," the insider claimed.

David Beckham showed support to Prince William and Kate Middleton

We can't imagine that David Beckham wants any part in the royal drama that has been happening between Prince William and Prince Harry, and he probably isn't the type of person to openly take sides. However, the timing of a 2022 appearance with William and Catherine, Prince and Princess of Wales is a little bit suspect; especially when you think about the potential falling out between Beckham and Harry. In December 2022, the former footballer left the World Cup and flew from Qatar to Boston, Massachusetts, to join the couple at the Earthshot Prize's award ceremony.

Launched in 2020, the Earthshot Prize "searches for extraordinary solutions to the world's greatest environmental challenges," according to the organization's official website. Sure enough, Beckham showed up at the event, where he presented an award. He was also seen chatting it up with the future king and queen of England; no word on whether or not Harry's name came up in the conversation.