The Experience That Bonds Hallmark's Andrew Walker And Nikki DeLoach When Filming

Andrew Walker is a very familiar Hallmark face, appearing in films going back over a decade. Similarly, Nikki DeLoach has made the feel-good film rounds, too, debuting on the network in 2015. Because the pool of Hallmark actors isn't that expansive, these two have paired up (often as love interests) for a handful of movies. For example, they've brought the feels in films like "The Perfect Catch" and "A Dream of Christmas."

Though the on-screen couple aren't in a real-life relationship, they do share a special bond that helps make their movie chemistry very believable. In a sit down with Entertainment Tonight, both Walker and DeLoach shared how parenting brought them closer together. Walker explained, "Look, Nikki and I are both parents. We were early parents on 'A Dream for Christmas' and we were going through that time in our life," he continued, "we've gone through all these stages together as parents and as friends and actors. So we're able to have those conversations on set."

Whether it was the fact they both have little ones or not, DeLoach concurred that they share a unique bond, stating, "[W]hen we worked together the first time. I was like, 'I've known you my whole life and the life before that and the life before that.' It was kind of that feeling and that can't be forced." Both actors concluded that they enjoy the challenges that come with work and parenting, and they love one another's' families.

Speaking of families

Nikki DeLoach is married to Ryan Goodell, a name '90s kids might remember from the boy band Take 5. DeLoach began her love story with the singer in 1999, and a decade later, they were married. Together, they have two children, son William, who they call "Hudson," and his younger brother Bennett.

Andrew Walker's wife is Cassandra Troy, a business owner and actress as well. Walker met Troy in 2004, and the duo quickly bonded over a shared passion for nature and all things outdoorsy. After tying the knot in 2012 by eloping, the Canadian natives welcomed two sons, West and Wolf, born in 2015 and 2019, respectively.

Both couples moved from their hometowns to Los Angeles, California, land of Hollywood. The pair divulged that they don't just team up for filming, but hang out with each other, a benefit of living in such close proximity. DeLoach stated to Us Weekly about Hallmark Media stars, "We hang out together. We do life together. We work together."

Friends forever

If you didn't know that Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach were besties, it would be easy to mistake them for a couple. In reference to their meeting when they were in the throes of parenthood, Walker told People, "[W]e were two peas in a pod." He meant in the platonic, non-romantic sort of way because they have since befriended one another's significant others and gotten their families together outside of the Hallmark set.

Walker recounted to the publication how once DeLoach had to work while her husband, Ryan Goodell, was visiting her on location, so he offered to spend some time with him by inviting him to watch a football game. "Cut to the second half of the game, I have [her husband, Goodell] in a headlock, we're screaming at the game. It was an immediate connection. We had this great night. We ended up going to watch some more football, and the night, it never ended. We just kept on wanting more." He continued to say now that both families live within the same neighborhood, they're closer than ever.

The actress concurred, stating about DeLoach and Walker's longtime friendship, "So we are very fortunate and have just adored each other and each other's families for many years." Parenting seems to have forged the bond between the two Hallmark actors and is keeping them coming back to one another (professionally and personally) again and again.