Tyler Hynes' Unexpected Babysitting Talents Stunned His Hallmark Co-Stars

The 2022 Christmas movie "Three Wise Men and a Baby" was not a stereotypical Hallmark film. Rather than centering on a couple falling in love in an idyllic scenario, "Three Wise Men and a Baby" is about three brothers who find themselves taking care of a baby with whom they are completely unfamiliar. It was a festive spin on the popular 1980s comedy "Three Men and a Baby." The plot deviation paid off for Hallmark as the movie was the most-watched cable television film of the year.

In "Three Wise Men and a Baby," the three brothers learn about each other as they comedically and heartwarmingly take care of this mysterious baby. However, making the film obviously involved working with an actual baby in all its volatility. This allowed for the film's stars Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Andrew Walker to learn more about each other as well. For example, they found out that Hynes has some solid baby skills that came in handy during filming.

Paul Campbell called Tyler Hynes a 'baby whisperer'

Similar to both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen playing Michelle Tanner on "Full House," twin babies Callie and Katie played the titular baby in "Three Wise Men and a Baby." Two babies on set made for an interesting film to make, but Tyler Hynes was so up for the challenge that he ended up surprising his costars Paul Campbell and Andrew Walker. "I think the most surprising thing is how good Tyler was with the babies. He was just like a natural-born baby whisperer," Campbell told People. "He would take the crying baby, and he would just walk around whispering things to it. Andrew and I would just go, 'Oh, Tyler's got this figured out.' That goes on top of the résumé!"

Members of Hynes' family have taken notice of his "baby whisperer" skills as well. In a 2021 tweet, Hynes revealed that his brother and his brother's wife asked him to be their children's godfather. Hynes, the Hallmark veteran, occasionally posts pictures with them on his Instagram.

Tyler Hynes knew that 'Three Wise Men and a Baby' would be a hit

Tyler Hynes may have an intuition for working with babies, but he also has one for success. He explained to TV Goodness that he knew "Three Wise Men and a Baby" was going to be a hit because everyone involved understood what makes people love Hallmark programming and how to bring that to the screen. "Paul [Campbell] and Kim [Sustad]'s script from the get-go is just that good. And Paul and Andrew and Kim and the rest of our cast, they're just that good in our production ... and our executives. Everybody was. If you do something well, it just works," Hynes stated.

When "Three Wise Men and a Baby" premiered, Hynes took to Instagram for a heartfelt post of himself with one of the babies from the movie. "To every mother, parent and caregiver, this movie is in your honor. I hope these lil ones (Katie and Callie) grow up and watch this movie with pride," he stated in the caption.